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  • (Talking about base game, no DLC's)

    I see that this game is hated. But to me it is a pretty good game. I always found it fun. People complain about lag when to me I never experienced lag and I played on Xbox 360. The online was fun, obviously you will have the campers and what not but that's just the equation to make a COD game. The maps I see are complained about a lot and I get that. They are pretty big and you will go life after life without getting kills. But of course after a while of playing you can get used to the maps. Adding onto the multiplayer the lean feature. You haven't seen that in a COD game before. Or if it was in it, it was removed or just forgotten about in later games. Now onto the campaign. Honestly, it's just boring. It's your go to be patriotic campaign. Nothing special. The story was interesting but could've been handled better. Extinction... well it's is interesting. But like the campaign could've been handled better. It's cool you can have upgrades on your pistol and have different perks and all. But besides that it's your run of the mill "zombie" game. But everyone bought it for the multiplayer and that's mostly what the
  • sprungrhyme29 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I know this game is hated on a lot, like a lot. And there are ups and downs to this game. Now I'm just going to be straightforward, extinction, that was a bad idea I'm not even going to argue with that.

    The Campaign Now this is, in my opinion one of the best campaigns I have ever played. You get to connect with the characters while also working together as a family. Not just that but you do everything in this game. Wether it's fighting off sharks so your not eaten alive by them. Or sneaking on skyscrapers and quietly killing people, or playing as a freakin dog. You do everything. Yes the ending was a little bit dark and leaving people on edge. But now that everybody treats this game like crap I don't think we are going to see a new cod ghosts. I loved the whole whole idea of being outnumbered but your as stealthy as ghosts that you take them all out one by one. You also learn about betrayal, a lot of betrayal. You see your family die right in front of you. You witness what brainwashing someone does to them. Overall I though the campaign was pretty set and stone. Thank you cod ghosts for an amazing campaign.
  • I would just like to say before I begin that i am not one of those people who go around reviewing everything one star and writing comments like OMG DIS GAME SOOO BAD YO. I am a long time Call of Duty Player and have been playing since Cod 4.

    I guess I'll start with the singleplayer. For those who don't know, this game is set 10 years after a war where the South Americans took control of America and parts of the World. You play as a a small group of Freedom Fighters (see: terrorists) called the ghosts. You also have a dog though you wouldn't know it because he only appears in 1 mission. The plot is lacking. A lot. Now I'm the sort have person who can forgive this as long as the gameplay is fun but this just isn't. Here is the basic layout of each mission: Walk to point a. Killed wave and bad guys. Walk to point b. Kill wave of bad guys. Walk to point c. Kill wave of bad guys. View something that is supposed to further the story and make you hate the antagonist. End of mission. I think I've covered the story. Moving on...

    Multiplayer. The Basics: If you are new to the series, the multiplayer is 8v8 matches on maps set across the globe. There are multiple gamemodes like team deathmatch (first team to 75 kills win), Domination (capturing and holding flags earns points, first to 200 wins), Free-For-All (Every man for himself. first to 30) and a few others. Getting kills earns EXP. Getting enough EXP. levels you up. You can then unlock guns. not much has changed since before apart from the addition of squad points. They're basically CoD points from BO but they now apply to everything. Not just attachments. Everything. I personally don't like this as it makes unlocking guns too easy and you could have very powerful guns early on. Maps: The maps are bad. My main problem with them is that they are very big. Like i said, 8v8 do you spend lots of times running around. the problem with this is that it promotes camping because people think "Why should i spend lots of time trying to find someone when they can come to me." This means that you will spend lots of time running around then step into a building only to get shot by the guy who'd been sitting there for the last 5 minutes. You know its bad when the first kill happens 3 minutes in. The only good maps are strikezone and Warhawk because they are more like the medium sized maps in previous CoDs. So basically the maps are too big and everyone camps. Spawning: The thing with this game is, when you're not getting killed by a camper, you are getting killed by a dude who just spawned right behind you or you are spawning in front of a guy. the worst is definitely that the game doesn't recognise the Guard Dog (a dog which protects you until it is killed) kill streak as a player so i once spawn in the spot only to get killed by a dog 6 times in a row. Once i even spawned inside the dog which was funny until it ripped me apart. To test the spawning on the game, whenever i get a sat-com (like a UAV but it is a placeable object on the ground) i will always place it where i spawn. Normally i will work a very short distance (around 1/6th of the maps length) only to be informed that the enemy have destroyed my SAT-COM. That has to be some of the worst spawning i have ever seen in any game. The Technical Stuff Things like the hit detection, weapon balancing, connection. All perfect. It's sort of weird that the one time they manage to get this right, the muck everything else up.

