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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie has really good visuals and atmosphere, but, the music, acting, and script were off.

    To start off the concept has been done before, criminals attempt to enter a home to kidnap someone for ransom and things go awry. This movie's take on that idea is pretty good. The surprise in store for the criminals is pretty scary and I gave it a four star rating just for that. There is also a few nude scenes in the movie if you are into it. (I wouldn't let my kids watch it.)

    Where the movie falls apart most drastically is the music, none of the music goes with the atmosphere and scenery. The music itself was great but, not with this movie. It was also very loud and annoying in contrast to the volume level of the rest of the movie. I took off three stars for the music alone.

    The last three stars I took off were for the plot that was everywhere and seemed directionless. The actors and their lines were way too melodramatic to the point that the movie seemed like it was a horror movie trying poorly to be a comedy.

    I could not in good conscience recommend renting this movie from Amazon like I did. I feel like it was money wasted on a movie that wasn't properly edited. This could have been a dang good movie with a bit more editing.
  • This horror has a group of thugs breaking into a mansion with the sole purpose of kidnapping a mobster's daughter and then demand 40 million as ransom. Once inside they get locked in tight and find out the daughter is a vampire.

    Even those the premise is getting stale this one was good. One thing did suck though. I thought it was awesome Vinnie Jones was in it but then he was the first to go! The dialogue is crisp and well written and the action was non stop. There is all kinds of little twists and turns in the plot which kept it interesting. I loved the ending as well. If you liked From Dusk Till Dawn you'll like this one.
  • A strange collection of bad guys and a couple of women try to kidnap crime lords daughter and the first 40 minutes or so it's a straight forward story and a pretty good story at that. Then it gets amazing with something I'll never forget. It was so unexpected it was awesome. It changed what I thought of the movie and it made me like it for other reasons. While what happened was great it definitely changed my focus and for me the plot fell apart a little but I did enjoy the ending as well. As soon as you see what happens you'll know what I was talking about.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    BLOOD TRAP is a very low budget independent horror flick, made with British and American funding and shot in Italy. The plot isn't bad, about a gang of criminals who kidnap a young woman, only to find the tables turned when they're trapped inside a forbidding house and soon being bumped off one by one. The low budget is more than apparent throughout, but the presence of stars including a cameoing Vinnie Jones and the SAW franchise's Costas Mandylor helps to raise the spirits a little. The film is well paced but the action as depicted is entirely perfunctory and the whole thing feels very cliched.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A group of criminals opt to do a quick in and out by kidnapping the daughter of a "rich crime lord in bed with the government." They plan a $40 million dollar ransom. Once they bag the girl Nika (Elena Mirela) the huge house turns into a fortress as the doors and windows shut with steel. "That's what I call craftsmanship." They don't open until sundown. The easy in and out...they "forgot the out part." As our crew explores the large mansion, they discover things are not normal as they open a walk-in freezer with body parts.

    Vinnie Jones fans will be disappointed at his cameo role. You should be able to guess the type of film this is from the title and DVD cover, although they don't use the actual word until an hour into the feature. The characters were fine and I liked the soundtrack. The dialogue had humor at times.

    Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Elena Mirela, Grazia Leone, Denny Mendez)