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  • BiiivAL5 June 2018
    For me, as a fan of "Star Wars" since childhood, it was a real gift, even a surprise, because I did not expect that I would get to the show.

    What can I say: the series is "episode 3.5" - the plot is located between the "Sith Place" and "New Hope". In the first series, the creators have saturated the plot with the atmosphere of a "distant-distant galaxy". Every now and then, the imperial storm troopers and their commanders step on the screen, and this instantly causes nostalgia for the very first film of 1977. The atmosphere is just as gloomy, the characters are completely new (unlike the animated series "Clone Wars"), but this should not prevent loyal fans from enjoying a pleasant feeling. In addition, one of our old acquaintances, and possibly even two, has penetrated the premiere series.

    The protagonist who hates the Empire, the boy Ezra, is an orphan who survives by theft. By the will of fate, he encountered a small group of resistance, which does everything to annoy the despotic Empire. This group is the rudiments of a rebel alliance (in the series the famous symbol of the rebels flashes), and this meeting will forever change the life of Ezra ...

    The pilot "Rebels" is a story about friendship and a difficult choice, as well as about the sense of duty. This is 44 minutes, allowing you to plunge again into a familiar atmosphere (there was especially a musical accompaniment, similar to the creation of maestro John Williams), that already goose bumps are provided. Beautiful, eye-pleasing graphics remained at the same level as in Clone Wars. The action will be enough: chasing motorcycles (by voice acting and by drawing this scene can be called a reference to "The Return of the Jedi") and classic skirmishes on blasters, which so likes, which Han Solo trusts. In general, the pilot of the "Rebel" turned out to be very sound, memorable, interesting. And most importantly - the desire to watch has arisen after the first series (although in some serials, retraction occurs through several episodes).

    So I'll watch a new chapter of the ZV on, those more, I've been waiting for her very much. After all, after looking at Clone Wars, I wondered if the dark spot between the III and IV episodes of the saga would illuminate. That's the answer, and he's the most affirmative! Evaluation of the pilot Rebels (of course, apart from the series as a whole):

    10 of 10
  • mto102 October 2018
    Recently I binged The Clone Wars, and then binged Rebels immediately after. I prefer TCW, but Rebels is definitely under-appreciated. The show is actually a pretty good animation depicting the Imperial Age of Star Wars. It does for the original trilogy timeline, what TCW's did for the prequel trilogy timeline; flesh out new stories. It makes for highly entertaining TV. Sure, it may be childish at times, but, much like The Clone Wars, perfectly balances mature content with the childish content. Star Wars fans of any age can watch this and enjoy.

    The series overall starts slow and childish, but still fun all the same. It gets more mature as the show progresses, with a more childish tone episode thrown in here and there. It includes great cameos from both Prequel trilogy and Original trilogy characters. Seeing R2-D2 and C-3PO bless the show with their presence at the start was a treat. As seeing Leia, Lando, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan, etc. Rebels also picks up some storylines from the unfinished Clone Wars show, which is now set to be finished at the time of this writing. Seeing Darth Maul, Ahsoka and Rex brought back are extremely hype-worthy moments, that only add to the show.

    Overall, Rebels isn't a masterpiece, but it is entertaining and enjoyable material expanding the Star Wars universe. It is far better than the new trilogy Star Wars has been cooking up. Rebels actually has an interesting band of characters, unlike the new movies. Ezra, is called the "Aladdin of Star Wars" which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We see him mature over the course of the series. Kanan, the wise Jedi mentor, is my personal favorite character. He serves as one of the last links to the past. Hera, the skilled pilot of the crew, she and Kanan's relationship was something truly special. Sabine's character gives an interesting expansion on what it means to be Mandalorian. And Zeb is there mostly for comedic relief. Can't forget Chopper, as he is easily one of the highlights of the show. The hilarious astromech that just oozes personality whenever he beeps, much like R2 does. There is a slew of supporting characters that are great as well, such as Agent Kallus, Grand Admiral Thrawn, etc.

