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  • 5 stories narrated. 3 out of those 5 are good. 2 out of those 3 are inventive. 1 out of those 2 stars Fahadh Fasil.

    Paying tribute to Indian Cinema for completing 100 years, with 5 Sundarikal, is a good thing to do. And I am glad it doesn't fall short of, unlike Bollywood's Bombay Talkies. The standards are different, keeping in mind.

    SETHULAKSHMI - The lead actors are wonderful. The story induces lots of emotions. Starting with delicate warmth, it goes on to make us perceive the plight of young girls in India & elsewhere. 8.1/10.

    ESHA - If you have watched Dhoom 2, then you won't like the story. Although, the delight & suspense of watching Urvashi Sharma & Nivin Pauly enact a strange engagement is worthwhile. 7.7/10.

    GOWRI - The worst story out of the lot. You actually don't understand what the makers are trying to convey. It seems to be a horror story. But, I can't find the beauty (w.r.t. to the main title) nor thriller here. The lead players Kavya Madhavan & Biju Menon are wasted. In fact, their kin Rimi Tomy & Tini Tom are better. 3.4/10.

    KULLANTE BHARYA (Dumpy's Wife) - Dulquer Salman is the narrator on a wheelchair. He owns a Mac & a DSLR, yet cannot afford a fine wheelchair. He has a normal Nilkamal chair fitted with tires. Blast! The story looks like it was made up. The story of a short man & his lovely wife from another person's perspective. The dialogs are very good especially the taunts & chaffs of people in a residential colony about the newly married couple, but since the foundation is a tad cheeky & painted, I rate it 6.0/10.

    AAMI - A family guy working as a realty agent is driving on his way to home. What entangles with an Arabian client & local gundas is a mystery. And with the beauty of his pregnant wife who asks riddles as she waits for him, the story turns out to express a very good virtue. It talks about adultery, love & care. 7.6/10.

    But, the shorts weren't stitched together professionally; we can't know which short is directed by which director until the end credits. Grammatical errors in credits & poor editing throughout makes me take a perfect mean value. An enjoyable watch. 6.6/10.

    BOTTOM LINE: Passable & better than recent baloney like Honey Bee.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Profanity: Mild | Vulgarity: Mediocre | Nudity: No (Implied; No Visuals) | Sex/Foreplay: Mild | Violence/Gore: Strong | Alcohol/Smoking: Mediocre
  • Comparing D Company and Poppins, 5 Sundarikal is the best Anthology Film in recent times. The film was highly an anticipating one probably due to the cast including the new gen stars of Malayalam, Fahadh Faasil, Dulquer Salmaan and Nivin Pauly. As the name suggests, the film consists of 5 short films featuring 5 Sundarikal or 5 Beauty Ladies.

    SETHULEKSHMI - This short film was one of the best one and had given a great message to young people especially teenagers and children. Role of Sethulakshmi was done by Baby Anika, and she had done it amazingly which, ultimately, helped her to win the Kerala State Award for Best Child Artist. Direction was awesome.

    Adult Film - No | Family film - Yes | Direction - 9/10 | Cinematography - 7/10 | Cast - 7/10 | Make Up - 6/10 | Background Score - 6/10 | Story - 8/10 | Climax - 8/10 | Art Direction - 5/10 | Location Department - 4/10 | Message - 10/10 | Overall - 7/10

    ISHA - This might not be the best one in the film but the climax was the success of the film. New Gen Star Nivin Pauly plays the role of a thief in the film, name apparently, Santa. Heroine also had a great role in the film, Isha. Direction was OK, Camera was Awesome and Art Department was also Awesome. Message given through the film was not such clear. This was my least favorite one in the film comparing others. But Still, it is a recommending one.

    Adult Film - No | Family film - Yes | Direction - 5.5/10 | Cinematography - 8/10 | Cast - 7.5/10 | Make Up - 6/10 | Background Score - 5/10 | Story - 6/10 | Climax - 8.5/10 | Art Direction - 8/10 | Location Department - 6.5/10 | Message - 1/10 | Overall - 5.9/10

    GOWRI - Probably, the best one in the film. Frankly, this was my and my whole family's favorite short film in this film. I loved Biju Menon and Kavya Madhavan through this film. Don't know why they didn't show the close up of Rimi Tomy in the film. By giving a great message, i.e, Happiness is not always stable in life, the film in the end, changes its genre (Its a surprise). Direction was good.

