[from trailer]

Fred Flintstone: Let's yabba dabba do this!

[from trailer]

Fred Flintstone: We can put on another one of those crazy matches, and Judge wants to come and see it.

Barney Rubble: I pay harder and clams to see that.

Fred Flintstone: The main event is gonna be a rematch between you, and CM Punkrock.

Barney Rubble: What?

CM Punkrock: I am the best in the prehistoric world!

[from trailer]

Vince McMagma: Flintstone, you've got yourself something real special here.

Fred Flintstone: Thanks, Mr. McMagma.

Vince McMagma: I felt like I can make a lot of clams for the spectacle like that.

[from trailer]

Fred Flintstone: There's nothing to worry about, sweetheart.

Wilma Flintstone: When Fred says "don't worry", I start worrying.

Pebbles Flintstones: Yep.

[from trailer]

Fred Flintstone: Yabba dabba do!