    Star Wars Rebels is a great expansion to the Star Wars lore and stories. The music is wonderful, as always for the franchise, and the show gets better as you continue along, just like TCW did. Give it a chance if you love Star Wars. Watch The Clone Wars first, and you won't be disappointed.

    My Rating: 8.25/10
  • If you happen to view any of the other "reviews" here you'll find that many have given abysmal ratings for the show because of trivial reasoning; many because they're still rather perturbed over the status of the Expanded Universe, others seem like attempts at trolling, and many are spiteful simply because they don't agree with the concept of the show and cannot accept that the Expanded Universe isn't coming back. One even seems to have gone the full-on melodramatic route and declared Star Wars to be dead and that they won't be showing their younger siblings Star Wars at all due to this horrible tragedy.

    Should you view the individual ratings given to the show you'll find that the general opinion is favorable with votes generally increasing the higher up the ratings you go, save for a rather blatantly obvious discrepancy. The ratio of "1/10" reviews compared to the others has been grossly blown out of proportion by people whose anger seems to have overcome them.

    The characters are perfectly fine, the animation could have been better I will admit, and the pacing for the premiere was quick and could have taken more time to breath but when all has been said and done the show has learned from the mistakes made during the early seasons of The Clone Wars and has applied those lessons much the same as the latter seasons did.

    People talking about how the designs or appearances of things are off haven't been paying attention to the development of the show, as the creators have on numerous occasions cited the reasoning behind the changes and additions. The Imperial's equipment has taken a design cue from Kenner's classic line of toys adored by children who grew up on Star Wars, fans, and collectors alike. The show takes places five years before "Star Wars" and as such they wanted everything to feel extremely familiar while being off just enough to give the feel of this being a different time period. The TIE Fighters have shorter wings, the stormtrooper's helmets are more bulbous and their blasters have a small hump along the spine, and the REX droids from Star Tours serve as pilots on spacecraft. The camera remains static and far less dynamic to mimic the movement of the original movies while even switching to mimic 70mm film during space sequences. The lightsabers flicker and are flatter, green light cracks whenever two blades meet, and pulling out a lightsaber feels special again. Every single detail has been carefully considered and crafted to capture the feel of the Original Trilogy Era and movies.

    It's Firefly meets Star Wars with a ragtag crew running around the edge of civilized space trying to get by and hitting the Empire whenever the chance is presented. It's classic Star Wars and exactly the kind of thing you'd like should you be a fan of Star Wars at all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Star Wars Rebels is a Star Wars TV show set between Star Wars 3 and Rogue One. It follows the group of rebels and their fight against the empire while building the rebellion as we know it. While the first season is not fantastic the second and third seasons are defiantly a step in the right direction.

    We follow the character named Ezra Bridger who is an orphan on the empire controlled planet of Lothal. Ezra ends up joining a small group of rebels in their fight against the rebellion while he is trained in the ways of the Jedi.

    If you were disappointed that The Clone Wars ended with a lot of unanswered questions. Then you will be happy to hear that a lot of those questions are answered in this show. While also bringing up some new questions. For anyone that is unsure if they would enjoy Rebels or not I urge you to go give it a try because it is a great show.

  • I love Star Wars - the basic premise of an epic universe, battle of good vs evil, classic take on characters and their traits and promoting clean and pure values...Most of us love (or have loved) Star Wars for those reasons.

    Now, do you think kids and younger teenagers will want to watch 30 year old movies and will be susceptible to the story and its values despite the "prehistoric" graphics and effects? Unfortunately, most of them won't be attracted and will watch it if you make them and look at it through that lens to some extent - and that is reality.

    So if you look at "Rebels" as a new branch in that universe, fresh content promoting the same types of characters, similar story lines and the same values - can it not be only positive that it exists? To attract today's kids and to provide content of this kind to them, instead of them watching Game of Thrones, Dexter and alike?

