Sally Field and Eli Craig are mother and son.

When Al mentions that his stepson always wants to watch the Pitch Perfect movies, everyone reacts negatively. That includes Larry, who's played by Donald Faison, who appeared in Pitch Perfect (2012).

When Al is telling the group about his stepson he says, "Let's put on some Rush. Put your hand on a speaker, your hand on your heart, see if you feel something. I said, 'What are you feeling?' He said, 'Nothing.' I said, 'That's America.' He didn't get it." The joke is that they're a Canadian band.

The water park featured is called Pioneer Water Land. Many of the water attractions at the park were used in the film.

The movie spoofs the The Omen (1976). Including some of the names of the characters.

Eli Craig: The film's writer and director plays the person with the clipboard in the final soapbox derby scene.