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  • It's an Aussie horror, ...anyone who's watched Aussie horror will know what I the same vibe as wolf creek with a supernatural twist....I'm a lover of horror and a stern critic.....this film is one of the better ones. Loved it!
  • artsendup10 January 2016
    Riveting, suspenseful from start to finish. I was on the edge of my seat watching this. Fabulous performances by Sarah Jeavons and Kerry Ann Reid. An original play on the idea of super real vs supernatural. A clever bit of writing, i understand this was a low budget film, but you would never guess it. Beautiful photography delivering a great eeriness in the locations chosen accompanied by a very suspenseful soundtrack. This movie draws you in, arouses compassion for the lead actress and also fear of the dreaded unknown. Its one of those films that make you wonder, what would you do if this happened to you, Full of twists and twisted characters that are unfortunately very believably real. Some gruesome moments, great special FX and make up. I look forward to seeing another film by this director because this film is a winner.
  • africe30 July 2019
    Seriously???? If one is being kidnapped and most likely raped and murdered, then wht the hell would you stop beating the kidnappers with your tire iron??? Too lame! And is it the writers putting in the great reviews? I'm VERY disappointed!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Plot spoilers Sam (Sarah Jeavons) is abducted, gets away, and surprise....runs through the woods and ends up at the house of the abductors which we have seen too many times before. She hides and for about the next half hour we hear her whimper as she bleeds out in a closet. Not exactly exciting stuff. Then at an hour into the film the genre changes because...well no because, it just does and oh yes the dreams and flashbacks are supposed to make it seem real. And what was that eye opener at the end supposed to be? Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    INNER DEMON is an Australian indie with a derivative feel. It's essentially a film of two separate halves joined by a middling middle. Things start out following an abducted girl and some psychotic behaviour a la modern Australian horrors like WOLF CREEK and SNOWTOWN. In the second half, it turns into a weak EVIL DEAD retread complete with glowing eyes and chainsaws. It's too predictable to be good, but the production values are a bit better than you usually see in this genre.
  • The movie does have a spin on the kidnap theme. It also has some colorful (if sometimes one sided) characters. It also does know how to create tension in a lot of ways. So overall it does have a couple of points going its way. It's almost a shame it does seem to lose itself later on, especially considering the environment it created at the start of the movie by spinning a couple of things.

    Relationships can be fragile, almost as fragile as entities. Although entities do not really consist of anything, so therefor fragile would not be a word that can describe them. But when they really want, they can move or rather make things happen, not being fragile at all. So maybe the middle ground still would be right? What is not right of course is how the main bad guys behave. Very despicable and hateful is the best way to describe them.

    A more than decent effort then, with good special effects and a lot of blood too
  • Really captivating movie, with good tension and atmosphere! The main actress is top and the movie is very entertaining with some good action scenes and suspens all along. Worth watching!
  • Inner Demon surprised me! Knowing the budget for this feature, I was very impressed with how engaged I was throughout the film. A lot had to do with the lead character - an amazing new actress who I am sure we will see more of in the future. This story seemed very real - it could happen which is unlike a lot of horrors where the special effects often make up for a lack of story. The direction of this film is another one of it's strengths as it carried me to the end. An interesting end that was a bit of a twist but it created the most conversation afterwards as my friend and I argued about what if it happened to us. Can we all become evil? Do we all have an Inner Demon? Smart, Suspenseful and with the perfect amount of Gore, I can't wait to see what Ursula does next!
  • This is a hidden gem. I came across it by accident. Its micro budget is apparent but it makes no difference. You dont need a ten million dollar budget to make a great movie. Highly recommended if you are into horror movies like me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well I will definitely start by saying It's a must see film regardless of my summery "Amazing until it wasn't" because as i said it was only the last 20 min's or so that let it down..

    Basically everything after the whole becoming a vengeful spirit/demon which in my opinion regardless of the other comments wasn't well done, make up or special effects! Which in it's self would of been forgiven and ignored given the very high level of acting, writing, directing, editing, as well as how completely emotionally invested i was with Sarah Jeavens as if i was right there along side her the whole way, even to the point where i'd be shouting at her (more accurately the TV screen) during some parts and quietly giving her direction during others.

    BUT.. I said would of been forgiven, unfortunately i can't ignore it as it completely ruined what was and mostly is a great Thriller/Horror that for some crazy reason then completely does a u turn and becomes a terrible low budget horror for the last 20 min's completely in contrast to the rest of the film and then just ends. leaving you wondering if someone had recorded over the last 20 min's with a completely different film for a joke.