Rick Carver: Don't be soft. Do you think America give a flying rats ass about you or me? America doesn't bail out the losers. America was built by bailing out winners. By rigging a nation of the winners, for the winners, by the winners.

Rick Carver: Only one in a hundred's gonna get on that ark, son. Every other pour soul's gonna drown.

Rick Carver: America doesn't bail out losers.

Rick Carver: Don't get emotional about real estate.

Rick Carver: When you work for me, you're mine.

Rick Carver: Who in their right mind wouldn't rather want to put someone IN a home, than drag 'em out of it? Up until three years ago I was a regular ol' real estate agent, putting people in homes, speculating on property, that was my job. Now in 2006,


Rick Carver: Tanner


Rick Carver: borrowed 30,000 to put an enclosed patio on their home that they had somehow lived without for 25 years;... why don't you ask the bank what the hell they were thinking in giving these people an adjustable rate mortgage and then you can go ask the government why they lifted every regulation and just sat there like a retarded stepchild? You, Tanner, banks, Nash, every other homeowner and investor from here to China turned my life into evictions! I'm not an aristocrat; I wasn't born into this: my daddy was a roofer, ok? I grew up on construction sites watching him bust his ass until he fell off a townhouse one day: A lifetime of insurance payments and they dumped him before he could buy a wheelchair! But only after they got him hooked on painkillers. Now dyu think I'm going to let that happen to me? You think that America 2010 gives a flying rat's ass about Carver

[him speaking]

Rick Carver: ?

Dennis Nash: Uh ah!

Rick Carver: America doesn't bail out the losers! America was built by bailing out winners! By rigging a nation of winners: for the winners - by the winners! - You go to church Nash?

Dennis Nash: Sure.

Rick Carver: Only one in a hundred gonna get on that ark, son! And every other poor soul's gonna drown. - I'm not gonna drown.

Dennis Nash: This is your home!

Rick Carver: What'd you think it was going to mean working for me?

Dennis Nash: I got it back.

Rick Carver: I didn't kick you out, I'm just a representer.

Dennis Nash: Fuck, fuck fuck!

Rick Carver: 1000 homes: you know how much money we're talking of...?

Dennis Nash: What's my cut?

Rick Carver: Don't worry; I take care of you.

Dennis Nash: No Rick, I understand the commission is six per cent; so what's my cut?

Rick Carver: I'll give you 5% of my cut.

Dennis Nash: 10%.

Rick Carver: Six - and a hand job.

[holds up palm of hand]

Rick Carver: No callouses. You'll probably pull in somewhere between 200 to 300 K. More than you made in your...

[Nash interrupts]

Dennis Nash: He, he, yeah, I know, more money than I ever made in my whole life; yeah, sure; thank you.

Lynn Nash: This is serious money.