    I understand that, as a die-hard Star Wars fan of 30 or 40, you can disprove the lack of originality, the relative crudeness of animation and what not - but, hey - this is Star Wars, just the same as it always has been - if you loved it before, there is no reason to hate it now, in this form.

    So I would understand reviews of 6+, but 1? That's just lame.

    As a 31 year old, I found it interesting and entertaining and a nice watch. Worth my time and certainly worth your kid's time. Of course, some criticism stands - i.e. recycling Alladin and alike - but we have new SW content for new generations and it's good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm gonna level with you I did not want anything to do with this show when I heard it was coming out, I thought that the idea of the show wouldn't be that interesting, given that it's called STAR WARS, and they were only a small team just messing with the empire. The characters themselves are likable but not great (except for Hera). Kanan isn't that compelling, Ezra is a total copy of Luke, Zep is one-dimensional, Chopper is no R2-D2, and Sabine is a Mandalorian artist (an artist, really).

    My biggest gripe with this show is the animation, it looks primitive and the characters are oddly shaped. And don't get me started on how the lightsaber blades look, they look like glowsticks in the shape of toothpicks. You can also see some details look like they are drawn in with crayon.

    However, everything changed when I heard Ahsoka and Rex were coming to this show. I fell in love with those two characters in the Clone Wars, which is an AMAZING series that not enough people gave a chance. So I instantly caught myself up, and so far the story is just mediocre. When I got to season 2 and seeing Ahsoka there, I had hope, but they are completely underutilizing her and Rex, that may change as the show goes on.

    To put it frankly, this show is piggy packing itself from the greatness of the Clone Wars; Kanan was a padawan, Sabine is a mandalorian, Hera is the daughter of a character from the Clone Wars, and they are using story lines first used in the previous show.

    Don't get me wrong this is an enjoyable show, but the Clone Wars is better by leaps and bounds. Each episode was different, one could be epic, one could have you at the edge of your seat, one could be boring, and then one could have your jaw dropping to the floor. Rebels is just using the same premise over and over again.

    And my final thoughts, Rebels is a good animated series, with some lackluster animation; but to its credit it has a lot to live up to after the amazing series that was the Clone Wars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After watching the Premiere episode of "Star Wars: Rebels" I thought about it and here I wanted to highlight the pros and cons from "Spark of Rebellion."

    The Pros:

    • Kallus and Kanan were fairly good overall in the Episode. Kallus felt like a physical, legitimate threat overall and he appeared imposing in his scenes. Kanan also felt like a fairly developed character and came off as multi-layered.

    • The Obi-Won Hologram was possibly some of the best CGI that was in this episode and you could tell that time and effort was put into it.

    The Cons:

    • The Stormtroopers were even WORSE than what they were in the Original Trilogy when it came down to incompetency. In one scene, Ezra escapes from his cell and locks two Stormtroopers inside of the holding cell. The Stormtroopers did absolutely nothing. They literally just looked at him and didn't even react at all. Also, you didn't hear a single word from any of the Troopers up until the very end when one of them makes one comment. Overall, they just felt like mindless zombies rather than actual living, breathing people who were hired by the Empire in order to serve the Empire.

    • Most of the other main characters were bland or were just unlikable. Sabine only existed just to serve as eye candy for Ezra. Hera was there to pilot the Ghost and didn't play much of a roll at all. Ezra and Zeb just came off as absolute jerks and Ezra is a character we're SUPPOSE to like and relate with, but I didn't relate with him at all. Ezra himself doesn't even feel original because he looks and acts like Aladdin.

    • The Dialogue itself was poor...very poor. It all felt cobbled together from both the Original Trilogy and Aladdin (yes, they referenced Ezra and made that comparison). There wasn't any memorable quotes that wasn't from another film.

    • The design of everything just isn't right. The Star Destroyers, the TIE Fighters, the Wookiees, all of it felt like they just copied from the 1970's toys (There have even been rumors that they based the show off of those designs). Whenever you make a new show, you always want to base the toys off of the show, not base the show off of the toys.

