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  • Usually with low budget horror movies you know what you are getting before you even watch the film, bad acting and dumb story. There are exceptions but for the most part the most you can hope for is a high kill count and high gore level. "Run Like Hell" manages to cover all 4 of those bases pretty hard.

    Right off the bat I just have to say, this movie is DUMB, very very dumb. The dialogue, the characters, the story is all just insanely lame. However, this makes for some pretty hilarious moments. Me and my friends actually had a blast laughing at some of the terrible dialogue. The banter between the bad guys is mind numbingly stupid but it is also pretty damn funny. Then you have moments where the main the characters are having conversations but they make no sense at all, one character will say one thing and the other character will respond with a completely unrelated line.

    The body count is pretty high, mostly due to the fact there is a endless amount of killers in this movie. Every scene there seems to be 2 or 3 new baddies added to the bunch. For the most part the kills are pretty lame and tamed though, however a few stand out and are pretty cool.

    Overall this movie is a crapfest, but it is a fun crapfest. Go into expecting crap and you might just have a good time. Dumb fun for sure.

  • We're fairly forgiving when it comes to horrors but this film is one of the worst films we have ever seen, and I've watched 10 minutes of Spice Girls The Movie. Terrible acting, terrible story. It wasn't even so bad it was good, or humorous. It's just bad. That's time we'll never get back. I could have spent a more enjoyable 90 minutes scrubbing mould off our shed. We weren't expecting an Oscar winning performance but this even fell short of our pessimistic expectations. It was predictable, boring with such stupid characters you feel they actually deserve whatever happens to them. They could not find their way out of a wet paper bag! Can safely say it starts off mediocre and continues to spiral downhill. As we have a sense of civic duty, we felt we should warn others.
  • LiamBlackburn24 September 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    From the beginning, you can tell this is going to be one of those generic, thriller movies. Replete with F grade acting and a completely obvious plot line. Even so, these types of movies can be redeemed by clever directing etc. Or even having really sexy women in it. Or maybe try and include something that sticks in your mind, something that stands out. Maybe a touch of intelligent humour who knows. This movie had none of the above. It also had horrible voice overs. The acting is all one-note. The first 10 minutes is a huge drag. After that point, I had to fastforward it. Usually I'll just turn it off at that point. But I did watch 3 minutes near the end. Pointless movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, first of all, what the heck was up with them playing the music while the people were talking in the beginning? It was really kinda hard to hear what they were saying. It's called background music, because it's supposed to be in the background, not the foreground drowning out the dialogue. That was really annoying! Anyway, the movie begins with four people - two guys, two girls - and they're driving through a deserted, underused road across the desert, maybe in Arizona. They take a detour, stop off at a place called Elvis Rocks, and they walk away from the car. Stupidly, the driver left the key in the ignition. Seriously, who does that? A stupid character in a slasher movie, of course. :D Cliché alert: As the group is returning to the jeep, somebody gets in and drives away, leaving the group stranded. Damn! So original. The girl with the glasses runs down and says "What happened?" even though she had a good view from the top of the hill. I guess those glasses aren't working for her.

    They walk until the find the house of Nancy and Harold, two people who give the creepy vibe. The group stays for dinner and then they meet Jed, the sheriff. He tells them it'll take a day or two to get their car back, and Nancy and Harold agree to host the group until then. During the night, one of the guys hears a saw from the barn of death muahahaha.

    The next day while scouting around the town, they go into a shop and they are all knocked unconscious and tied up. Then, the fun begins on their journey to death. Muahahahahahahaha. I can't say anything else without giving away spoilers.

    The storyline isn't original, and there are clichés in this. That's not the problem. The acting was...not good. The atmoshpere and sets were good enough for what the story demanded.

