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  • Not one of Raven Touchstone's quality script, this rather tired tale of a woman anxious to get out of her marriage delivers the requisite sex for Vivid Video fans, but leaves the cast floundering with subpar material. Even Evan Stone seems a bit befuddled (and far less energized than usual, which might be a good thing).

    As I watch dozens of these major label oldies (this one dating back to the VHS era) I am no longer surprised at how often the contract superstar (whether it be Vivid or Wicked) is subordinated to another actress getting the lead. Sure the big-namer, here being Farrah, receives top billing and prominence on the video packaging, but it is Tina Tyler with her distinctive bangs haircut (later to be appropriated by Dana DeArmond) who dominates the show.

    She's in love with Evan, but won't leave her husband (by agreement it turns out) Eric Price until she's recruited a suitable replacement for herself in Eric's life. This unusual premise from scribe Raven might have worked better in a mainstream rom-com, but becomes a tired gimmick here in porn land.

    So Tina interviews a succession of beautiful women, finding all of the wanting. To fill up the required 5 sex scenes for Vivid, we get to see the rejects have sex, and eye candy in the form of T.J. Hart and Alexandra Quinn fill that bill. Eric ends up digging Farrah (natch) and insists on a three-way with her and wife Tina, clearly designed as the movie's highlight. Along the way Farrah gets another sex scene for her fans, paired humping in the shower with lovely Ava Vincent.

    I won't spoil the final conclusion of Raven's story, but I found it too pat in tying up the story structure so neatly, creating an open ending too close to sequelitis for comfort.