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  • So here it is at last: one of the most highly anticipated new TV-shows of the year, the spin-off from probably THE most highly praised TV-show in the history of Television. Naturally, expectations were over the roof - and it was a forgone conclusion that meeting those expectations would be next to impossible. Well, here's the good news. Judging from the first couple of episodes, 'Better Call Saul' will be good. Just how good remains to be seen, but as far as promises go, those first episodes made a big one.

    For those who haven't seen it yet: relax - I won't spoil a thing about the storyline. Instead, I'll concentrate on all other aspects of the show. The first thing you notice (as was the case with Breaking Bad) is the camera. The photography is simply gorgeous. All the visual trademarks I've grown to love so much in BB are there: the playful camera angles; the creative ways to establish even a simple scene with unusual, interesting shots (yet without ever distracting from the storytelling) - it's just beautiful to look at.

    Then there's the music. From the wonderful introductions (before the opening credits) to the last scene of an episode, music is not just used as background "noise": carefully picked songs are there to give clues and are as much an integral part of the story as they help establish the tone of certain scenes. And the original music by Dave Porter feels as organic to 'Better Call Saul' as it did in 'Breaking Bad'.

    The writing, directing and acting (so far) are on par with BB; anyone afraid this would be a rushed production trying to surf on BB's success can relax; not for a second did I get the feeling this was somehow not well thought through or cheaply constructed by a committee of writers - and although we do of course get some of our favorite characters back, new ones are introduced that promise to be just as original and interesting as the ones that helped turn BB into a cultural phenomenon. And adding high calibre actors such as Michael McKean ('This Is Spinal Tap') to the cast is probably an indication that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will not content themselves - or us - by mainly exploring the characters we already know.

    And then, finally, there's the magnificent Bob Odenkirk. Starting off as a slightly one-dimensional character and comic relief in BB, the character we've come to love as the sleazy, slick Saul Goodman has already shown more layers in the first half of the first season of 'Better Call Saul' than over his entire run on BB. And that's as much thanks to Odenkirk as the fantastic writing: the actor obviously relished the opportunity to show what he's capable of as his character charms, squirms and threatens his way through his scenes, but - somewhat unexpectedly - he also manages to move you during the more quiet moments.

    To sum up my overall impressions: 'Better Call Saul' is a darkly comic, multilayered story that could end up being just as unusual and exciting as we all dared to hope. The tone may be consistent with 'Breaking Bad', but make no mistake: this is very much its own thing. The writing, directing and acting - as well as the production values - are top notch, and if what we've seen so far is anything to go by, we're in for a great first season of a very promising new show. My (provisional) rating: 9 stars out of 10

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  • Let's face facts: Spin-off TV shows tend to fare poorly to the original content. I was furious when I heard about the spin-off to the amazing Break Bad. Nonetheless centering around the buffoonish clown of a character Saul Goodman?! I was livid and heartbroken. I wanted Breaking bad to end on a high note and not let this potential disaster ruin it's legacy.

    Breaking Bad was an absolute masterpiece of a show, with an amazing story, script, cinematography; you name it, it's there. But the one thing that made Breaking Bad shine, and in my option, be one of the greatest series ever made was it's deep, deep burial into the characters that made us either absolutely love or loath them. It didn't rely on special effects and had no fat to it whatsoever. No other show encapsulated a slow unfurling of characters so well that it was as if we were getting to know them in our real lives.

    I finally decided to give Better Call Saul a shot after hating it's first episode on release. I figured, maybe I could eventually forget about the fact that it was attached to my favorite TV show, and when everybody who watches it is telling you it's amazing, there must be something there.. right?

    Boy, were they right. Better Call Saul is just as good as it's predecessor. It maintains it's very high standard to every aspect of the production, and most of all, character development, motivation and relationships are centerfold once more. It is easy to find Better Call Saul even better than Breaking Bad, although I would chalk this up to it being more current and therefore more in the forefront of our minds in the Breaking Bad universe. If you, like me, have hesitated to give this show a shot for the same reasons, stop it. Let yourself feel uncomfortable for the 1st half of the first season, and then let it get it's clutches into you.

    I'm so, so very happy I finally decided to give Better Call Saul a shot again 4 years later. With no hesitation, 10/10.
  • This show deserves more recognition. Better Call Saul is the most clever show I have ever watched. The acting, cinematography, the story, the writing, it's amazing. Some times even better than Breaking Bad.
  • I loved every second of the first two episodes of Better Call Saul. We are beginning the season with many strings left untied but I have complete faith in all questions being answered. If you loved Breaking bad for all the reasons I did including the cinematography, music, scenery, characters and most of all the story line, then you will love this. I apologize for going slightly off topic but in looking back at the breaking bad episode with the fly in the lab, some people found that they did not enjoy this episode, I on the other hand loved it. I appreciate the pure genius of the directing that goes behind every minute of the show. I understand and respect that people are entitled to their own opinion but after reading the negative reviews given here about "Better Call Saul" all I can say is that they don't get it, and that is OK. It is worth a watch because if you end up enjoying the show you wont just like it, you will love it. This is the next life changing show that will become something you look forward to for many years. I am truly excited for what's to come.
  • One thing that stopped me from watching this movie is because I knew this show has nothing to do with Walter White, the man that makes Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad. I believe most people also think the same.

