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  • ezkerretik17 September 2016
    This show totally took me by surprise....I think I've watched every important series,but this grabbed and didn't let go till the titles ran. Where did it come from? Why hadn't I heard about it? Trust me,it's awesome.... Logan Marshall Green seemed to have practically disappeared since Prometheus,but here he shines.Of course the script helps.Sharp twists and turns reveal some very unexpected plot twists, and that's just the first episode. It has a darkness which is reminiscent of True Detective,but the reality of The Wire. Totally believable actors,and some British and Australian actors pulling of some seriously good American accents. I have finally found a show to fill the gap that 'the night of' short I'm one very happy viewer.
  • This show magically keeps you entertained without using any flashy CGI or dialogues.

    Viewer feels connected with a broken man, dragging his soul across the different obstacles of life.

    The show perfectly pictures the dire reality of a war veteran torn between his past on the battlefield and the present world in which he has to commit crimes to survive.

    The scenes are well made, good cinematography, good atmosphere, good musi really makes you feel in touch with that time period.

    Definitely a worth watch!
  • I really enjoy Quarry so far. First two episodes have told a story nicely. Everything that the main character does makes sense (for a broken lost soul).

    I highly recommend this show. It makes sense. I hope that as the deeper story unfolds, it maintains it's intelligent story telling.

    The end of episode two left me worried about the course of the story, but I will just have to wait and see what happens like everyone else.

    So far so good though. I rated this a ten and hope it lives up to the confidence I have in the writing.

    Also hats off to the main characters acting. Top notch!! Logan Marshall-Green and Jodi Balfour are fantastic, but the cast is filled with great talent all giving the performances of their lives. No matter what I know they (and everyone else) will look back on their work in this series as some of their best.

    Direction is seamless and the production moves along at a nice pace as well.

    Again Top Notch best of the best TV... so far.
  • Cinemax have outdone themselves with this one. Downbeat, gritty and violent drama with a stellar cast that explores a 'heroes' return home from Vietnam and his struggle to find a purpose in life. My new favourite show, was hooked after the first episode. Hopefully this one gets the recognition it deserves, Cinemax did well with Banshee and Strike Back but this is a very different show - much more grounded and all the better for it. At the time of writing, ratings not so good for the show. Finally decided after years of lurking to log in and write a review for something that so very much deserves to be seen. Check it out if you like character driven gritty crime drama.
  • Honestly, in an era filled with mediocre T.V. shows, Quarry brought a new, fun concept. The acting was on point, the story was great ( one episode dragged for a bit), and it was set up PERFECT for a second season. I honestly don't know why this show didn't make it. Give it one episode and you will be hooked.
  • I just discovered the show and was mesmerized from the beginning. Only Homeland captured my attention so quickly and I'm still a loyal fan of that show. How Cinemax could give Quarry the axe and let this talented team of actors, writers, directors and all dis-band is impossible to understand unless their intent is to lose viewers. I've tried watching "Banshee" and "Strike Back" but both, especially "Banshee" lack depth and palpable reality like "Quarry" had. Every character interacted so well with each other with a natural flow and chemistry that is rare. And the subject matter, both unique and fascinating. I'm only sorry I watched the 1st season without knowing they'd leave us hanging and not re-new. Very disappointing and more than outrageous that incompetent children seem to be the modern day executives in television programming.
  • What a pleasant surprise this show is. It was recommended to me by a friend who is a fan of the Quarry novels. I have read one of the Quarry books (the first one in the series) and it was nothing like this show. The show focuses on the origin story of Quarry, which was not covered in the book I read. Maybe this material is covered in other Quarry books? Regardless, the show stands on its own. No knowledge of the Quarry character needed to dive right into this series. I opened my review calling the show a "pleasant surprise," but the show itself is anything but pleasant. This is a dark, gritty, and unsettling show about a soldier returning home from Vietnam trying to find his way in society, who ultimately ends up involved with the wrong people. I thought the Quarry novel I read was just OK but this show is gripping from beginning to end. Extremely well done television and one of the better shows I've seen in recent years. I was very disappointed to find out the show was canceled after one season. What were they thinking? This is a show that deserves to keep telling its story.
  • This series is so refreshing! There is nothing like it on TV! The acting,casting,and music score is top notch. 2 episodes in and I can tell that it will more than make-up than one of my late favorites, Banshees last season. With so many question with the new direction of The Knick taking, I can easily see this series being the marquee show for Cinemax. I went into it not knowing anything, so I won't give you the run around..JUST WATCH THIS SURE TO BE GEM!!! it's really that promising so early. The pilot will hook, line, and sink you in! This is now on my must watch every week list! Do yourself a favor and give this series a go. I promise you'll thank me! This is the type of show every network is now kicking themselves for passing on for sure!
  • I really hope this goes to a second series (I don't know how much of the original writer's material is available). Quarry works at every level: an engaging and plausible story about a Vietnam vet returning and finding himself trapped in a murderous enterprise for supporting a friend; an engaging and plausible domestic story about the difficulties faced by a wife whose husband has been away at war for so long and returns with demons; an engaging and plausible period piece, looking at a turbulent America in the early 70s. As well as great acting by all the leads, embracing moral ambiguity, desire to do the right thing while questioning what the right things is, friendship vs treachery, the period is very well invoked with clothes, music, cars, hairstyles and, sadly, a sense of optimism and realising the American dream that has vanished from the world today.
  • Properties distributed through Cinemax are a lot like properties that come to us through the Marvel factory .. an interesting but uneven hodge-podge of good ideas cast with fresh new faces for fresh new audiences.

