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  • lor_23 September 2020
    I don't like the porn ground out by kink, and rarely suffer through that label's endless scenes. But obviously Derrick Pierce doesn't agree, as he slavishly imitates their format here, working for Adam & Eve.

    I find that format counterproductive. It precedes each scene with an obligatory interview, in which a voice (in this case, Derrick's) asks the talent what deviation they will put up with, what the safe words are, etc., clearly to demonstrate to any busybody censor that consent has been acquired, so please baby please don't send us to jail!

    Net effect is to rob the scene that follows of its potential mystery or suspense. But Derrick clearly doesn't care: he's presenting five BDSM scenes in which the precision of the rope-tying is perhaps the No. 1 element on screen.

    Busty babes Trina Michaels and Isis Love look fine all tied up, and the talent as sex workers do a good job. But it's all so tiresome, especially the half-hearted flogging and listless sex.