    Extinction Extinction is a mode where a group of up to four players must use a drill to go around an area destroying alien "hive's" It's a bit like zombies, except: The aliens do not appear in waves, only when the drill is placed. They do get progressively harder, however. It ends after destroying the 14th hive and placing a nuke to blow up the final hive. You create a class by picking soldier class (Weapon specialist, tank, medic and engineer) It's not as the fun.

    The reason I don't find it fun is because it will always be the same. With zombies you can experiment, you can play differently every time, you can really change things around. with this you can change what class you use which slightly affects gameplay.

    The Verdict. I wouldn't buy this game. The singleplayer is boring and the story is bland. 1 star. The multiplayer has bad maps and the spawning is very broken. Players don't help this by deciding that they must all camp. The great hit detection and balanced weapons make up for this though so the game gets an extra half star. Extinction is a decent gamemode to play if you've got nothing else to do and, despite its faults, it can be quite good at times so that gets the game another half a star leaving the game at 2 STARS The Final Verdict: You can borrow it from a friend, you can rent the game but whatever you do don't buy it!
  • DON'T READ IF YOU ARE A CALL OF DUTY SOLDIER. I only bought this game so I could suffer through it's BS, that and I've been playing this franchise since 2004, it's kind of hard to just stop playing it. I get amused when people claim to be old school COD players when they started Black ops. Now, I have nothing good to say about this game, mainly because the god-amn thing doesn't work when ever I try to play it. Most of the issues from BLOPS 2 return, plus they had some other game breaking ones as well.

    The story and survival: The story mode is almost as ridiculous as Homefront, it's your standard American fist bumping, teaching the kiddies to be patriotic and violent. The survival with aliens is flat out lack luster, zombies got old after two games, this got old after two minutes. Story gets 0 out of 5 stars. Survival gets I out of 5 stars. Off to a great start so far IW.

    Multiplayer, the only reason anyone bought the game, which was a pretty weak reason to begin with. Here are the flaws I have discovered in the mear hour and a half I have played, or should I say, I could only play because it hasn't worked in two days. That IW, it's good to know the millions of people on PS3 don't deserve your exclusive platinum quality that you give to Microsoft. Flaws: 1. Maps are too damn big, and have no rhyme or reason. 2. This mans army is full of children. 3. The lag is the same old same old. 4. The graphics look like they are from 2008. 5. The single player is moronic and boring. 6. Not a single one of the faults I addressed below were even considered, except for the limp ass specialist. 7. Spawns are too close on the big maps, you always get shot in the back or spawn where you just died. 8. Same gun sound effects used in every other IW game. 9. Strip club map for the little 12 year olds to giggle at. 10. Dogs can kill you from ten feet away 11. Maps are thee worst in series history. 12. Every body hates it already. Besides the maps and camping, the biggest problem is IW has tailored this game for campers, it literally forces you to "adapt" to their new formula. Rushers get punisher, while MLG pro campers get rewarded.

    Here's a paragraph from my "CoD ghosts sucks" list, it describes how the game plays for me. It's been two days of trying to get this game to work again, it worked on Friday, but hasn't worked since. Activision is a joke, same sh-t happens every year. But unlike the last fews years were I could actually join a match and play, this year it just freezes in the lobby right when the match timer runs out. When I enter kill confirmed, it freezes instantly. When I enter team death match, the lobby works just fine and I can hear people talking. The timer runs out, and it freezes. I've searched for hours on the internet for people with the same problems, there's a lot of them. Hell, my computer may have a virus now, all because this stupid ass game refuses to work. I'm stuck with this until February, no BF4, no Killzone Shadow Fall, just a 120 dollar game that doesn't work. How am I supposed to return a hardened edition, EB games won't take it back and give me a new one. Speaking of EB games, how many god damn times to I have to buy a game from them, that is either cracked or defective.

    I have confirmed that all core COD fans have left already, and that all pre-MW3 fans don't give a sh-t any more. So that leaves factual evidence that 12 years olds are the only ones left, and the unfortunate adults that.... hide in corners and head glitch for a KD ratio IN A VIDEO GAME, WHAT DOES THAT GET YOU IN THE REAL.

    If you want my full thoughts and rants about the game, go check out my list. As I am writing this, I am thinking of trying to go get the game to work, even though my efforts are futile. The game is a complete disaster, but the COD nerds will still defend it with their lives. Well, I'm off to go see if this game will work.