    Personally, after rewatching Breaking Bad few times, I have come to the conclusion that there is nobody in the show that I love from the beginning until the last second. What I like the most is the character development for all the important characters.

    Then? What does it have to do with Better Call Saul? I believe I love this show as much as Breaking Bad because of the exact reason. I REALLY love how every character behaves and develops in this show. What more fascinating is, this show has everything you like from Breaking Bad. Tension, emotions, atmosphere, character flaws, good antagonists, you name it. One other similarity this show has, this show gets better when it is closer to the end. (I know, it has not ended yet) You really don't want to miss every second of it.

    I can assure you, all Breaking Bad fans, your love to this show will be AT LEAST as big as your love to Breaking Bad. Easiest 10/10 after Breaking Bad.
  • Someone is responsible for making this such an outstanding show, year after year. The intelligence in dialogue, empathy for characters, twists and expectations are genius. Breaking bad, The X Files are 2 other badges of brilliance. We are privileged to be living in this time as we might have been if living during Shakespeare. This may seem over the top but the scores are on the board, Vince Gilligan. Please correct or remove if I am wrong!
  • Let's retire Better Call Saul's 'spin-off' label. Sure, in it's nature, that's what the show is. But unlike other TV spin-off's that are just 'extra' episodes that degrade the original show, Better Call Saul has significant promise as a standalone series that could come to rival it's predecessor.

    From the very beginning, the show returned me to the universe of Breaking Bad. Not in the obvious ways of reviving characters and settings, but through the subtle cinematography and script writing of Vince Gilligan. The camera focus changes and the interesting angled shots are quite unique to Gilligan's shows. This artistic and cinematic experience that begun with Breaking Bad is now continuing with Better Call Saul, once again proving that television can be as good, if not better than films.

    The acting in the series is incredible. I don't think anyone will be able to top Cranston's portrayal of Walter White, but Odenkirk forms far more depth in the character of Saul Goodman than we ever see in Breaking Bad. Moving away from just comic relief, Saul is now a darker version of his false identity, and Odenkirk finds the balance between these two personas very well. Hopefully he will continue this standard to give Jimmy McGill a Walter White-like descent into the criminal world.

    The humor in Better Call Saul is really well done. The show isn't a comedy, but the occasional funny moments are quite akin to what was done in Breaking Bad. The dark, witty wordplay made me laugh quite a few times at Saul's... sorry, Jimmy's lines, with the subtlety of the script writing shining through.

    The music by Dave Porter once again really adds to the engrossing cinematic experience of the show. The musical choices are reminiscent of Breaking Bad, but are moulded in a very different way to form a lighter tone in some of the more comical moments. The weird and wonderful musical montage songs are back (starting in the first scene), which brings us back to Walt and Jesse's cooking (Crystal Blue Persuasion, anyone?).

    Gilligan and Gould start the story with quite a lot of missing context surrounding Jimmy's brother Chuck and his law firm. Although this may be confusing in the beginning, I later realized this was intentional. Instead of just spitting out the back story in unnatural ways, the writers make you think about the situations, and gradually piece together what happened before the events of the show. This widens the whole show's time-frame, instead of just being self-contained. The brief flash forward to the fragmented Saul Goodman after Breaking Bad was amazing. I really hope that the writers continue to play around with time, shifting between past and future guises of Saul Goodman.

    Better Call Saul has a lot of promise to extend itself beyond its Breaking Bad spin-off status. The show feels individual, but also leaves enough Breaking Bad in there to keep us from leaving the world of Albuquerque that we have grown to love.
  • To be honest, I didn't know what to expect with this, following on after one of the best series of all time, on a character who seemed to be a bit of comic relief in an otherwise brutal and dark show, I did have my doubts. Now that two episodes have been released however, any concerns should be put aside by anyone interested, because this is fantastic.

    Gilligan's camera work is masterful and similarly creative to that of Breaking Bad, and Saul as a character or should I say 'Jimmy McGill', is not as vacuous as I once thought, and whilst it was obvious Saul Goodman was a facade, to see his other side in the flesh is great. The acting is fantastic, with very powerful scenes already in the first two episodes, and the tone is dark, but often quite humorous with plenty of laughs throughout.