    • Finally, and most importantly, the story itself just wasn't exciting because so much of it was spoiled by the trailers released prior to the Premiere, which made it less appreciable. Also, lines such as "Jam the Tractor Beam" and facing an entire Squadron of Stormtroopers head on without seeking cover just go against the conventional wisdom of the Star Wars Universe. This is especially upsetting for people who have learned about the Star Wars Universe and know about these fundamental flaws.

    In the end, the episode and the major flop that was A New Dawn herald a bad beginning to the New Star Wars Canon and it will become more fuel to the controversy over the non-canon state and the subsequent killing off of the Expanded Universe and all projects associated with it.

    Too summarize it, I gave this a 4/10 because it does have some good things with it, but it's just so badly rushed and so poorly done that it's going to have a very hard time getting off of the ground. I doubt that it will be able to be a good replacement for the Expanded Universe and will probably never be able to do so.

    (I want to clarify one point that has been brought up. Although this is a kids show, it doesn't excuse it from being scrutinized. There are some really good "kids" television programs that can also captivate any audience of any age. Cartoons like the Rugrats and Hey Arnold were considered "kids shows," but that did not mean it wasn't good or it was brought down so far. It still conveyed some very hard-hitting messages and still did a great job while making it entertaining for kids. Kids aren't stupid and they don't need things to be completely revised and completely torn down to make them appropriate for kids. So, using the excuse "It's a kid's show" doesn't cut it because there are some really great kids shows that don't try to "dumb things down" in order to make it attractive to kids.)
  • Unlike most fans of the classic franchise, I'm not gonna blast this series out of my sights just because Disney owns and distributes it. I'm also not letting the EU's loss get in the way of my thoughts on the new series. I'd also like to make it clear that Lucasfilm Animation has done the work, not Disney as so many silly fans have come to believe.

    Now then, Star Wars Rebels: Spark of the Rebellion has proved itself to be a fantastic beginning to the new series. It's a much better first impression than the terrible 2008 Clone Wars movie. The characters are likable. Ezra is sneaky and charming. Kanan is cool yet mysterious. Hera is kind and motherly. Sabine is crazed and wild. Zeb is bullyish and violent. Chopper doesn't seem to like or care about anyone. Even the main villain of this episode, Agent Kallus, proves to be a badass, hellbent on capturing our heroes. Not only are these characters so entertaining to watch interact with each other but the story is loads of good fun. It never becomes too childish for adult viewers or too graphic for very young viewers. It's as well balanced as the Original Trilogy that first started back in 1977. It's funny, clever, actiony, and intense at certain moments. It all feels like Star Wars. More so than any other Star Wars show that's ever been on TV. The interesting characters, fun story, and balanced tone make this totally worth you're time for future episodes. If you wanted to feel like a kid watching the original Star Wars again, then look no further. The Force is strong with Rebels.
  • Throughout the series the animations have lower quality. From trouble with feet placement being off during motion to changing the overall appearance of characters such as Vader and Yoda. Disney has done their best to make the series much more child friendly than The Clone Wars, but it is not done for the best.

    The story itself on the other hand does save the series, it contains a lot of canonical information that ties the prequels closer to the original trilogy. It pulls you into new depths of the struggle of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire, and can even put new light in the actions of the Empire.

