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  • I was beginning to think family type series were truly a thing of the past, but when the series, "When Calls the Heart" finally began, I found a show that resembles the type of shows from the past that I still love! Thank you, Hallmark for bringing a a show to the 21st century with values of the past. It is decent, heart-warming, and one you look forward to seeing on a weekly basis, just like shows from the 70's and 80's. My family and I have gotten to the point that the only television series we enjoy watching is by purchasing DVD's of shows from the past like the "Waltons", "Little House on the Prarie", or "Anne of Green Gables" and watching them for hour long entertainment.

    Hallmark, I appreciate you bringing a wonderful series with a thoughtful script and great actors/actresses to television. You are wise to acknowledge a market of weekly series that are family friendly, which has been greatly lacking for quite some time!
  • I really loved the first season of this show. It was very atmospheric, costumes were great and all the faces were naturally beautiful. Then suddenly all the women look like they're just out of a beauty salon. Lots of makeup, crispy clean and new clothes, fancy Hollywood hairstyles. There's no way pioneer women looked like that. It's so disappointing they ruined the atmosphere of the frontier town.
  • adnil-29 March 2014
    It is so refreshing to see a wholesome, quality show on the air. This show is reminiscent of the "Little House On The Prairie" days - not surprising given who's involved in bringing it to us!

    This is one of those shows that appeals to all age groups; it's one that the family can sit down and watch together. It's great to finally have one of those again.

    The cast and crew of this show is superb. The show is very well done and is set in a gorgeous location.

    I cannot recommend this show enough and hope that its success in Season One means that more Seasons are coming.

    This is one of those shows that I will be purchasing when it comes out on DVD/Blueray. It's one that I want in my collection.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was the best family-friendly show on TV. I loved everything about it, until Season 5. This is a Hallmark series, there is a trust that Hallmark will produce "Happy Endings" but what they did to their fans was atrocious!

    The main story in most episodes is the love story between Mounty Jack and Elizabeth Thatcher. We had to wait until Season 5 for them to marry. They didn't get the honeymoon they wanted because Jack had to leave for two months right after their wedding. The next thing we know, Jack has been killed in a mud slide and Elizabeth is going to have a baby. That's how the series ended. Our favorite main character was killed and they want us to go into Season 6 trusting that everything is going to be just fine. Elizabeth will learn to love again...yadda, yadda, yadda. WE don't need her to learn to love again. We need the powers that be to bring back Jack! Recast the role, make it all a bad dream, we don't care how it happens just bring him back!
  • PLEASE do something about the characters' hair and makeup. It's distracting to watch a period piece (100 years ago?) with 2019 hair, makeup and wardrobe. You can do better.
  • FINALLY!!!!!!! This is filled with something for everyone in the family, love, drama, suspense, comedy. My family is hooked! It is safe for littles to watch and that is what I love most, We won't watch a show our children cannot watch, so our viewing is limited a lot. This is an amazing show and our whole family loves it. Our children learn some history in it along the way as well. How many children 7 and under do you hear playing using the term "Constable"????? Oh yes our children use that term regularly now! Our children even desired to write by the light of the lantern only just like Miss Thatcher....they wanted to experience "the old days"! Thank you Hallmark for your family friendly viewing! You have a family of new fans!
  • I am officially a When Calls the Heart addict! I can't get enough. I watch nearly everything on the Hallmark Channel, so last fall when they showed the movie that starred Stephen Amell and Maggie Grace I, of course, watched it & fell in love! I then got all of the books by Janette Oke & read them practically without putting them down! (Yes, I do work & it really interfered! LOL) I eagerly anticipated the series as they advertised it for what seemed like forever. This is a series that has struck a chord in my heart that's long been unfulfilled. I have always been a fan of Little House on the Prairie, The Walton's and the Love Comes Softly series. I wish I lived in those times when life was much more simple and people really did love their neighbor. This new series, When Calls the Heart, is what I've been wanting for a long time - good family programming that I don't have to censor or watch it when others aren't around because I'm ashamed of it's content. This is a time when men were chivalrous, women were strong and children did as they were told out of respect for their elders. It's such a nice change from what we see on other programs that are on right now. I'm praying that Hallmark & other channels realize that there are people out there longing for this kind of programming. I'll be so heartbroken if this doesn't get a second season. So, for now, I'm loving me some clean romance between the pretty schoolteacher Elizabeth & the handsome gentleman, Jack. Love that smile & the red Mountie jacket! Loving Lori Laughlin too - she's always been great!
  • The Hallmark team, with Michael Landon,Jr and Janette Oke have a winner here.