    Nov. 13th/14th update: So I got the game to work on the 12th, and have put eight and a half hours in so far. The multi-player is broken beyond repair, you spawn and die within half a second at least a dozen times every hour, if it ain't that, you are probably just getting shot in the back. I play kill confirmed exclusively, since you can't very well count of getting kills, you minus well go for tags. And I consistently beast because nobody plays the objective. The guns suck, aside from the pump shoty and HB. There is barely anyone playing, I'm level 32 and am already rank 10'000 in the KC play-list. On the positive, it is more enjoyable than BLOPS 2, I love the Honey badger, Tar 21, and also spread my time through whatever garbage they through in. I haven't touched anything outside of AR and SMG categories, squad points are scarce, to bad you couldn't just unlock them as you progress. Stone Haven and Soveriegn are a snipers paradise, they just run around and quick scope you in a millisecond, or snipe you across map with an ACOD scope, same sh-t different year. I've only met one player who I had to battle with for 1st place on the scoreboard. He got the better k/d, but I always got more tags, so I claim victory.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    To start out with, video games with recycled features aren't bad, if each iteration is fun to play. The campaign is a completely new story, and while the story isn't quite as good as the previous iterations but is still very enjoyable and entertaining experience. The main villain Rorke is entertaining enough. This campaign is outlandish but fun. On to the multi- player. They made some improvements to the recognizable Call of Duty multi-player formula. For starters, they added the smallest bit of destructible environment. It is kind of weak and there is so little of it that it is hard to notice, but it is a good start for future entries to pick up on. They've added many different guns, for all of you MW3 haters out there. Also added are new maps, lockable doors, a reward that wipes out the entire map, floods, and earthquakes. The new entry in Call of Duty is as fun as ever and I recommend it to fans of the franchise.
  • Here we go again with our Call of Duty makers revamping the single player, multiplayer, and our brand new mode Extinction! First all COD:Ghost should be priced as a $40 and not a full on $60 game. Ghosts isn't a game you should be getting now, wait until its price is lower.

    The Multiplayer- Maps are huge barely finding anyone on the map, spawn- camping is way horrible in this COD, confusing customization, less weapons, useless character customization, new modes, and this happens to be the worst COD:MP I've ever played. Trust me you wanna blow your brains out.

    The Singleplayer- A decent story that has some cool scenes but the ending left me with a bad taste.

    Extinction- Now this mode is completely fun with challenges within a onslaught of aliens slashing out. What ruins it is that you only get one big map out of the whole game. Makes it a waste since you have you purchase another $50 on the season pass to get more maps.

    They sure did screw up a lot things in COD:Ghost.
  • Infinity Ward really blew it with this game. I have never, in my entire life, hated a game as much as I hate Call of Duty Ghosts. Easily the worst COD I've ever played, and arguably one of the worst games I've ever played. Let's start with some of the positives: Pros: You have the ability to physically eject the disc from your console.

    Cons: Where do I start? Campaign has been done already. It seems similar to... I don't know... Every other COD created. The only difference is there are a few moments where the cut scenes start you off doing something really cool. And I do have to admit that the intro to the campaign was pretty gripping. It ended with an action-filled, yet frustrating, level that may make you wanna punch something if you're on Veteran and looking for a challenge. The rest of the missions? Basically the same old scenario where you're with friends to detonate some bomb or retrieve some intel; and of course, while you do that, it happens to be in a huge room with 10 flanking points. So you already know where this is going. Get ready to 'hold down this position' for 10 minutes while you get destroyed by enemy fire.

    Next, let's talk about Squads. It's pointless, so there's that.

    Next, let's talk about Multiplayer. This is where the peak of my anger hit. WORST MP EVER PLAYED. The maps are larger than Richard Sherman's ego. What happened to the fun and exciting maps? What happened to the open areas? There is one map that has a lot of space for you to even see anyone before you get shot, and that is the castle map called Stonehaven. Yet, they managed to make this map the worst map in the game! IT'S TOO BIG! Yet, every time you spawn you have someone camping across the map to snipe you in the face. Which I cannot even blame the people for doing because you pretty much HAVE to use a sniper or you'll go negative 25. I know why they made these maps so big: to get the Battlefield community even remotely interested. Let me tell you what, leave Battlefield separate from COD. COD is for people who like fast paced, NON-CAMPING, easy to figure out gameplay that is actually fun. Not this crap. Battlefield people like this tactical stuff and the big maps make sense for them. The spawns are god awful. The first day I played Multiplayer I got spawn killed 16 times in a row. 16!!! And on the 13th time I spawned with 3 other enemies IN THE SAME PLACE.