    The writers have done a superb job, but the animators have done very poorly in their work.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dave Filoni at it again. I didn't like his Clone Wars cartoon either, but just when you think it can't get worse than that, you get Rebels. What is it with them attempting to shove McQuaries artwork down our throats and make it feel like the Original Trilogy? Even Lucas and his directors then didn't use the art...they used it as a template and made their own designs. Just like in the CLone wars they had PERFECT material to draw from for a GREAT story within the Dark Horse comics and then the Dark Times story arc for Rebels. The art/animation was subpar, if they wanted to even stand a chance they should've allowed Pixar to work on that. The plot and story was predictable straight from the Original movies and the Empire was made to look like baffoons. I mean an ISB agent looked like a standard Stormtrooper. What is with Disney and Hollywood for that matter trying to reboot everything? No one in the entertainment industry has any original ideas and Disney and LFL just want to play off the original movies. HOw long before Disney reboots A New Hope to cram all that Ralph artwork into it? And this is just Aladdin in SPace. vote stands. 1 Star.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first episode, Spark of Rebellion was absolutely fantastic! The episode itself, doesn't go into detail with some of the characters, but that's okay considering this is the first episode. The only problem I have with this really is the wookies, they look like the old action figures. But that being said this is a great first episode, much better than the clone wars and instead of using old characters they're using new ones, which is fantastic. I do see this show evolving on the way that the Clone Wars did. Also Obi-wan had a cameo, which was brilliant and Clone wars fans will lose their pants over it. The overall story is quite interesting, the rebels have to try and free a bunch of wookie slaves, however before hand they run into Ezra who screws everything up for them. So this episode was brilliant and I hope we see more brilliant stories and go more in depth with character back stories. Star Wars: Rebels receives a 9/10!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In their quest to overwrite all that came before and make this an acceptable substitute for the prematurely ended The Clone Wars, they have tried WAY too hard to make it like the original Star Wars trilogy. The end result: its anything but original. Part of being THE original was just that: it was new.

    In Example: Instead of using new music with movie music to highlight certain events, they just jammed the original soundtrack in. (As opposed to TCW which only used it for highlights.) Ezra: Aladdin in space. Maybe if they hadn't intentionally made him LOOK like Disney's Aladdin and not intentionally reminded us by calling him street rat, it would have felt like Star Wars instead of an Aladdin Star Wars mash up.

    The animation in characters has gone seriously down hill from the Clone Wars. In Example: Ezra: plastic hair? The Wookiees: they look like the Empire took time upon capture to force them to go sit through a mass grooming and hair brushing. We KNOW they can do better: Chewbacca showed up in the Clone Wars and looked great.

    The Stormtroopers helmets don't match either the prequel period, Clone Wars or Original trilogy, or even a cross. They basically look squashed, presumably because they are trying to turn 2D Mcquarrie art into 3D. I guess now I know why that design was modified from the movies: it makes them look like there is no room for a full head, let alone gear, in the helmet.

    Continuity conflicts and unlikely technology: No way, no way, can a tractor beam be jammed. If it could be done, Han Solo, guaranteed would've had a way on the Falcon. He had all those modifications for that very reason.

    Ezra's slingshot. A normal slingshot with a thermal detonator would make a bang and might make sense as being cobbled together by a desperate and creative local thief. But an energy slingshot that can incinerate troops does not make sense in the hands of a same thief. I'd expect that tech from a budding bounty hunter maybe. Or even an undercover bodyguard where blasters are outlawed. Local thief? No.

    The bag. There is no sensible jailer on this planet or any other that leaves the prisoner locked up with the bag and only later thinks to search him.

    Personal dislikes: pink armor. I don't mind small doses of pink, graffiti artists, or armor. But near total pink armor just isn't Mandalorian.

    Did I find anything good: Yes. McQuarrie art is always great in the backgrounds. The story itself might have had potential. But there fierce desire to make it so much like the original trilogy killed it, as did intentionally adding the Disney stamp of Aladdin to Ezra. If I wanted Aladdin, I'd be watching that not Star Wars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me begin by saying that this review includes only the pilot episode of "Star Wars Rebels" and it was originally also posted on several general discussion threads as a comment.

    "Star Wars: Clone Wars" started a bit shaky also, though its pilot episode was better than "Rebels" by a wide margin. In time "Clone Wars" improved, and that was OK, I did not mind sticking around for the growth process, as it featured characters I knew and cared for, a narrative that was engaging even though familiar, so it was worth investing time in.

    I cannot say I feel the same way about "Rebels", aside from the short appearance of Obi-Wan, who also seems to have gotten the Disney treatment and now looks about as bland and uninteresting as possible, the rest of the pilot episode was a mish-mash of up and down ideas and concepts that are supposed to plant the future development of this series...and guess what, didn't care one bit about any of it!