    A seemingly period piece with contemporary issues , from overbearing parent' s expectations, and complaints about homework and disinterested students and let us not forget the mayor's wife dropping the founder's day play on the teacher; to the cooperative set up of the classroom with its many distractions and interruptions which really to do occur in today's public classroom. Being a public school teacher I could relate and thought the teacher anxiety over the play was portrayed nicely. Loved the scene when Elizabeth trips and Jack catches her.

    Episode 7, dealing dyslexia. and the conflict with the parents was again portrayed well. Parents and teachers both meaning well, yet not sure what is really best for the child.

    Episode 8, simply the best most moving, of the season a "wounded warrior" (recovering coal miner) from a life changing experience(lost of a leg)- how the individual,the family, and community responded to a person who is different in body and spirit now. Beautiful scene between Jack and Adam around the campfire about a child's perspective when a parent(father)- is injured- being male made it even more meaningful for- since fathers are often children's first heroes.

    Episode 10 Had the more of western feel with the bank robbers and Jack in the saddle and alone so much and the camera picking up the landscape and scenery, was beautiful. The camera shots the morning after, when the characters were returning to town just stunning.

    Please do not stop with just one season. Nice to have a family drama and meaningful stories for all family members to watch and relate to.
  • As I now read that others have had the same problems with the staging of this series as I have, I feel compelled to give it a low rating. I love "family values" programming and I am so disappointed not to be able to get behind this series I've come to very late.... but I can't. Even the dialogue and some action by some characters are too modern so it completely ruins it for me. I'm a costume designer and make-up artist for TV and commercials and it's truly unforgivable in my opinion. The producers need to visit the set of "Murdoch Mysteries" for a bit of "movie" authenticity.
  • This is a wonderful show for the whole family. I watch together with a 10 year old and 13 year old. They love it! We can't wait each week to see what will happen next. Wonderful writing.. great acting...We love all the characters. How cool to make an episode dealing with Dyslexia. My child was diagnosed a year ago and thought that was great to see Miss Thatcher helping her student! We love Jack !! We love Abigail and all the cast. Great costumes and scenery. My daughters (10yrs) favorite scene was when Elizabeth called Jack her guinea pig!! My 13 year old loves it when Jack takes care of the bad guy. Mine is any time Jack walks into the scene. :) Thank you! Please continue with more seasons!
  • This show was in my list of recommendations on Netflix. I started watching and got wrapped up in it. That being said, I have to say that I tend to get very distracted by some of the anachronisms that present themselves QUITE frequently.

    Having worked in costuming, the costumes are the first things that I notice in a 'period' piece. The costumes, while good, are completely inappropriate for the location (and the era). The women's costumes tend to show too much cleavage for the era and are entirely too fancy for the setting of the show. Hairstyles are too modern and makeup is inappropriate for frontier women.