    Quarry (the derivation of the title is nicely explained in the opener) takes us on a sharp left turn from earlier Cinemax entries, such as Strike Back and of course the incredible Banshee (possibly the best new TV show in a decade).

    So they once again they wisely did not try to compete with what came before, and instead went into an entirely direction.

    Quarry at its essence is about a Vietnam vet who has trouble adjusting. It is that simple.

    Unlike Strike Back, which gave you a new Mission Impossible each week, and Banshee which gave you an Adrenalin rush each week even with the most simple stories, Quarry comes across as a 1940s Filme Noire shot in muted color tones and starring an actor who could have been Burt Reynold's understudy in the same period when Reynolds was King.

    it takes a slightly greater investment of your time to get into the slower-paced, cinema-style exposition. But the investment will pay off. Guaranteed.
  • I can't believe they cancelled this show, it was one of their biggest mistakes they could've made. This show has everything in it the makes a show great. The acting is stellar, the writing is great and the characters are all very likable and the bad guys are easily hated. I can easily see how men from Vietnam had trouble adapting back into society after their tours. I saw one idiot on here saying that this show was too politically correct and all I can say about that is this show is actually just the opposite. Politics and political correctness is maybe 5% of the show.

    This is definitely not a show for the kids, but you and your significant other can have a good binge watch. This is my second time watching the series and I zipped through four episodes like it was nothing yesterday. I'm about to finish the other four now.

    Do yourself a favor and watch this show. If I knew how to contact the program director at Cinemax, I'd ask them to bring this show back somehow ! Anyways, check it out.
  • DoNotTrustImdb10 September 2016
    I was not aware that this series was coming out, so I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across it. I like Logan Marshall-Green as an actor and just based on him being the lead actor I just knew it would be worth my time.

    I like the time period it is set in, the music, the cars, and it comes with an intriguing story line. When I read about it first up I was not to sure what to make of it, hence I won't give nothing away, and hence this being a very short simple review.

    Overall a first good solid episode, and I will gladly watch another to see where this goes, give it a try. A solid 8 out of 10 for me.
  • It's an easy seven, and should the next episodes be as good or better, will surely go higher. The script is not at all complicated, but it's solid. What makes this show what it is, is the work of the actors, they are all good, and the work of the leads is very good. There's lots of shows don't have the impact this one does, but no question it is not mainstream. This is really good stuff, and should only a small audience appreciate just how good it is, well so be it. Being of an age to fully grasp that time period is a huge plus, and this production has a firm grasp on what those days were like. Couple reviews have commented that it is a bit dark, and that's true, but it's not overly so. And considering the theme of the material, it's hardly at all out of place. The ending of the pilot episode was subtle and masterful (although have to say, the gun leaning up against the front of the album cover would have been the better way to go). It will be interesting to see where the lead characters go from here.. and how they ultimately wind up. It would be a great disappointment should the show end before any of that happens. It's always frustrating when really good series don't make it past one or two seasons, while others of so much lesser quality last years longer... way longer than they have any right to.
  • frankcscott10 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    While both historically accurate and psychologically intriguing. Quarry is one of those series that you just cant turn away from to grab another beer. The acting is flawless with Logan Marshall-Green playing a superlative role as "quarry" the disillusioned ex marine come reluctant hit-man. The characters are both believable and in context with both the era and the setting. Damon Herriman as "buddy" the homosexual go between will no doubt become one of the stronger characters in the series. Peter Mullan as "the broker" a shady CIA type of dubious repute is clearly headed for a sticky end at the hands of "quarry". But we shall see how that pans out in future episodes. Im giving this an 8 as i think the musical backgrounds were a bit over the top in parts. I will be making this a must watch for this season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cinemax has an amazing series on their hands with a period piece about a reluctant hit-man caught up in a violent lifestyle after returning from the Vietnam war. Quarry is an extraordinary television show that has beauty and sorrow mixed in with action and intense scenes of violence. The show doesn't offer up innocent characters but a conflicted protagonist and corrupt and criminal supporting figures with nearly everyone having a mistake or skeleton in their closet that drives them to extreme measures.

