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  • wordatl17 September 2015
    Working on this project was fun times and very informative, but the end result, speaks for itself. Working with CSA taught me a lot about the ends and outs behind the camera. I am excited how this project turned out and was enriched working with the child actors and actresses. Working with Ken was great experience and I can't wait for our next project. The next step would be to work on an international film with you to gain new experiences W.O.R.D. is not just a multi-media production company and a movement... W.O.R.D. is a BRAND... What's the W.O.R.D. That's the word! Excerpt from Studio Scene #IntroducingTru

    Justin Urbane Stewart, A young and defenseless orphan is rescued during a brawl by his new best-friend Shawn Ali, forming their lifelong bond as brothers. Shawn's street-wise uncle, Steppa comes to New York to fetch them, bringing them to California where he introduces them to the music business, and Straight to the Top Records, where they discovered Jus's artistic gifts. Label executive Matt Longdale III, takes notice and capitalizes on his talent, attempting to manage him with the backing of the shadowy group, the Elitist. They instruct Matt to create a super group "Without A Doubt", in a deliberate scheme to capitalize off of the corruption present in hip hop culture. In turn Matt would be rewarded handsomely.

    Matt shipped Jus to Atlanta, setting his master plan in motion. After becoming a high profile artist, Jus stayed true to his word and sent for Shawn, after making it big in the recording industry. After noticing some discrepancies, Shawn convinced Jus to start their own label, Just In Case Entertainment. On the night of the first-annual Stop the Shooting benefit concert, in the middle of his performance, Jus discovers that his Shawn had been viciously murdered in the club. In the midst of trying to figure out who murdered Shawn, Jus is continuously harassed by two detectives. As Matt attempts to create his supergroup, his plan begins to unravel.

    Jus's new girlfriend Chanel, constantly pressures Jus to sign Dutch and his crew, "The Marks Men", onto his label in order to advance her career. Her diabolical plan has been secretly set in motion. In the 7 days prior to the one year anniversary of Shawn's death, everything is revealed to Jus. His former manager and mentor Matt Longdale is attempting to double-cross him and undermined the success of his culture. Unsure of who to trust, Jus drowned in confusion, attempts to search for answers. In a city where everything is magic, can Jus survive WithOut Reasonable Doubt.