    Luke told Dan, "If you see anything you don't like, you tell me." Luke, I don't like this movie! lol
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Guy;s,i;m sorry,and so was this cardboard movie.I can sit thru nearly any bad film , most of the time.Sometimes even without hitting the F.F. button.Watching this one was like eating un-cooked oatmeal ,on stale whitebread.I cant even really say what was the worst things about this fart-blower....bad story ,bad acting ,bad writing ,bad actors ,bad effects ....bad dog ! .As i kept forcing myself to this visual beating ,i got the feeling it was some shoddy flick,made in ? country,because of the odd voice-overs,and lack of feelings,or emotion from the actors.I;ve heard better "hill-billy" done in Asian kung-fu movies.No hot chicks ,no cool gore ,no real action, way ! unless someone pays you to watch this ,or you want people to leave your place A.S.A.F.P. ,do yourself a solid ,and do something pull your own teeth ,mow the lawn ,hell,mow your buddy;s lawn...i think you get the point.I looked in a mirror ,and gave myself a stern cussing ! ! ! - avoid !
  • mattiron20 August 2018
    Hey folks this movie isn't that bad, it's like wrong turn and other horror Creepshows, typical inbred yahoos who only listen to the horror looking mama, sat nite, popcorn, no plot to follow just some good old Texas chainsaw fun, rent it but chill out.
  • I thought this movie was going to be another run of the mill story about screaming girls getting stabbed and of course screaming, you know what I'm talking about, the same story recreated with a different twist. However I couldn't be more wrong, this movie is a jewel in the rough, full of twists and surprises, there was a few times during this movie I thought to myself, "WOW! I didn't expect that"........ I honestly avoid this kind of movie like the plague, but I am so glad I decided to watch. Well done to the "two Guys and a film company" and of course Canyon Prince and James Thomas, I am looking forward to watching more of your movies in the future. ;P .....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two couples traveling cross country opt to take in the sights via a rural road. When they stop to see the "Elvis Rock" their vehicle gets stolen and they are at the mercy of the locals of Spaulding, most likely a town named for Captain Spaulding.

    Fight, kill, tie-up, escape. kill, get re-captured, fight kill, etc . We have seen these types before and done better. The characters in this film are bland Might be better off getting the 40th anniversary edition of TCM and watching it again.

    Guide: F-bomb, sex, attempted rape. No nudity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    RUN LIKE HELL is an indie horror/thriller with a few differences to the norm. The story is about a couple of tough guys holing up in a small town and coming across a family with more than their fair share of secrets. What follows is relatively fresh and original, although constrained by the usual genre restraints of low budget and lack of talent. The film has a slow pace and little in the way of violence, aside from a startling mid-point set-piece which is the film's most arresting moment. One failing I noticed is that as the main guys can obviously take care of themselves little suspense is built en route.
  • jo-steele80824 September 2014
    There is no spoiling this movie. A spoiler review would of done us all a favor. I must of have too much to drink before accidentally watching this movie. I was sober after with a headache. I wish i can have my time back instead of watching this movie. I would not recommend this movie even to my enemy for that will just be too cruel. If i had a gun with 10 bullets and I am sitting with 9 psychopathic killers and the writer of this movie, i would shoot the writer 10 times. Sorry for sounding upset, first time i watched a movie that made me want to run into an oncoming train.

    Thats my personal thoughts on this movie. The only thing positive about the movie was that it seem to be quite short. They should of warned people before letting people watch this movie. If this is a slasher flick, i rather watch the original scream backwards in an alien language than to watch this movie again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ****Warning contains spoilers****

    This movie is bad. First, the story line featuring 2 couples going on vacation is nothing new. One of the main characters is an ex military type who has seen action in Iraq. From what I can tell he's the strong don't say much type. The other main male character is cooperate and sissified. Their wives were along for the ride to provide booty calls and easy hostage pickens.

    Here's where the movie takes an awful turn for the worst. The couple's car gets stolen. I got to ask. Who leaves their keys in the car? Dumb! Then the couples stumble upon a couple who appears to amiable on the surface. They offer their home and hospitality while the jerk water, town rent a cop looks for their stolen car. Little does the couples know this back woods desert town is inhabited by crazy homicidal maniacs. The movie offers no insight as to why this town has an elaborate kill factory.

    The remaining survivors attempt to get away while taking out some of the town killers. There were lost opportunities during the movie to turn the tide in the main characters favor. There were scenes where bad guys with guns are killed and the guns are left behind. Again dumb! I can't go on. This movie was bad. I do not recommend it. Not even for a laugh.
  • This movie had all the elements. The suspense was there. The dialogue was well thought out and The characters were strong.Some of the humorous dialogue I thought did not fit and was ill timed but only a couple. I see great things to come for Three Guys and A Film. J. Michael Briggs, Dave Finn and Canyon Prince are sure to show up in more great roles in the near future.This company has had some good critical reviews in the past. They continue to release good solid productions with limited resources. A national theater release, I am certain, is in the future for these artists I look forward to more releases form this film company !