    Now, I'm not going to say I'm the greatest COD player alive but I am very good. I have over a 2.2 KD in every COD except World at War (since I couldn't enjoy that one either) and I am rocking a 1.01 right now in Ghosts because of the spawns. No one has a good KD in Ghosts... and if they do, they're cheating or camping spawns. It's just the way it goes. Sooner or later everyone is going to realize this, so then EVERYONE is going to get so upset that THEY will start cheating and camping spawns; it is a snowball effect that will be unavoidable. This will be the first Call of Duty I ever sell. And actually, I feel so bad about selling it to some other poor soul to go through the same BS that I went through, which is why I'm just gonna give it to them for free. To use for skeet shooting. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT give this game a chance. Unless you enjoy getting wrecked every game, in which case, have at it.
  • Original, distinctive and decently written campaign and characters. COD Ghosts does its best to change up the repetitive run and gun formula and I think they legitimately tried accomplishing that this time around. The campaign has a great variety of different missions whether it's driving a tank, fighting in space, avoiding shark attacks, playing as a dog or piloting choppers. It's very fun and although COD has a poor reputation among hardcore gamers, it's a thrill for both casual and hardcore gamers, whether the hardcore gamer wants to admit this or not. There is something here for everyone which is why Call of Duty is such a successful franchise.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Overall, I give this game eight out of 10. I'll break it up into the three categories: campaign, multiplayer, and extinction.

    CAMPAIGN: The story and concept behind the campaign I felt was very well made. Most of the technology and military light is either real today or currently being developed, such as the ODIN space station. However, I feel that this game, and call of duty in general, is starting to slide more towards the movie style of writing. This in turn affects gameplay, story, and the concepts behind them. The game is very scripted, and there is not a lot of the "free roam" that others CODs have had. The game has too many plot twists and is very confusing, as the main antagonist seems to survive everything that is thrown his way.

    MP: The multiplayer in this game compared to previous installments is good, but not great. Most of the guns are overpowered, and they are all available for purchase right from the start, which can be frustrating to those being killed. The maps have a lot of corners and tight chokepoints, which can be hard to maneuver around, even with the new lean system. I like that most of the kill streaks are ground-based, but some of these are a little bit overpowered.

    EX: Extinction feels like a very sloppy remake of both survival mode from MW3 and zombies from the black ops series. It also pulls mechanics from left for dead, as well as dead rising. After a wild, the game feels very redundant, and starts to lose its touch. Extinction limits you to only have 6000 points, or dollars, at a time. This makes for some very annoying purchases of weapons and attachments.

    I think that COD: Ghosts at its core is a good game, but could use a lot of improvement. Replay value high, but not as high as BO2 or MW2.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Worst Call of Duty game to date.

    The campaign is an exact copy of Modern Warfare 2, even ends in the same manner. Ending was way to predictable and I found the characters, with the exception of Keegan, very annoying. The only enjoyable mission was the one where you were on the Space Station, the rest were boring. Campagin couldn't live up to the excellent one in Modern Warfare 2 & 3. Campagin: 4/10

    Extinction mode also fails to live up to expectations. It was just a re-hash of Black Ops Zombies (which was fantastic). Map was awful, and some of the aliens were almost impossible to kill. Extinction: 2/10

    Multiplayer is by far the WORST feature of the entire game. Firstly, split screen is limited to 2 players instead of 4. Infinity Ward has adopted the Black Ops system of everything is unlocked immediately, unlike previous games, defeating the purpose. The maps are terrible. The spawn points are to close to each other: if you die, you will spawn and immediately die again. There are too many perks, not enough guns or camouflages and the grenades are just terrible. The AIs are ridiculously strong, even on Recruit difficulty. One shot and you are dead, but multiple bullet hits will not kill them. Absolutely stupid. Multiplayer: 1/10

    Overall, this game is thoroughly disappointing. There are no redeeming features in this game. I was a big fan of Call of Duty: I've played all CoDs and loved them. This has just ruined the series for me. I will not be buying any in the future. Don't waste your money!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had average expectations for this game after what happened with BO2. Played it and guess what happened? It's the WORST COD ever made.


    Mediocre storyline, extinction kinda flopped, and did I mention the stupidity of the MP? I LOLed at their "destruction" at E3. Get BF3, BF4, GTA, or any other game. Or even go back to BO2. They're all 10x better than this piece of sh*t game.

    Overall terrible copy and paste game, stupid MP, and pathetic destruction. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME!!