    That being said, I have been enjoying the show and am anxious to see how much changes as the show progresses.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is really heartbreaking to see how a wonderful series began with a promising first season, full of interesting and believable characters, engaging plots, etc. It took a plunge in Season 2 where the integrity of the story and context seemed to be traded for Hallmark's "plastic doll" asthetic. From here on, although Season 3 redeemed the series for a while with the development of Pastor Frank, Cody, and Rosemary and Lee. Jack and Elizabeth's relationship is challenged but develops in a substantial way. Season 4 was going well until "My Heart Will Go On" which was ironically one of the best episodes of the season, but also the beginning of the undoing of the series as a whole. The contrived nature of the turn of the events, seemed forced and unrealistic, but myself, and I think most of the audience being caught up in the emotions of the episode, was not in a state of mind to critically understand that this was the beginning of the end. Where our suspension of disbelief is challenged gradually, beginning with unrealistic timing of events, then gradually to unrealistic character traits like the odd "perfection" of Elizabeth, children, Abigail... Gowen not suffering any consequences for his crimes, Pastor Frank's limited appearance in Season 4 and 5 and gradual disappearance, "rotating door" characters introduced in order to promote other Hallmark series but do not add to the development of the series quality as a whole. I could go on... but ultimately, the producers' choice to eventually kill off the character of Jack was done in such a forced manner, that it has tainted the rest of the rest of the series. I would advise those watching the first season to not continue, and to think of the first season as a stand-alone. Continuing would only lead to disappointment and dashed hopes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow! Amazing...I stumbled upon the TV movie by accident and from there came to know of the series. Though the lead in the series are different from the TV movie , I adored the young Elizabeth Thatcher and Mountie Edward. I didn't think I would fall in love with the series...but I did. Based on Janette Oke's novel (Where courage calls) , the series is about Elizabeth Thatcher who leaves behind her wealthy background to travel to coal valley to be a teacher. The town that is grieving a recent coal mining accident leaving many of her pupil orphan. While she teaches her pupil life teaches lessons to her. How she embraces her new community and works for them is inspiring...and then there is the Handsome Mounty Jack Thornton...sweet romance.

    The show is beautiful, fills your heart with warmth and glowing happiness.

    The show has incredible set, costumes, actors and scenery....If you have loved the Love come Softly series you are surely to love this show!
  • I came across this when scrolling through channels and was confused which time period it was set in. Not until I saw the cars did I realise it was set in the early 1900s.

    The hair and makeup of the women and even the hair of the men, are not of this period. The women's hairstyles are very much of the current era and their makeup/eyeshadow too.

    This series had great potential but I find these basic errors completely off-putting.

    Even the language/slang used are too modern.

    Poor show!
  • Last year Hallmark released a very good series, CEDAR'S COVE. And i felt in love with the series. Though many of the TV junkies might not enjoy it and called it a clichés, it was a great series for me. So that's how my affair with Hallmark began.

    After that i became obsessed with finding out about every movies and series from hallmark. And i was mostly disappointed with most of it's previous shows but some TV movies were just as sweet and memorable like "Love enduring" series.

    Then at the end of last year they released another TV movie "When calls the heart" starring Stephen Amell and my affair with hallmark again took it's passionate course after our lover's spat. It was like a make up sex. HAHAHAHAHAHA....! The movie was great, with it's well scripted humor it made me laugh and i enjoyed every moment of the movie.

    And this relation began to grow when hallmark announced the movie has a follow up series premiering this year. Many of the viewers will say and i agree that this series might be full of clichés and chick-full romance but i don't care because i am romantic at heart. So any fan of the genre will love this series. It has all the elements of a great contemporary romance comedy.

    With a great cast and with sweet and humorous script and with many beautiful and breathtaking Canadian Valley scenery, it has already captured my heart with it's pilot episode and hope this show to continue for a while at least up to 4 or 5 seasons.
  • I used to love Jeanette Oke's books. I love historical fiction. But I hate cheap movies and shallow acting. I got into the series for Season 1, but Season 2 is driving me crazy. Their loose wavy hair and highlights that suddenly everyone wears is inaccurate and awfully inconvenient- you can't cook or do chores with hair in your face. The clothing went wrong as well. The fake eyelashes. The makeup. The shallow stories. All causing me to fast-forward through most of the show to see what happens. Why doesn't Jack ever wear his Mounty uniform anymore? Rosemary is annoying as hell, I do hope she leaves. The fake love interests that are supposed to be conflicting but are not convincing at all just need to go away. As usual, I need to learn to turn off the TV and go back to reading.
  • Season 1 was pretty solid, but season 2 has so many distractions. The hair, make-up, and wardrobe is terribly wrong for the time. The set looks wrong for the story's premise--it's too clean. The dialogue is far too modern. Some of the secondary characters are beyond cheesy, like Rosemary and Julie. The plot has way too many complications--it's like a soap opera. The Jack-and-Elizabeth romance is so sluggish and involves so many triangles that the viewer loses interest. Some anachronisms from season 1 are relatively easy to get past, like the flashlights that obviously used LEDs, Elizabeth's familiarity with dyslexia, and the use of the song "You Made Me Love You." I can even get over how little cooking is going on in the café, considering Abigail is basically the only cook. It's a real shame, since this could have been a good show similar to "Christy." But season 2 is unbearable. I won't be continuing with this show.
  • I enjoy the characters and the enjoyable stories. And I look forward to watching it!


