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  • Trixie_reviews23 October 2018
    On the surface, it seems like Brothers Conflict is just some crazy fantasy about a girl with a harem of men. However, when you really watch it, the story is actually pretty sweet. Considering how short the season was it did a pretty good job of developing each character and each one has their own personality. The conflicts are resolved in realistic manners and honestly, in the end, I can just say that's really amazing. Don't expect some hardcore romance, but rather a cute story about a girl fitting into a new family, with the love factor present enough to make things interesting, but not too overwhelming to make them awkward or distasteful. Artwork and animation are beautiful too. I definitelly recommend.
  • Honestly, seeing such a pretty bland story with an emotionless damsel in distress girl having 13 "hot" step brothers, really made me burf. There's no way it would delight me to watching this anime even further in any shape or form. I thought I could give this anime a chance by watching at least for the first episode but, it stood out to be a pass for me...