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  • belendakay22 November 2018
    My new favorite Christmas movie! I have lived to the perfect age, long enough to see Kurt Russell protray Santa and he is perhaps the best, most endearing, Santa I have seen in many a moon. Both my son and myself hope that Netflix will make this an annual event and perhaps a series of Santa movies with Mr. Russell!
  • stanforddjkl22 November 2018
    Excellent fun! Enough humour for kids and adults. Anyone not liking this is definitely on the naughty list!

    Kurt Russell probably had more fun with this movie than anything else he has ever done.

    Going to be a Christmas'll see.
  • This was a truely great film, and Netflix outdid themselves. The story is well written, the jokes are funny, the elves are cute, and Kurt Russell as Santa Claus is an amazing fit. Mrs. Claus was the best surprise! Everyone in our family, from aged 3 to 65, enjoyed watching on Thanksgiving morning.
  • To be honest , I'm not that much into this kind of movies, but ! my opinion is a great movie to watch with your family ! , specially if you have kids
  • Kurt Russell brings total coolness to the magic of Santa. Without Russell's personality, it wouldn't feel original but his presence brings the story to life. Some moments feel a little twee admittedly but a lovely tale with just the right amount of wit and character from the young actors.
  • I wasn't sure about this but was curious from the trailer. I have to say I think this was one of the best I have seen in quite a while now. It definitely beats anything at the theaters and we were able to enjoy it in our home. I am thankful for Netflix putting together such a wonderful movie.
  • What a sweet movie ! Going to become a Christmas classic for sure ! Right up there with other modern day classics like elf! Speaking of elf's the elves in this movie are also adorable and I want one! Kurt Russell is the coolest Santa ever ! Loved this movie !
  • This movie was very enjoyable for adults and kids in the family. Cinematic quality was excellent, had a good script, acting was great, and the Santa character is the best I've seen or read since The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We'll watch this again a few times this Christmas season.
  • Wow it has been a while since I have seen a good Christmas movie. Brilliant acting great visuals colour was beautiful Made me wat to believe in Santa 9-10
  • I watched this, despite the critics reviews, and the critics are wrong once again! This is a really fun, very entertaining Christmas movie. So much better than I expected and Kurt does a fantastic job as Santa!!!! Watch with your family, very, very enjoyable.
  • Expecting the usual season movies i didnot expect this. its kurt russel behind the reindeer, and he does a wonderful job,together with the investigating teenagers that still believe.... the visual effects are great,especially the sleigh ride are monumental, also the environment location settings,and use of light to give this film the true feeling-atmosphere its revieled some of santa clauses secrets how to travel at high speeds, and why he is so good to remember this is a must see x-mas movie,it has some of the magic from classics like home alone and the miracle at .. street. i give without any hesitations 10 chritmas stars for this one.
  • This movie is so well done. The critics are stupid by not rating this better. It has all the feels you want in a Christmas movie. Kurt Russell does a great job as Santa and the kid actors do a great job as well. Not overly cheesy like some of the Hallmark movies can get. The CGI is pretty good too. The elves are cute. My three girls loved that part. Guys and girls will like it equally. In my top 5 favorite Christmas movies for sure.
  • iitimjk22 November 2018
    This is truly an enchanted updated look at Santa Clause! It's sweet without getting saccharine, and has fun and interesting turns around every corner! The whole family will really enjoy every moment! :-)
  • I was blown away by this film. I don't usually do anything Xmas until December but this caught my eye. I was ready for a run of the mill Xmas movie which I could have on in the background. Kurt Russell was a big reason I gave it a go. Boy was I surprised! The humour was spot on, the story was great, the feels were there. Honestly, I felt like a kid again with that magical heart flutter and excitement at --the prospect of-- being a believer. I did shed a tear or two, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it. But I also had many many giggles. Will definitely watch again. The elves were cute and had great personality, I loved the interaction, and fairytale feel they offered. The reindeer were spot on and so beautifully mastered.

    This was beautifully written and masterfully brought to life. It had all the elements of a decent, well thought about, family film. The effects were superb and if I had been to the cinema to see it on the big screen, I would not have been disappointed.

    Well done Netflix, you really excelled with this one. Especially with the casting. It's going to get another watch before Xmas!

    I have to go now and write my letter to Santa. Merry Christmas! X
  • Disney, Hallmark, Pixar. These are the companies that you think of when searching for a feel-good, seasonal, movie. Well there's a new player in town! Netflix knocks it out the park with "The Christmas Chronicles". A star-studded cast, an engaging epoch, and artful animation and special effects skyrocket this flick to the top.

    This story with it's funny and heartwarming tale rivals the Christmas greats. "The Christmas Chronicles" brings to mind few comparable motion pictures. Only the likes of "It's a Wonderful Life", "White Christmas", or "Elf" (and a few others) can invoke such laughs, smiles, and tears as "The Christmas Chronicles".
  • We watched this as we let out thanksgiving meal settle. It was the perfect choice for the kids (age range 5-12) and the parents. The acting was fine and the jokes were funny. I even got a little choked up at times when they talked about their recently deceased dad. All in all, a fine film. Probably not an instant classic, but good enough to watch and not feel like I wasted 1.5 hours of my life. I loved the new interpretation of elves as almost gremlin-like creatures.
  • Kurt Russell nails it!!!! Very good Christmas movie!!!
  • johnnynotty22 November 2018
    What an utter treat. Loved everything about this splendid movie
  • Was a Wonderful Movie. 10/10 Visual Effects are Wonderful, Reindeer are Fabulous. Just Believe and Anything is Possible. Ending was Great to, and The Hint of a Possible 2nd Movie was even left open. So Lets Hope We can Get another Movie
  • catfarmer135823 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I put this movie at 11 o'clock Thanksgiving night, not intending to watch the whole thing. Here it is 1am and I'm just finishing. Chris Columbus did a great job producing this film! It definitely reminded me of Christmas movies he had worked on in the past like home alone and Christmas with the Kranks. This movie was very childlike and magical. I will say some of the parts of the movie were a bit scary and some were eye roll inducing but other than it's a great film. Kurt Russell does a great job playing Santa and I think the only person who might've played this type of Santa better would be Tim Allen, though they were virtually the same. I think maybe Tim would've liked to play Santa like this if Disney hadn't given him so many limitations...but what do I know? The kids and elves were so cute. As a fellow New Englander I was Happy to see a small Mill town like Lowell, MA represented. I was honestly surprised in both and good and disappointing way that they didn't revive the dad at the end but that would probably be pushing it too far. All and all this is a wonderful Christmas film that will definitely become a Christmas classic as it's like elf, home alone and the Santa clause in one film.
  • ravensblood-622-90944222 November 2018
    Every christmas we get the christmas movies out, but in all honesty theres only 6 or 7 that are the exception and become classics. Well this will become a classic. What a great family movie. Loved it. This is one ill be watching with the family every year!
  • angikpeeps222 November 2018
    I love Christmas shows so I am biased, but this was fun. Kurt Russell was a perfect Santa.
  • Great film. Don't believe Stephen Snart's scathing review in The Guardian.
  • whystone200122 November 2018
    Funny and definitely a good family movie a few slow parts but what movie doesn't. A must see and instant holiday classic.
  • Loved this movie loads of laughs and special effects! Great family movie! We all enjoyed it on Thanksgiving Day!!!
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