    Its view of "family values" is a thinly veiled pitch for strong Christian messaging. Lots of prayer vigils and "God has a plan". This has kicked into overdrive in the past 2-3 seasons. I respect people of all faiths but don't like being preached at. Isn't it possible to have family values irrespective of religion?

    Although Season 1 talked about challenges of outhouses and presumably lack of plumbing, all the ladies walk around with gorgeous highlighted hair (worn down rather than put up as per ladies of that era). I guess they wash their hair in the pond or spend time every day hauling and heating water for a bath, lol. They also have full modern and overdone makeup, and gorgeous clothes in a presumably small and simple town. Even one of the men who is clearly over 50 has dyed hair. It reminds me of the old Bonanza and Gunsmoke days where the women were dolled up in 60s hairstyles lol.

    Lots of staging issues too. For instance, in the small mining cabins of Season 1, today they have a Harry Potter-like magical morph of a large interior in the tiny little exterior. Seems like a 1500 sqft interior in a 400 sqft shell.

    Look, it's a sweet storyline and I'm not seeking gritty reality in this show. But SOME attempt at minor realism would be nice.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I dearly loved this show last year (season 1). I have been following the show since the pilot movie. Of course, there were cast changes from the pilot movie to season 1 but the changes were easily acceptable. Season 1 really succeeded in portraying the daily struggles of a small town overcoming a huge tragedy. Everything seemed pretty cohesive and believable as a period drama goes. This season, I was excited Hope Valley had a new mission with the lumber industry. But, sadly, I am disappointed with many changes this season. First of all, does anyone know where Elizabeth's friend, Cat, is? Also, where are the row houses? Why are the ladies' hairstyles so different from last season? They look very modern. The costumes seem too uptight and fancy for living in a small town. Most of the women are wearing full makeup that just doesn't match the era. Even Jack was wearing blue jeans in one scene. The show is supposed to center around Elizabeth's career and love life. Where are the students and their families? I thought the new church/school would open up some story lines about her teaching adventures and so far nothing has happened. Has anyone heard if the writing/directing team has changed? I really want to see this show succeed but am worried the quality has really slipped. It seems really "cheesy" this year with no depth.
  • daria-morgan-esq15 February 2014
    I never watch Hallmark shows / movies. Usually they are just to schmaltzy. But I always try. This one caught my eye and has kept it. Right from the start it has a modern vibe to it. As if the actors are playing the characters a little more modern than the typical Hallmark show but at the same time, it is a refreshing change of pace from a typical network show.

    The show concerns Elizabeth Thatcher the daughter of a rich shipping magnate who comes to work for her first teaching assignment in the small town of Coal Valley. Recently the town suffered a tragedy in that many of the men were killed in a mine explosion. Someone new to the town as well, is the constable, Jack Thornton... a Mountie. Jack had been assigned there just recently and didn't know why until.. he found out who Elizabeth was and realized her rich father must have had something to do with it to keep her safe. He is not happy at first but over a few episodes they become friends and most likely to couple up.

