Doug: Dammit!

[Lin opens the robot suit cockpit and Doug throws his helmet at the street]

Lin: Hmm...

[Lin looks at her hologram screen device and walks around, Doug then jumps on the street]

Elma: Pretty wild, Huh? They're all indigenous, as far as we can tell. We need to learn to play nice with these guys if we're going to try and coexist together.

[Elma and Lia both contiune to look at the scenery and monsters roaming the planet]

Elma: Well, here we are.Not too shabby huh? For a giant beached spaceship anyway. But... like it or not, this place is our home now. We took the name from the city it was modeled after back on Earth. We call it New Los Angeles. Welcome to NLA.

[Elma and Lia both look at the big city inside the spaceship]