    Adult Film - No | Family film - Yes | Direction - 8/10 | Cinematography - 7/10 | Cast - 8/10 | Make Up - 6/10 | Background Score - 7.5/10 | Story - 6.5/10 | Climax - 10/10 | Art Direction - 6/10 | Location Department - 8/10 | Message - 10 | Overall - 7.9/10

    KULLANTE BHARYA -This gives an outstanding message to the new 'predicting the forthcoming' society. Unwanted suspicions, actions, misunderstandings without knowing the exact reason all are needed to come at a halt - This is that message. DQ did well. Kullan and his wife also did well. Direction was good. I love this and Sethulakshmi, somewhat, equally.

    Adult Film - No | Family film - Pure | Direction - 6.5/10 | Cinematography - 6.5/10 | Cast - 7.5/10 | Make Up - 6.5/10 | Background Score - 5.5/10 | Story - 8/10 | Climax - 7/10 | Art Direction - 5/10 | Location Department - 7.5/10 | Message - 9/10 | Overall - 6.9/10

    AAMI - The film gives us a message that 'A Wife is the only person who cares you after Parents! Never Cheat Her!'. Fahadh did an excellent role. Direction and Art were Superb. BGM was good. This was my second most favorite in the film.

    Adult Film - Mild | Family film - Not So Recommended | Direction - 7.5/10 | Cinematography - 7/10 | Cast - 7/10 | Make Up - 6/10 | Background Score - 7.5/10 | Story - 6/10 | Climax - 8/10 | Art Direction - 6.5./10 | Location Department - 6.5/10 | Message - 8/10 | Overall - 7.1/10
  • An anthology of five unusual romance films was an interesting way to celebrate 100 Years of Indian Cinema. Other than the second story, none of the stories seemed clichéd or melodramatic. It's an interesting attempt.

    Sethulakshmi - The first short film, and the best one.; it's an adaptation of a short story named 'Photo'. It stars two young talented kids, and the story is really heartbreaking and haunting. The story starts off quite cheerfully, but it leads to such horror. In a bird's eye view, it shows the plight of young girls everywhere. But the story is essentially about helplessness, and seems like an allegory on so many communities and kinds of people. The fear of being exposed of something small (which may not be even wrong) leads us to doing worse things (by feeling helpless about the situation), thinking there's no other way.

    Isha - The cheesiest one among them. It's average.

    Gowri - None of us can predict the future. One moment of pure joy and happiness can suddenly turn into a world of sadness and despair. It's simple and contemplative.

    Kullande Bharya (The dwarf's wife) - It starts of quite 'Rear Window'-like, but it turned out to be an observation of pure love, and our human illness of prying into neighbours' (strangers') lives. It's an adaptation of a Chinese short story, 'The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband'. It was an interesting watch.

    Aami - Perhaps, the second best story among the five. It's about love, adultery and guilt. Quite a thought-provoking tale about one's priorities.

    Other than the second story, the overall acting was quite good.

    'Sethulakshmi' will be the only story I'll remember and cherish, I guess. Others are quite forgettable.
  • A very unique film for Malayalam cinema, never seen one like this before in Malayalam. In Bollywood we have films like Darna Mana hai, Darna Zaroori hai, Dus Kahaaniyan, which are all quite interesting, and this one goes on a similar outline, with 5 different stories in 1 film, all with the protagonist being a female. The first is about an innocent young girl who is friendly with a classmate, the second about a frustrated daughter sending a new year's night with a thief who has come to loot her house, the third about an intercaste-married couple living alone on a hilly area, the fourth about an atypical couple who becaome a cause of envy and the talk of the colony they move into , and the last is about a businessman who is changed by the events happening one night in Kochi.

    Music is remarkable, the movie goes at a steady apace and each story keeps you waiting for what's gonna happen next. All actors have done their short roles well. Film is also not very lengthy, so you don't sit waiting for 'when is this gonna end....' They should make more like these in MOLLYWOOD!