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  • Warning: Spoilers
    One big problem about the "new" Mexican movies, is that it is very pretentious and pretends to show a reality that is non existent, with characters completely out of the ordinary and dialogs that no one would ever believe. This part is hard to recognize if you are not familiar with the daily chaotic life of Mexico, specially Mexico City. Although it is a very cosmopolitan place, it is not full of people looking like movie stars, the landscapes are far from clean and quiet, and it is a place of contrasts. And for the first time, I can see this perfectly pictured in a movie. It has characters that could be your neighbors (perfectly ordinary), with average jobs, trying to achieve a nice quiet life together, aspiring always for something bigger and better, surrounded by all kinds of people. And also this time is as well the first time the psychology of the characters is very well achieved, with their frustrations, dreams, desires and insecurities. If you are familiar with the culture of such a surrealistic country, you will be able to notice that the chaos on the tables, the lack of aesthetics in the decorations, the kind of mediocre jobs, and many other little details, reflect perfectly the struggle each couple has to deal with in the middle of a chaotic place, where you actually feel alone even if surrounded by millions of persons, and how your dream can be broken in the blink of an eye. However, at the end the story becomes cute, and although not everyone would enjoy the kind of comedy it has because it is very local, and in parts it is slow, I would recommend it if you wanna have a nice time and appreciate the little things that you have in front of you that actually make you happy without you even noticing it anymore. Like the company of the one you love.
  • dayblizzard26 November 2016
    Bittersweet story of the changes that occur in a healthy relationship when the variables are switched up. Misunderstandings and assumptions take their toll on this adorable couple who never stop loving each other.Set in a bustling Mexican city, there is the sense of urban futility that often shrouds that setting. (Case in point-you can't have a dog so you settle for a cat) People are portrayed as busier, ruder, more shallow. Values are forsaken...perhaps a bit too pat and predictable in that respect, but otherwise an enjoyable, believable tale. English subtitles were a little distracting but just for the first few minutes.
  • ksf-23 January 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Carmen and Alfredo move from a small town to the big city, Mexico DF! At their going away party, we watch them dance for a long, long time, ostensibly to see how perfect things were there. At a work event for her husband, Carmen over-hears people mocking her weight, so she tries going on a diet. One has to wonder if Gap paid for product placement, since we keep seeing them in jackets with GAP written in big letters. Fine acting by Andrés Almeida and Daniela Rincón. The diet theme pretty much takes over the film. Alfredo is losing so much weight, while Carmen is not, and it's not helping her self esteem. Note that the husband is always polite and charming to Carmen... he never mocks her or calls her names; he sometimes makes a faux pas, but he always means well. A funny scene where Carmen's friend ditches a blind date to hang out with Carmen instead. Screenplay and direction by Mariana Chenillo. Not much written about her on wikipedia, but after seeing Paraiso, I would like to see her other works also.