    Butthurt yet, COD fan boys?
  • This has got to be the worst game in the series. The multiplayer is horrible and the spawn system is completely broken. I shouldn't have enemies constantly spawning behind me or spawning me in the middle of the enemy team.

    The squads was a good idea, but the AI is EXTREMELY difficult and can you with one shot. While it takes most of a clip to kill one AI. If you are faced with more than one AI character, at one time, you're done.

    The multiplayer game play is way too complicated and the maps are way too big. Again, one-shot-one-kills for the enemy, while I (and everyone on my team) has to put MULTIPLE shots into the enemy before the enemy is killed. Even on hardcore the weapons are not balanced at all and we are required to put multiple shots into the enemy before they are killed.

    Waste of my hard earned money!
  • I have played ghost enough to give it the review it deserves. I must say, society is so delusional that we think that whenever a new call of duty game is released that we are taking a step forward, but it is the opposite. The campaign is unprecedentedly short, seriously, it took me 5 and a half hours to beat on hard with 18 missions. But no one really cares about the campaign? A lot do actually. I can recall when I played world at war and the first modern warfare, the pinnacle of the COD series. I would replay missions to the point where my game time was mostly just campaign. The campaign is actually one third of each COD game so it does matter. To add, there was no meaning or purpose in the story, at least mw3 did follow up with some background. Squads is nothing special, simply an extension of survival from mw3 mixed with online strangers as enemies or friends. I'd suggest this game mode with friends you know for a better time. The multi obviously has problems since the game is quite new but hopefully infinity ward isn't still a greedy franchise hoarding money from game addicts and finally gives a damn about the community to fix them. To name a few: enemy players spawning up my ass, the obvious lag, game freezing up (my ps4 is just fine and the disk is un scratched), yay host migration and there are people already trying to hack the damn game. There is nothing special about COD ghost, they should title it mw3 2.0 because it is so similar, it's like Infinity ward spent 10 months scratching their ass and the next 2 months rushing like a procrastinating high school student. Luckily I hadn't bought the game but merely rented it for free from my local library. Get your act together IW, your loyal fans are waiting for when you actually produce something decent.
  • This game is so buggy, and glitchly it's all over the place like every time when I play online, when I hit a kill I end up missing even though I hit the target but I end up dying. It could be fun here and there but it could lag and mess up your time to have fun. I like how they made it more darker than other CoD games but doesn't save the game. BO2 was fun, probably the best but this game is a massive disapointment. I rather play Spider-Man 3: The Game next gen then this glitch fest disaster. Not worth your time and money.
  • Two years after it came out, I decided to pick up Ghosts. Having played COD since Modern Warfare, I stopped around Black Ops – partly due to other demands on my time, but mostly because the games had moved so far from the sheer fun I had on COD4, that I really no longer enjoyed it. With MW3, I enjoyed the spectacle of the single player, and the fun of survival, but barely put 24 hours into the multiple player before getting bored – a big contrast compared to the days when COD4 was the only game I owned, and clocked a shameful 40+ days into it (over several years it must be said…but it is still shameful).

    With Ghosts I was one of the rare breed buying it for the campaign. I was never one to jump into multiplayer on day one, I always enjoyed the Michael Bay style action and OTT spectacle of the campaigns. Ghosts tries to open on this, but just comes over silly and immediately making the player feel like they are on rails (which we are for the whole game – but the game doesn't need to always be reminding us of this). As a narrative the tight focus on a family in the midst of such a conflict might have worked, but really it doesn't. Instead we get a tired and surprisingly bored story rolled out over missions which rarely excite or thrill. With the other games there are several levels that I can always return to for how much fun they are to play, but with Ghosts I do not think there is one that I felt this way. Indeed at one point I Googled to see how many missions the game had, just so I knew if I could face pushing on through them – seeing I only had 2 left, I preserved.

    This is not down to a fan-boy complaint (my days of buying this game on even year 1, far less day 1, are long gone) but just a simple observation: in terms of gameplay and narrative, it really feels nobody had the energy for this. Technically it looks good, but the music doesn't add as much, and the gameplay choices (and lack of choices) are poor – even for those who love the campaigns in the other games, this just comes over like going through the motions. On the other game modes, the aliens one didn't inspire me. More annoying though is survival; it was so great in MW3 but here I just couldn't get into it despite my efforts. Squads seems like a massive waste of time (if you want to play against 5 bots and a human, why not just play against 6 bots offline?).