    So far the show has been interesting and concerns life in Coal Valley after the tragedy.
  • khelms5124 March 2014
    I do not watch very much television, but "When Calls the Heart" has touched my soul. Each week I look forward to watching; I do not have to worry about the language or what my grandchildren might see watching the show in the same room. Children today need the principles modeled by the characters in the story. The people of Coal Valley have undergone unbelievable tragedy and they have been forced to endure incredible hardships. Their faith in God, their perseverance, their neighbors, help them survive. I enjoy the period pieces and old westerns. The Hallmark Channel has a real gem in this series, I hope that they realize the impact that this show is having on so many people. Thank you Janette Oke, Michael Landon Jr., and Brian Bird for such a wonderful series. Please do not let it end with only one season.

    I intend to purchase the rest of the season on DVD as soon as it becomes available.
  • scdavis-615-3565314 January 2018
    My husband and I watched the Christmas special last night. When I realized that this was a series, I was in mystified. Most Hallmark movies are formulaic--boy meets girl, boy gets girl, the Interrupted Kiss, the Completed Kiss, boy loses girl, then the Joyful Reunion, usually within 3 minutes of the conclusion. OK--when you watch Hallmark, you know what you're getting. It's mindless entertainment. What makes it fun is watching the same stock footage of all the small towns with the snowmobile zipping across the intersection.

    When Calls the Heart is not formulaic, I'll give it that. But it isn't anything else, either. This was the weakest plot and the smarmiest, over-acted characters I've ever seen broadcast. I was so confused about who these people were, where they were, and WHEN it was. It was like I was watching a bunch of Amish folk bumbling around. If they had candlesticks and wood stoves, why did they have electric Christmas lights around the door frames and on the decorated trees in the houses? Seems to me that if someone had enough electricity to power Christmas tree lights, they'd like to turn on some light bulbs. But then, the viewer wouldn't have the soft glow of the Christmas lights that we're used to--forget about any logic with the characters.

    I'm sure this program will continue for a while, given the many positive reviews posted here. Gotta mention that there was a familiar cast of actors that are in every other Hallmark drama--all they need is Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chalmot and it would be complete. If you enjoy this sort of thing, great. There's much better entertainment out there, that is not only beautiful, but thought provoking and emotional, not the Same Old Thing. See if you can find it, because it's out there. I'll never watch another one of these again. I have more productive ways to spend my time.
  • Absolutely love the program and all of the characters. Fairly certain however, that Crest White Strips and braces were not available in this time period. It's extremely distracting when every single character has blinding white, perfect teeth.
  • While I do not expect a Hallmark series to be an intellectual treatise, I still expect it to be consistent to its time period. When Calls The Heart treats its era fast and loose, existing completely outside of reality yet it presents itself as if it were a historical dramady. The teacher presents poetry that had not yet been classified as of any literary importance, while the same poet is quoted by persons who would hardly have heard of an obscure writer. An actress sings a song she supposedly sang when she fell in love over a year previously, when it was not written until three years after her current place in time. The costuming is plucked solely out of imagination, as are the hairstyles and sets. If the plots were compelling, I would suspend my criticisms of the anachronisms, but they are often silly and the characters actions are rarely propelled by realistic motivations. If you like the Harlequin style of romance, with a preachy bent, and you do not expect to think during a drama, then this is the show for you.
  • This show should never be compared to little house. Not even close. Not close to dr quinn either. It seems to be on the level for 12 year olds to watch, but then again, not really. What i mean by that is the romances are between 40-50 year olds, but the story lines are for 12 year olds... In other words, if this show is for adults like me, then the show shouldn't be so predictable, dull, and slow.. i love wholesome shows, but not slow, dull, boring and predictable. On the other hand, if this show is for 12 year olds, then why is there basically zero for the coming of age group?? It should be stuff like from the wonder years, like first young love, or like little house, with stories similar to laura, and nellie. The show is backward... Its got the level of 12 year olds but nothing for 12 year olds. And then the flip side, the romances are for adults but dumbed down to a 12 year old level.. simply put, the lead characters romance-- shouldn't be 30 years old, they should be 12 years old. Or if you want them to be for the adult audience, why have they dumbed it down? I liked the pilot movie, and season 1 was good, but season 2 sucks, and im not going to bother with season 3. Total fail. Yes bring back wholesome shows, for children, and for adults, but not this show... Think more along the lines of little house, dr quinn, and wonder years.
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