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  • It starts in the dark with "Who are these people and why are they fighting?" I assume the bad guy won. Daylight and a man and boy escape to the farm. They were followed. The boy and younger girl escape to be saved by a young lady. A lot of talking and crying follows. The boy learns weapons. Cut to two groups are fighting. They are interrupted by a guy in blue who kills most of both sides. They are further interrupted by the bad guy who won the opening fight. Meanwhile the boy who fled and learned martial arts is rushing to the scene with a friend. They killed his master. He walks off alone and goes to another school where the bad guy is the master. He gets beaten up in the entrance exam but the daughter seems to like him. As typical of Taiwan movies of this time, heavy drama follows instead of action. Surprisingly the story is easy to follow without knowing the language. My copy has no English. There is Chinese writing in the upper right corner, I suspect a TV station logo? The fights are all swords and nothing special. Overall no more than average rating for me.