    Multiplayer I had limited exposure to, but I found it perfectly okay for a quick game here and there – but noticeably never felt the passion or addiction I once did. The maps are more and more complex and the vast majority are too big for the type of intense conflict I used to love in COD4. This in turn means that the fun and sheer sense of contest is very much gone from the game. In COD4 the killstreaks were simple and not such an obsession – okay we are far from the "nuke chasing" days of MW2, and I appreciate that the killstreaks and scoring methods is trying to force people to play the games, not play for personal kills – but it is too little too late, they shaped the community too well years before. I still pick it up occasionally because I liked the "offline" version of online with bots and the silliness of "levelling up" removed, but even still it is not really a game with heart.

    When I bought this game, I did worry a little that maybe it would trigger COD addiction, and Xbox Gold, and days lost to prestiging again; no such risk with Ghost. It is a game that really lacks enthusiasm in itself, and therefore has none to share with the player. Characters are weak, narrative is hollow, and gameplay never gets the heart pumping. Multiplayer continues the overblown, kill- obsessed path, and, despite some chances to address this, ultimately it never feels like anyone is trying to win the game so much as just pad their k/d ratio, get their killstreaks, and not really care so much as grind – accordingly, the game does takes the same approach.
  • itsanas23 November 2019
    Amazing Game Great story Unique missions and so realistic Idk why it gets so much hate. It was so awesome with such a variety of missions
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now i am a HUGE fan of CoD games. I have played pretty much every CoD game available for the PS3 and soon enough for the ps4.

    I bought this pretty much as soon as it came out. I was very excited to play it and i have to admit that it didn't disappoint me. I know quite a few people who have played CoD games and called them 'repetitive' but i really didn't think it was. There were many different scenarios that you didn't have in the previous games. For example in one of the first missions you are in space.

    None of the CoD games or any games in fact that i've played have ever been in space shooting enemies.

    The content in it isn't really that bad... Yeah there's blood splattered when the guys are shot and the scenes where Riley *an army dog* jumps on an enemy and kills them which could be seen as 'scary'. But in my opinion it isn't as bad as a lot of games i've seen and played. Another problem is there isn't a content blocker though as i said there isn't much swearing nor that much blood.

    I would recommend to a lot of people if they like FPS *first person shooters*. If you like games which there will be a good storyline, a lot of shooting, a lot of enemies and no QTE's then this game is perfect for you. The storyline if pretty easy to follow and i didn't struggle in finding my way. It's pretty much... Follow the enemies and you'll get to your checkpoint...

    There are some annoying things in it though. One of the first thing which is no fault of the game is the damn lag... If you have a laggy console like me you'll end up raging like mad *trust me... i ain't lying* Another problem is it's a pretty quick game *im a gamer and have been for around 1 year and a bit now* i could complete the game in my first go in around 2-3 days. I find this with pretty much all the CoD games.

    The good things are the graphics are really good, the voice acting is perfectly chosen and the game is really really really good. Even if you have no friends *like me* and have to play single player on the storyline. It's very fun to play

    I give it a 9/10 as it's a good game but isn't perfect... Would recommend to anyone. Def worth the money and the time to buy it and complete it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only thing stopping me from giving this game a 1 out of 10 is that the space level was fun. Nothing else about this game was even remotely fun. Many people give Call of Duty a stereotype that they're all the same and it's just shooting people to kill time to make the levels long enough. That only holds true for this game. I love Call of Duty. The Modern Warfare games are some of my favorite games and I enjoyed Black Ops, but honestly, after Modern Warfare 3, I didn't expect much from the next games, but I always gave each new installment a chance. I did the same with this game, but instantly regretted it. This game was absolutely awful. The story was horrendous, forced, and poorly executed and the multi player was the worst I've ever seen in any game.


    The good thing about Infinity Ward games was that each one added something new, no matter how small. MW1 had went from WWII to modern day and we got to see what our military is going through in Afghanistan. It had new weapons like Javelins and Stingers, it had all out fighting missions and enough stealth missions to balance them, they had ghillie suits, a nuclear bomb, and nuclear missiles, which had never been done before.

    MW2 took it one step further. It had all out fighting missions and some stealth missions, it had Javelins and Stingers but in different circumstances, it also added the Predator Drone and had the player fighting in the United States. You were fighting in neighborhoods in Virginia and in Washington DC. The sight of the Washington Monument, the White House, and Capitol Building under siege hit home for the players and made us identify with the Rangers. It also threw in that twist ending that set up MW3, had new weapons and sights, amped up the multi player, and added specials ops. MW2 built upon the foundation that MW1 set and raised the bar not just for Call of Duty, but for all first person shooter games.