    Basically to sum up in two words: watch this.
  • bloob-6733123 November 2018
    Better Call Saul might be my favorite show off all time because of three reasons, it is slow but never drags, it jumps between different genres without being inconstant and it has that Breaking Bad feel but it doesn't lean too much on it. In my eyes it is the one of the few perfect TV shows ever, and that is why it gets the perfect score of 10/10 from me
  • Beautiful series of characters great subject beautiful

    places good we need such series
  • kizilkayan-7064618 May 2020
    Amazing tv series we need such series Good my rating 10/8
  • There are still people who like their entertainment to be well crafted with attention to detail and in depth character development. For those people, this show is for you.

    I loved Breaking Bad, and have been extremely pleased with Better Call Saul.

    If you are someone who likes tripe like superhero movies or Fast and Furious, this show is not for you. If you like attention to detail, superb acting, and shows that you can't guess the next thing that will happen, watch BCS.
  • Just watched the first episodes and I feel completely lyrical. There is definitely a Breaking Bad kind of feel to it. It also offers a lot of candy for all the hardcore Breaking Bad fans. Still, they don't overdo anything. Everything feels thought out. The mix between comedy and drama is just right. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if the show continues on this path, it will be a huge success. I would recommend this to anyone regardless if you're a fan of Breaking Bad or not. I think we're all in for a treat and I believe this show will have no trouble standing on it's own. Thank you for this, Vince Gilligan! I never doubted you.
  • Breaking Bad in my opinion is the perfect show and is my all-time favourite and Walter White's seedy lawyer Saul Goodman has always been one of my favourite characters of the show. The second i found out he would be getting his own spin off i was excited and Better Call Saul has been one of the most hotly anticipated releases of 2015. I have to say based on the 2 episodes that have aired so far I have to say it has not disappointed and if the show continues to be this good then I will have another perfect show in my watchlist.

    It has been great to see Saul Goodman (Jimmy McGill as he is known here) back to his roots, here we see a very different version of the character as a down on his luck lawyer as opposed to the criminal lawyer who handed Jesse Pinkman bags of dollars without a care in the world, yet his charm and his cocky persona and sometimes hilarious one liners stay exactly where we want them. The tone also feels very different to breaking bad. We get to see a much more lighthearted approach to this series.

    We also get glimpses of Mike Ermantraut (Jonathan Banks) which was great and whilst so far we haven't seen a lot of him i am certain we will get a lot more interaction between the two (he is second billed in the titles afterall). I was also surprised to see another fan favourite although i wont spoil this for those who don't know.

    As the series goes on i will post about my opinions more but i feel this show is great and will continue to go up and be on par with Breaking Bad. Vince Gilligan has proved himself as a force to be reckoned with. Better Call Saul is not only awesome as a spin off, but in its own right as a show also. Better Call Saul is undeniably awesome
  • The show was a long wait to come; since BB I've been craving more Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould's masterminds to bring something else to the table; they have done it. I had to realize this is Better Call Saul & separate it from BB; yes it's Saul & Mike but in totally different roles. I have made the transition exceptionally well; my husband and I both are anxiously waiting; reminders are constantly set now; as to not miss an episode. It has left similar reactions as to the other series; it's definitely made me want more & more. I like how its fitting the characters together and all, I feel that there is going to be more & more excitement as this amazing series continues. It's Great; we Like it a lot; we are patiently, as possible, waiting to see what's next for Jimmy; I can only imagine; there will be a lot more excitement. "It'saul Good".
  • Six episodes in to Better Call Saul now - and like Breaking Bad did - it just gets better and better. Tonights episode was something really special IMO

    I look forward to Tuesdays like never before

    Terrific plots - writing - acting - direction - cinematography etc etc etc in short a really great story very well told by all the cast and crew

    How brave of everyone involved to take this project on after the HUGE success of Breaking Bad - knowing so many eyes would be on them - comparing and judging from the very first episode !!! Better Call Saul hit the road running though and has never disappointed me (and it would seem the vast majority of other viewers)

    The hopes and expectations of so many people were in their hands and EVERYONE involved with Better Call Saul has done us proud

    Bob Odenkirk is doing a fantastic job as the main character - in recent years he has been wonderful in Breaking Bad, Fargo and now BCS - not a bad catalogue of work to put in your resume !!!