    The animation is sub-par, even when compared to early "Clone Wars" episodes, and as a reminder "Clone Wars" started back in 2008, you would think that in the intervening years they would have upped their game enough to have done a better job on "Rebels".

    On top of that, 'Rebels" is populated by characters I don't find interesting at all, they are products of a studio that knows how to approximate variety and inclusiveness without actually doing it, and mimic substance without actually delivering any. The characters clearly have little resemblance to any of those we grew up with or came to love. They are entirely a Disney construct and as such are bereft of any interesting characteristics, flaws or any other elements of their personalities that would have made them more relatable.

    Typically, as with many other Disney creations, "Star Wars: Rebels" is a sugary construct, devoid of any calories or nutrients. It very much resembles fast food, in that it seems to look good at first glance, but once consumed it only leads to an upset stomach and heart burn!

    The show might well grow and evolve, it is just that as a viewer and Star Wars fan I won't stick around for it, nor am I interested in investing any time in it.

    I shudder to think what this means for the next batch of Star Wars movies...Much like the times of the evil Empire's triumph over the Old Republic, the Disney era has truly began for "Star Wars"...

    5 out of 10

    EDIT: March, 2015

    Well, in spite of initially not wanting to invest any time in "Star Wars: Rebels", in the end I decided to try and give it a fair shake, and stuck around for the entire season. None of subsequent episodes I watched, were during their original time slot, instead I kind of caught up with them OnDemand. Bad news, watching the entire season did nothing to change my opinion of it.

    So in spite of having seen the entire first season of "Rebels", I still don't like the show, actually I like it even less. The same sanitized, stilted and infantilized attitude, as per Disney's formula of do's and don't's, prevails. The characters are still as one- dimensional, boring, empty and superficial as ever. The technical aspects of the show, still have not improved, despite its scope growing somewhat. Its reliance on "shoking reveals" and "guest character of the week" is an old and tired shtick. My original review stands as is the 5 out of 10 rating.

    Let's hope that the rest of the upcoming Star Wars projects are much, much better than this...May the Force be with us all!

    EDIT: February, 2016

    Well I've pretty much given up on the show for a while now. I've caught a few glimpses of some episodes here and there. It is still as mediocre and mind-numbingly jarring and boring as before...and judging by "The New Hope 2.0"...sorry "The Force Awakens", is it any wonder?!
  • iketoti6 October 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    boring, unexciting, the music was good in the originals because it was made to fit. this was added just to con us this like the original when clearly it is not, the story is interesting and has already been written better, the animation is a joke, seems like backyarigans. with such a great franchise to work with they went and dumbed it down to please those flash in the pants fans that will be gone as soon as they get bored, those of us that loved this franchise for 30 years and are the people who made this successful in the first place are once again left with nothing.

    this was a sad attempt to make money and nothing more, when this fails i hope Disney wakes up to the true target audience for starwars.
  • I've seen two episodes of "Star Wars Rebels". This is a Disney production, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the shows are childish in nature. Unfortunately, there is nothing remarkable at all about this new series. It is essentially a repackaging of now-cliché'd Star Wars action sequences and musical scores. What remains are a bunch of uninteresting characters and juvenile dialogue.

    This isn't creative, it's just more corporate exploitation of a franchise which has already been exploited to death.

    Please, give us something new instead of re-purposing someone else's creative ideas for easy money. I doubt that a classic movie like Star Wars could even be made by today's inferior producers.
  • WHY....

    When they had Star Wars Clone Wars that was close to perfect... - Why do they come up with this boring crap??

    Many of my sci-fi & Star Wars friends felt something special about The clone wars (cartoon-series) --- Who can forget Ashoka Tano....?? -- And the story lines ---

    I think that this new project is a big waste of money and time.

    Who should watch it? ? -- 5 year old kids? - No! - They would not understand the story.. Star Wars Clone Wars had fans in all ages (Im 48...)