    MW3 didn't add very much, but it had you fighting all over Europe as well as America. You were in New York, India, Africa, Europe, Siberia, and Saudi Arabia. That's one of the elements that is needed to make games great: location. You're all over the map in the Modern Warfare trilogy and even in the Black Ops games. In Ghosts, you spend most of the time in California in the exact same place doing the exact same thing. Every level is either the same as the one before it or the same as a level from a different Call of Duty game, just worse. The introduction is ridiculous and unrealistic, the flash back is unnecessary and only there to make the game long enough, the cliffhanger ending is irritating and has been done before in so many other games that when you see it here, it's just annoying. And its an attempt by the game makers to have their audience keep buying their games, which they won't after this.

    Multi player

    Multi player was terrible. This is the first time that only two people can go on multi player. Not just for online play, but for local play. Only 2 people can play each other at once, for team death match, bots, and extinction. Some of the best parts of Call of Duty are the multi player where people can have fun by killing each other. What use is it when a group of friends get together and only two people can play at the same time? That's not fun.

    I don't know why Infinity Ward took the Bots idea from Treyarch, but they did and they completely butchered it for Ghosts. The bots are ridiculously hard, even on Recruit difficulty. Recruit on this game is like veteran on Black Ops.

    Extinction seemed like Infinity Ward was trying to combine survival with Gears of War aliens. You just go around and destroy alien hives with weapons that do nothing against nearly indestructible aliens. Why they sprung for this and Bots instead of spec ops and survival is beyond me.

    It's like they didn't even try with this game, but recycled levels and ideas from past games and made them worse. Do not waste your money or time on this game. It is not worth it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK so when i knew Call of Duty Ghosts was coming out me and my partner were looking forward to getting it and waited a while for it, we then saw it and purchased it. It was the worst £40 i have ever spent. Neither of us like it, the worst thing about it was there was constant lag so there was no way you could kill anyone.

    I don't know if it is because i am used to CoD Black Ops 2 because they are very different to each other and i looked online as i thought "is it just us who hates this game" and no, in fact i saw more negative than positive posts about it. I don't see why they have to change things so much.

    Now don't get me wrong... i completed the campaign and it was alright, not great but alright, ending sucked. Then i gave Extinction a try and i like that, that is the only thing i like about the game, it is better than Black Ops Zombies but there is only one level and if you want to purchase another Extinction level, you have to buy the full map pack at around £12.00. Why not sell Extinction maps separate because that is the only good thing to come out of this game.

    Some people will prefer Ghosts over Black Ops etc and everyone is different so that is fine, it is just not for me. Even though according to what i have seen online... Ghosts is more hated than Black Ops so bring another Black Ops out if you insist on making more CoD games.

    I personally think this game should get a 2 out of 10 and that 2 points is only for Extinction.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before I completely trash Call Of Duty Ghosts,let me state that I have never hated on the Call Of Duty series as of to date. That all changed with Infinity Wards first COD game since the Modern Warfare Series ended back in 2011. Now again like I said I have never despised Call Of Duty or purposely not played it. I have given it chance after chance but in reality the truth is the COD games have been rapidly getting worse and worse since Modern Warfare 3.

    It really does baffle me how the developers over at Infinity Ward were satisfied with Ghosts come the release date. The last game that proved COD still had it was Black Ops I and that was only because they based the campaign on the Cold War Years. Judging on Black Ops II and Modern Warfare III,s Plots it seems that both the Writers of the story and the developers don,t really know what there doing. Apart from the exception of Modern Warfare I and II there original story's are weak and it gets even worse with Ghosts.

    The Campaign takes place 10 years after a devastating mass event, the nation's borders and the balance of global power have been redrawn forever. A superpower no more, its economy destroyed and its Government in ruins. a mysterious group known only as "Ghosts" leads the fight back against a newly emerged, technologically-superior global power.

    Now let me tell you whats wrong with the Campaign. To put it simply its uninteresting. Its a Plot that has already been done many times before. There's no real originality to the Plot or the Missions. The Characters don't help either. There back story's and personalities are so "Wooden" that it makes it impossible for you to care for them. As ever the gameplay also has not changed with more quick-time events than ever before which is more of a nuisance than satisfying. The campaign isn't even worth playing if I'm honest. The best fun lies with the Multiplayer and not even that is enough for this game to be considered good.

    The Online experience is what you would expect. its much more fun and entertaining than the boring Black Ops II's online gameplay. The guns have vastly improved in the Assault and Sub Machine Gun categories as well as the kill streaks but sadly the errors overcome these Positives. Once again the Maps are poorly Designed. The Graphics are awful and many times I found my self frustrated over the lag Issues and the multiple Hackers that disrupt the overall experience.

