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  • This is a 90 minute movie with just one scene. That scene is with Veronica Avluv getting "gangbanged" by 5 guys. I really love gangbangs. Gangbangs with double penetration is the absolute best. There's nothing like seeing a hot girl getting stuffed full of big cocks and totally loving every minute of it.

    This is a really good movie, but it could still have been a little better. When a scene is 90 minutes long it needs to be really good to get a 10 from me. Veronica does good in this movie. But the reason why I don't give it a 10 is because I've seen Veronica do better, so I had even higher expectations from this one.

    It's hard to think that Veronica is actually 40 years old here. I'm not saying she looks like she's in her 20s, but she looks really great for her age. The movie starts off with a interview with Veronica. Veronica seems like a really nice person and you can tell that she really likes men. You can tell that she has a passion for DP and gangbangs too, which is nice to see. After the interview Veronica teases us with her hot outfit and some striptease.

    After that we see Veronica masturbate a little and pretty soon it's gangbang time. When the first guy enters there's almost 70 minutes left of the movie, so it's a really long gangbang compared to many other scenes. Usually the long gangbangs clock in at around 50 minutes, so this is about 20 minutes longer and it shows. While Veronica has the energy for it, the 5 guys really don't take her to her limits like I hoped that they would have. Maybe more guys would've helped? I've seen this girl get triple penetrated in other gangbangs and "fucked" until she looks totally out of it. I never saw that in this movie and that's why I'm giving it just a 9 out of 10.

    The gangbang starts with Veronica blowing just one guy, but soon more guys enter and Veronica is on her knees in the middle of a blow bang. Veronica really works the cocks, using her mouth and both her hands. After the blow bang we get some action with one guy "fucking" Veronica while she's sucking another guy off. This goes on in pretty much every position, from doggy to missionary and to cowgirl. After that the guys turn their focus on Veronica's ass. So then we get some action with one guy "fucking" her in the ass while she sucks another guy off.

    With a little under 40 minutes left of the movie we get to see the first DP. Veronica gets in the cowgirl position while the other guy comes from behind and sticks it up her ass. A third guy positions himself so that Veronica can suck his dick. The guys take turns and they work her good during the DP. After a while Veronica gets in the reverse cowgirl position and then we see her take two cocks in her "asshole". That doesn't go on for long and soon we're back to regular DP. But all in all this DP part doesn't even last 10 minutes before the tempo is down again and we get just regular "fucking". This goes on for about 15 minutes where Veronica "fucks" the guys in different positions while once in a while sucking a cock too. This is really the weakest part of the movie for me. At least we get a couple of more minutes with some DP before the end with the guys making Veronica "air tight" again.

    At the end Veronica gets on her knees and the guys gather around her for a blow bang. It looks like Veronica will finish the guys off and have all 5 guys cover her in cum. But unfortunately Veronica has the guys "fuck" her one by one to finish them off. So each guy gets to stick it to Veronica before he delivers a load into her mouth. This way we don't see the cum pile up and totally cover her face, which I would've preferred. Seeing a girl get totally covered in cum is so rare even in gangbangs. There should really be more focus on that in gangbangs in general.

    But all in all this is still a really good movie and if you're a fan of Veronica Avluv you'll want to check this out. But if you've seen her gangbangs where she gets triple penetrated, don't expect this to be as good as those are. DP fans might also be a little disappointed, because we only get a little over 10 minutes of DP and that's not that much for a scene that's almost 70 minutes long. But the DP we get is really great!