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  • This is a ground breaking TV show that should be given more credit than it has received. It's marketed as a reality piece about a gay, very flamboyant black man called Big Freedia. Big Freedia is a New Orleans bounce artist who uses the pronoun "she". His real name is Freddie Ross. Bounce music is extremely popular in the N.O. But little is known about it nationally or internationally. But Bounce music is starting to get some mainstream exposure through the dance style known as twerkin'. The old school hip hop influenced bounce music is a little like Marmite. Either you love it or hate it. That, and Freedia being openly gay make it a tough sell for Freddia's management team. Nevertheless Big Freedia is giving it his all to push Bounce music into the limelight.

    That's what the show is marketed as. But what it's really about, is the relationship between a mother, Ms. Vera and her adoring son Freddie aka Big Freedia. She is terminally ill with cancer. He is torn between honouring her wish of focusing on his career and staying at home to take care of her during her last days. The twerkin' and bounce music are basically the colourful flavours that hang off of that main story. And that is what makes the show so compelling to watch. Through all the butt shaking and frenetic dancing, the creators have managed to extrapolate a touching story that so many people can identify with. Facing the reality that our parents will not be here forever and that we will have to say goodbye at some point and move on with our lives. For those who have already lost their parents it's reminder of the empty hole their passing leaves.

    But what makes it so unique is that the main character is gay and black. A group of people who are usually portrayed on TV through the "gossipy messy drama queen" stereotype. Queen of Bounce though entertaining and fun, stays away from those stereotypes and shows the struggles, hopes and dreams of a person trying his hardest to make it. And the force pushing him forward is time. He knows that time is running out for his mom and he wants more than anything for her to share in his success. He says several times that he has to reach it, so that she can see it. It's about family love and friendship. Big Freedia is surrounded by a group of people who genuinely seem to love him a lot. And it all comes across on camera.

    Big Freedia Queen of Bounce will melt your heart. If it doesn't, I recommend you go and get your heart checked out.