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  • A beautifully crafted short film that reveals the love that God has for all of His wayward children. Exquisitely acted and directed!

    Brad Heller's portrayal of the down and out, disheveled passenger, who has lost all hope is masterfully acted! Every look and word he utters rings true of this disillusioned man of many layers. His pain, anger and frustration with others and life have given way to a resigned despair. He is not quite sure how to handle the idea that a perfect stranger (his Christmas- eve cab driver), might genuinely care about his fate.

    Kirk B. Willet, as the usually quiet and disinterested cab-driver, skillfully portrays the unexpected melting of his heart towards this troubled passenger. His growing angst and concern is evident as he gropes for away to prevent, what appears to be an inevitable tragedy.

    A must-see modern-day Prodigal Son parable for anyone who has ever questioned whether God could ever love or forgive them. Even though it is set on Christmas-eve, it's message is timeless. That is why I would say, don't wait for Christmas to watch it, this short movie will touch your heart as no other.
  • k_adelberg19 January 2020
    Oh the ending.. it was all great but the simple ending was beautiful!!
  • willmv-7109216 August 2019
    Wow! What a very powerful short film! It's amazing!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This short Christian film is about David B.R. Wollner stuck driving on Christmas Eve and the strange passenger Brad Heller whom he picks up. Cab Drivers like barbers are chatty types, but Heller ain't responding to small talk.

    Wollner figures out this guy means to do himself in. But being the Christian soul he is Wollner gets Heller to back off.

    This one is OK for film audiences. But when Heller goes through a list of things why he's not wanted at his Christian home, gay isn't one of them.

    Responses from these people fall in two categories. It's either never darken my door or let me get you into some charlatan gay conversion cure therapy.

    Wonder what our cabdriver Wollner would do for a trouble gay passenger.