    Ghosts has its fun moments from time to time but overall its a poorly produced game that judging by the sales so far has mostly destroyed the future of the series. To be frank your best off avoiding this. the Price is much too expensive for a few enjoyable moments and there is much better options out there. Call Of Duty may be no more.....
  • kingdomheartsXkeyblade3 February 2014
    Such an improvement from the crappy black ops duo treyarch put out. Campaign-7 why: not as good as the mw series but it is quite enjoyable. Multiplayer-10 why: the multiplayer is absolutely brilliant from the maps to the gameplay to the weapons. Such a great multiplayer. Extinction-7 why: not quite as good as survival or zombies but still a solid bonus game mode. Enjoyable to an extent but really frustrating at times. Overall: 8/10 Really good other notes: Call of duty ghosts is a game that must be played through to enjoy its not like the mw series where you can just pick it up and start loving it immediately. You have to play through it to find it enjoyable.
  • busstwilliam21 April 2020
    People hated this game because youtubers hated it so they jumped on the bandwagon
  • I don't know why this videogame with best graphics it's bad, and I think Treyarch made a mistake for making a lot of money for unpreferable and boring videogames. All gunshot sounds were so silly, uncontrollable guns while firing and slow reloading. The ending leaked too much, hoping Logan Walker could kill Rorke, but the ending was awful, where Rorme survices the gunshot and drowning, then in the end he appears in the shores and breakes Logan hand and beat him like a dog and tortures him. The ending missions from 13-18 were dumb. Also why this movie it's called "Ghosts" where in real life ghost armies don't exist.

    But the only things i liked in this movie were : 1. Best graphics 2. Ending credit's song : Eminem- Survival 3. Some cutscenes only.

    So please don't waste your time and your money for boring videogames.

  • This game definitely has good things about it. The movement is much more fluid and smooth than all other CODs before it, and the updated graphics are nice, to name a few things. However, this game was far too overhyped to an outright unrealistic extent, and is still not as good as MW2, CoD4, BO2, any of the truly great CoD games before it, as this game still holds the many problems that have plagued CoD for a long time. (Bad Spawns, Intentional Lag, Too Low Time to Kill etc.)

    Let's talk about the dishonest 'New Engine' that was touted in many trailers. For a long time, previous CoDs used the extremely crummy and way outdated Quake engine to power their games. In my opinion, this engine should have been taken out back and shot after MW2 back in 2009. But still, it remained until even Black Ops 4. Anywho, Infinity Ward stated many times that Ghosts had a 'new engine' with 'revolutionary' graphics and textures, which ended up being complete bullcrap. Sure, the engine was updated (hence the nice visuals) but was by no means a new engine. This was intentional deception from the devs and publisher's point, and I doubt anyone was impressed by this.

    Now let's cover the overhyped campaign. Many a trailer quoted 'From the academy award-winning writer of 'Traffic' Now, I haven't seen any of Mark Gaghan's films (writer in question here) and I'm sure he's not talentless, but I think he really dropped the ball for the campaign in this game. The story feels very tension-less and underdeveloped, and the villain in question (Rorke, ugh!) is very bland and forgettable. The story is bleh, the villain and characters are mostly bleh, and the game opts for an extremely non-earned sequel bait. The campaigns of Black Ops and Black Ops II from Treyarch were nothing award-winning or revolutionary by any means, but at least the plots and characters, alongside presentation of these campaigns were pretty good. Infinity Ward completely dropped the ball in my view in comparison.

    Now, the core moment-to-moment gameplay of the game is actually pretty fun and satisfying. However, most of the maps are way too big and result in less energetic and therefore fun gameplay. Now, I'm not advocating for the slot-machine-compressed-skill-gap three-lane game design that modern CoD sadly plentifully opts for these days, but instead for maps that have reasonable cover yet are small enough to be casual and keep the energy going. Plenty of CoDs of the past have accomplished this. While most of the maps of this game do have cover, they lose the energy by being way too big.

    The Extinction mode I feel was a little underrated and was actually an enjoyable game mode and challenge despite some issues. Infinite Warfare should have improved on this mode instead of the lazy route of dropping it for Zombies. (which needed refinement of it's own from WaW to BO1 for it's success)

    Is this game worth going out of your way to play? No. Does it have some good things about it and some enjoyment to be had? Yes.

    A decent game, but could be better and (as title of this review already says) way overhyped.
  • merem12 December 2019
    This was a fun entertaining game. I like the missions, the game is a good looking game with the graphics. The idea of the story is interesting. The game has one of the best call of duty final action sequences ever.
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