    Mac Conway (Logan Marshall-Green) is happy to be home from the war but conflict follows him as a mysterious incident causes protesters to attack him upon exiting the airport. He returns to his wife Joni (Jodi Balfour) but something isn't right in their domestic dream. Mac is approached by a besuited man known only as The Broker (Peter Mullan) who asks Mac to use his talents at killing and later bestows the moniker of Quarry on him. Mac refuses but his fellow soldier Arthur (Jamie Hector) takes The Broker up on the offer.

    Check out more of this review and others at
  • The atmosphere of this series reminds a lot from Breaking Bad, and this is what I was looking for. The little details, the old 70's style look, the characters, the ever ongoing plot.. It's hard to explain how good this is without spoilers, but let's just say the first chapter gets you hooked immediately. The acting is superb, by each and every one of the characters. The mystery is ALWAYS there. You will always ask yourself what comes next. Events are unpredictable, and you'll be surprised how many "holy..." moments will catch you off guard.

    There is also some kind of romance affair going on in the story, which is something everyone connects to, so its hard not to like the characters from the very beginning.

    TD;LR If you liked Breaking Bad, don't miss this one.
  • Rated at 8.2 yet cinemax didn't renew? Silly silly studio. I think had this show been given due promo opportunity, we would be looking for ward to another great season. this viewer is sorely disappointed! !

    Shows set in 1970 are hugely popular, and Quarry is no exception. Love love love the plot twists!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    love the show, it really takes you back in time. No punches are pulled when it comes to the way things were back in the early 1970's. I admire the fact that the show stays true to the time period without trying to fit into this new politically correct world we live I like how they have Logan's character suffer from what we now know to be PTSD but it was not something that was diagnosed in those days. I would love to see a second season and more than 8 eight episodes, there is true potential with this series, I also believe it can bring to light mistake that were made in the past so we do not repeat history. .My only negative for this show is the authenticity of where it is being filmed. I believe it should completely be filmed in Memphis TN where is is set instead of Louisiana
  • PERFECTION in all areas,,writing,,directing,,acting,casting,locations,,and all production right down to the little details.after watching theone and a half hour finally iwas sad that this season was over. nothing comes comes close to this show except the great show The Knick, and the knick is no more,i sure hope it gets renewed,,its a very smart show,and if your not from this time in history a lot will go over your head,just the mention of Westmoreland will go right by quite a few, and I believe notmany will notice so many details,,right down to the signs and picture frames.there is also apart a lot wont know,,,that the great band Blackberry Smoke did a Allman Brothers song in one of the bar scenes,,besides primo writing,acting directing there is such a vision for details that makes this show shine,,kudos to all involed,this is what great entertainment is all about
  • Easily the best show on TV with the exception of Game Of Thrones. The acting and story line is superb. I fear with the lack of media coverage that this show might be lost to the rating war, which would be an absolute shame for such a mesmerizing drama. This is a true gem and needs to be brought back. I know if I hadn't watched it form the time that it aired I would have binge watched in a is that good. Please people don't pass this one up, you will not be disappointed. Cable TV has ruined me for network TV with shows such as GOT, Ray Donovan and Shameless to name a few "Quarry" is now at the top of the list and deserving of being renewed for years to come.
  • The first episode is promising. I'm anxious to see where they take it. I have a couple of complaints about authenticity. I lived in Memphis during the 1970's. As far as I know, there isn't a desert tortoise anywhere within a thousand miles of the Mississippi River, yet there it was in the first scene. There were several scenes where they are clearly drinking Four Roses Bourbon. Four Roses was not available in the United States during the 1970's. Other than that, I thought they did a good job of capturing the look of Memphis during that time period. Fortunately, Memphis still has quite a few buildings downtown that haven't changed much. I'm also loving the vintage cars.
  • I would have posted in the IMDb *forum* for this show if the forums still existed because this isn't really a review, but merely my random comments that echo what other reviewers have already said: finally, a good show.