    In a TV-world with not enough good sci-fi... it's a shame that some use their skills and time on this.. :(
  • At first I was very skeptical of the new Star Wars canon after removing the old EU from canon. The pilot was not as good as hyped but still was very close. After that it only seemed to get better. The show seems to flow seamlessly from episode to episode. I know that I can not speak for the rest of the series but at least in the first several episodes there are great character development and interaction. This show feels like Star Wars and give me the feeling I had when I first saw Star Wars for the first time. I think that Lucasfilm made a good move in creating new characters that we have not had exposure to yet and makes for a better show. If Episode VII is as good as this show it will be great but hoping for better. After seeing the first three episodes I believe that Star Wars is headed for a bright and better future thanks to this show as the kick off.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Star Wars: Rebels. Oh sweet Sith Lords, this show is awful. In my honest opinion, you have to be seven to find this in the least bit entertaining. And before you hate me, I know that's the point. Star Wars: Rebels is a hit and miss for a galaxy far, far away. Disney tried, I'll give them that. But the plot is horrid, the animation is sub-par, the characters aren't interesting. Star Wars: Rebels pales in comparison to the show I grew up with - Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I don't find it the least bit entertaining. A couple episodes, I will hand it to them, had moments that made me smile. Such as Dee Bradley Baker briefly voicing Ezra's father. But other than those few moments, my loathing for this series has not as of yet wavered.

    Now, to back up a few of my complaints. Firstly, the animation. It looks childish. Everything is smoother and has an annoying, ever-present sheen to it. In truth, it looks like it was put together in Blender.

    Secondly, the plot. This show is set between Star Wars Episode III and Episode IV, apparently 5 years before the later. Why?! Disney, you had 14 years! FOURTEEN YEARS to work with. Are we completely disregarding Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? The first time a rebellion was even CONSIDERED? Not only this, but the plot is already repetitive. The Rebels get a job or are in trouble, something goes wrong, they fight their way out of it. Every. Time. I'm probably exaggerating, but it does feel like nothing new has happened on the show since it started. Our characters have barely left...Lathal? Oh well. Whatever. Expendable Planet #209. There's a whole GALAXY out there Disney. GO. SHOW. IT!

    Thirdly, the characters. Sure you can argue that they're 'flawed' and 'well-developed'. But they're boring and you can't relate to them. Ezra is Star Wars Aladdin. I won't even go into how much of a Mary-Sue our main character is. Kanan is...alright. He's voiced by an actor I know from Mass Effect 3 (James Vega), which gets him points in my book. Zeb is cool. Hera is fine. Sabine...yeah, she's my favorite right now, but that's not saying much. At this point, I'm only excited because I know full well Fulcrum is Ahsoka Tano.

    I know Star Wars: Rebels is meant for kids, Disney. But you have an older audience too. A very LARGE older audience. Such a shift from Star Wars: The Clone Wars is not appreciated. It's annoying, nonsensical, and stupid. I checked Wikipedia's (I know, unreliable) stats, and Rebels is consistently loosing viewers with every episode, while Clone Wars held a steady million - 5 million viewers throughout its run.

    Take the hint, Disney.

    I myself will no longer be watching Star Wars: Rebels, unless there's a particular story line that interests me, which I highly doubt will happen until Ahsoka shows up or we see another familiar face.

