Subsequent to their work on Alex & The List, Jennifer Morrison directed Karen Gillan in the short film Warning Labels (2015) which also has a cameo by its said director. More recently Karen Gillan and Jennifer Morrison were reunited for the yet to be released movie All Creatures Here Below.

The second time Jennifer Morrison and Patrick Fugit appear in a Film or TV together. In 2006, the two starred in season 3 episode "Whac-A-Mole" of the hit TV show House M.D.

Patrick Fugit headlined the Outcast TV series (2016-present) and Karen Gillan was in the 2010 movie of the same name released in March 2010 the month before her Amy Pond debut in Doctor Who.

Karen Gillan plays a character called Lily which is also the name of her character in the 2015 TV movie 7 Days In Hell.

The shoes Katherine (Jennifer Morrison) are wearing in the park are not Louis Vuitton like she says, they are Christian Louboutin notoriously known for their red soles.

During the teeth whitening scene when they're picking out colors, Karen Gillan suggests the color nebulous white. Her characters name in Guardians Of The Galaxy is Nebula.

Karen Gillan and Elvy Yost would later appear in the earlier released movie The Circle (2017).

Lesley-Anne Down plays a character here called Victoria. She also played a character called Victoria in the 2016 TV movie A Cinderella Christmas.