    I like to say that, "Mad Men Meets Breaking Bad" because this conveys the caliber of show that Quarry is in and it is not a literal comparison.

    The setting of the show is an utter treat: Memphis, 1972. You can enjoy being transported back in time. Every character is so well written and acted that I never feel like they are "minor" characters. There is a scene in the third episode where Buddy (played by Damon Herriman) visits his mom in her home. This scene is golden. It showcases every element of why this show is so great: dialogue; complexity of plot and character; set, setting and costume (that house, its knickknacks, wall- hangings, furniture, carpet); and did I say dialogue?!

    But do be warned that this is also a violent show. You can still watch it for the drama, but depending on your threshold for violence, you might need to turn your head away at times (or if that is still too much, then hopefully you can watch with a friend and s/he can fill you in on what you need to know while you go grab a snack). But it is the story and not the violence that makes Quarry suspenseful from beginning to end.

    Watch it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just an outstanding performance of Logan Marshall-Green as Quarry. If you're not a fan of slow and deeper dramas this show is not for you, but if you enjoy the development of a character that involve a lot of emotions with him, Quarry is the ideal show. Lately, the people like more the stories that are developed in just one chapter or something, and then go with another problem or situation in another chapter. The most of the people expect a good show with a lot of action, but without the development of a character because they don't want to wait and see the importance of character development, and that can't happen in a few chapters that only involves gunshots and fast action on the track. In the first chapter, in just the final scene, we see the importance of the Otis Redding disc that in the first minutes of the show don't appear to be important, just a filler dialogue to the show between Joni and Quarry. Same happen in the scene that Quarry says: "But being under a car will not get me killed", well, we know what happen to the guy who was sleeping with Joni. That are small things that if you only find a good show for the amount of gunshots you see by a chapter you will be missing the point, and this is not the ideal show for you. It's a 10 for me and seeing Jodi Balfour naked it's just a plus.

    -You only last if you don't care. -Quarry
  • brentcox-830-47138429 October 2017
    Quarry is a rich mix of characters, storytelling, acting and historical accuracy. It's disappointing and almost unbelievable that Cinemax canceled the series.

    The series takes place in Memphis in the early 1970s, and the close attention to historical detail of Memphis from that era stands out beautifully, similar to how Mad Men artfully recreated 1950s New York. I was a boy in Memphis during this same time, and I do remember the racial tension, bussing, the odd manners and fashion of a metropolitan deep South city in transition. As far as I can remember, Quarry gets that place and time almost perfectly.

    Having just discovered Quarry online, I binge-watched the first season over a weekend, then tried to find information about why Cinemax would cancel such a compelling and gorgeous show. Apparently, the show was a victim of transitions at Cinemaax that included changing the kind of content the company wanted to support and be known for. If true, I remained stunned that Cinemax didn't want to be known for carrying Quarry. It's like if HBO had decided that it didn't want to be associated with The Sopranos, or A&E with Breaking Bad. Quarry is great TV, and Cinemax's decision to reject it is telling and damning.

    The only silver lining is that one amazing season was made, and there is always the book series on which Quarry is based. If you haven't watched the first amazing season, I obviously highly recommend it.
  • estucofen20 November 2016
    Do you start watching new shows expecting to have at least, a good narrative?

    Do you find yourself guessing (and getting it right) the next line of a dialogue in a series, because the script is so predictable?

    Do you just kind of get hooked up with mediocre TV series, because there is just nothing to see?

    Well my friend, then is time for you to watch Quarry. Finally some fresh air with an original idea and god damned well scripted series. Fine acting, fine filming, fine narrative and and incredibly well done 70s aesthetics. A good suspense drama that it won't disappoint you.

    Yes, see it.
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