    Lord forbid you actually FINISH Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disney. Because you can't stand a GOOD idea...
  • bigt324 October 2014
    They killed the Expanded Universe for this. This is Aladdin in space, not Star Wars. I had high hopes when Disney bought Lucas-film and said great new Star Wars will be forthcoming. I expected them to choose the best of the EU to make into animated series and movies. Instead they discarded the EU and made this stuff. I feel like Obi-Wan in Episode III "Disney you were the chosen one, you were supposed to bring balance to the Universe not destroy it." I for one hope they see the error of there ways before they kill the best franchise in the world. We are watching and we don't forgive and forget just ask George Lucas, why do you think he sold it.
  • Like other reviewers, I was looking forward to Rebels after being incredibly impressed with The Clone Wars. Dave Filoni, who was the supervising director of The Clone Wars is one of the executive producers. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to its predecessor. I do understand that they are 2 different series but I was hoping after The Clone Wars got canceled that Rebels would take it's place. The animation is not very good. The wookies and the plastic hair are just a couple examples. The stories themselves lack any depth. It seems like the show is a 80's Saturday morning cartoon. I know what is capable and I was just hoping for more.
  • c_scott125 October 2014
    A lot of fans were hoping this was going to be good but it sorely disappoints it has disneys simplistic style to it and even the main character looks like aladdin. Given how the animation in the clone wars got better the graphics here are terrible especially the wookies it reminds me of a show for infants. With Disney destroying the expanded universe of star wars that fans have enjoyed for 30 years or more this new canon show has more holes then swiss cheese. The stormtroopers are the elite troops of the empire but are made to look dumb and stupid how then did they help rule the galaxy. There is nothing new in the show it copies plots and script from better shows the main cast all except kanan are unlikeable and each one is like a member from the original trilogy. There are so many great characters, ships and plots in the expanded universe Disney have missed a chance to bring on all the fans instead this show and the new canon have divided the fan base. Overall a 1 out of 10 very poor and disappointing
  • Although I'm tempted to write pages, I'm going to make this short and sweet. Star Wars Rebels replaces the last three Star War films as the continuation of the original vitality and brilliance that brought us New Hope, Empire, and Jedi. If young Anikin were of the age, personality, and vigor of Ezra (the primary character of Rebels) Phantom Menace and the other Star Wars prequel movies might have had a chance. Rebels is scripted wonderfully, the animation is lively and beautifully lighted, the music is gorgeous, and the characters are just about perfect. The whole show is all the more a delight because it was a surprise to me. I expected another silly, weak product with the Star Wars name slapped on it. But this show is just the opposite. It is an excellent addition to the Star Wars legacy. Anyone that truly loves Star Wars will tremendously enjoy Star Wars Rebels.
  • I enjoyed it. I thought it was fun and something different.

    I know there are people who say it is poor and its meant for kids but who cares.

    There are people out there that say don't watch this but i say give it a chance if you like it carry on watching it if not then don't.

    There are people out there that don't like change and i think there just sad and stuck in there ways.

    I thought i was fun and worth a watch as someone said Firefly meets Starwars.

    Yes its aimed at kids abut anyone can enjoy it.

    Just enjoy the story.
  • Coming from a hardcore Star Wars Fan this i difficult to say, but the new Star Wars Revels show, created by Disney, is as terrible as it comes. For the first part, it is true that the main character is based on the Character of Aladin, it's loose but only because it takes place in Space and not on Earth. Secondly, how does it have the feel of the original trilogy if the show is intended for children under 8 who can't understand the story behind Star Wars? To me, Disney is reflecting the attitude of Han Solo and is "only in it for the money", there was already a story in place as to how the Rebellion was created, but Disney has done away with that and started its own story to try and suck all the money possible out of the franchise, has anyone noticed how quickly the Rebels toys have come out? Lastly, I would like to say, LONG LIVE THE EXPANDED UNIVERSE!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Overall it is an OK show, I will give you that. But it is far behind what the Clone Wars had as entertainment. Every episode has a distant story line that simply does not converge with the Imperial Era, and what we have in movies 4, 5 and 6.

    While the team has good, unique characters that had so much details, the main character Ezra Bridger is simply Disney's Aladdin! I am not saying that in any discriminatory way I am just saying whenever I see the main character, the show reminds me so much (or maybe too much) of Disney! And the movie Aladdin! (Especially before he had a hair cut, it was like he jumped from the 1992 movie to Star Wars Rebels). It is just poor work on the main character.

    And, what is with the Walkers? Never in any other imperial era story line we had that different (or absurd) walkers that does not have the respect to the original designs of George Lucas.

    Overall, a good show but you have A LOT to work on.
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