    Got the DVD ordered already
  • Those people who are rating the last season 4 low are too shallow. This show is just not for them. If you feel the show original vibe you will feel this season like one of the best. The final episodes are also very interesting. I've read many complaints about the storyline about the german thing and that was actually really interesting because it somehow connects to BB and you can actually see what is the background. Also I think this season focuses a lot on the mental state of Jimmy and how he degrades to be finally Saul, and that's very deep. I think that the people who dropped their rating on season 4 is because they were used to some more emotion in adrenaline or something. This is all about Jimmy emotional state evolving and they are just not connecting with him. If I would not connect with him and see how his changing right in front of my eyes, this might be boring for me as well too. In few words, this season is more close to "Saul" transformation than any other season! 10/10 this show is brilliant in every way. I can't even watch standard TV shows because they now feel too shallow for me..
  • At the time of this review, the average is 8.7, this is because of the slow first couple of seasons that people expected the intensity of Breaking Bad's later seasons and gave up watching it. I know because I was one of them, but I decided to give it a chance, I did love breaking bad and even if it was not as thrilling at first, it did not have many flaws production wise.

    After finishing S03 I started to feel that rush Breaking Bad gave me in its first couple of seasons and thought now we are getting somewhere, the acting was good, te cinematography, the writing, the entire plot was slowly cooking to perfection and I could already savor it.

    Some years later comes S05 and oh boy... there is not enough words to describe how good this show has progressed with each season, except that it is now just as good if not better than Breaking bad and we are not even at the final season yet.

    The acting is fantastic on all fronts, without mentioning any characters to avoid spoilers, all of them have been top class. The writing gets better and better, it almost feels like a world class poem. The cinematography I can't get enough of, so much symbolism, everything is perfectly captured to make you feel exactly how you are supposed to feel, and upon viewing it again you rediscover details you may have missed on the first view and you know the writers know exactly where the series was going to go from the start and I love that. Even the music is great, interesting song choices but they perfectly fit with the mood and lyrics every time, I don't think it has much composing, but I believe that helps to make it more real.

    All in all the whole production and directing of this series are exceptionally good, and it deserves a better average score it not deserve anything shorter than a 9, few shows are ever this good on TV, if you are one of the people like me that were somewhat disappointed with this show's first few seasons and gave it 8 or less, do reconsider our vote once the series is finished to give it the more accurate average it deserves
  • Watching the first episode of 'Better call Saul' just plunges you right back into the world of 'Breaking Bad'. If you watched the latter of course, nostalgia will be an inevitable delicacy. I do hope that it will unfold as greatly as its father and though not walk in breaking bad's path of making you love a narcissistic anti-hero, this one will prove to be of quite the same flavor. To top it off, feels good seeing old faces. I just wonder if they have in mind to converge it with the breaking bad time-line which would be just plain awesome.

    it sure seems that Saul and Walter are opposite sides to the same coin.

    Bob Odenkirk's acting is as always genuine and just awesomely good, for those of you who watched Fargo, the series, you'd know he is fairly versatile and to up the task of being the main character of his own series.

    Do note that Better Call Saul is utterly different from your traditional law drama. To top it off, feels good seeing old faces.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 5 continues to do at least two things brilliantly:

    1/. BCS depicts several characters who all appear to have an inner life, fears, guilt, desires, things that really annoy them and which make them do what they do. And the characters change over time, misunderstand one another, and resent one another. As BCS continues, the illusion that you are witnessing the lives of people you know becomes even stronger. The very opposite of a melodrama, where the 'characters' behave predictably to type.

    2/. It's a prequel to 'Breaking Bad', considered one of the best mainstream TV series ever made; at least up there with 'The Wire' and 'The Sopranos'. What Peter Gould has managed to do is absolutely explain the backstory to tragedies we already know will happen in a thrilling and suspenseful way.

    Hey, it isn't perfect all the time (how does Lalo know where Gus's dead drops are so as to tell Krazy8?), but I continue to give it 10s because unlike so many shows (and movies) in this, the Age Of Streaming, BCS doesn't ever insult my intelligence.

    There will have been 63 episodes at the end of season 6. One day I'll binge them and the 62 Breaking Bads AND El Camino in sequence. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Just watched S04e01. Mike Ehrmentraut as the Health and Safety Officer from Hell is utterly hilarious, counterpoint to the morbidity and solemnity going on elsewhere with Chuck's suicide. And who doesn't want one of those buggies? B-rilliant.

    BCS is doing something that NOBODY else in TV is doing. Inventing real characters in a horrible - but plausible - situation, and being completely faithful to their natures, wherever it leads. That's why you might watch the credits and recognise all the actors as their names come up, instead of thinking they sound like US accountancy firms. This is the complete opposite of melodrama, which is what 96% of the other stuff does. Buy, beg, steal or borrow Better Call Saul because your grandchildren will want to know why you missed it, and will want your copy.

    Original review:

    Jimmy McGill tries to do the right thing but it always goes wrong.

    Heard of Emile Zola and Honoré de Balzac? 19th century French novelists who each wrote a series of novels that used the same characters from one novel to the next; in one they would be lead character, in another a support. Am I comparing BCS and Breaking Bad to classic French novels? Well yes; even the delivery format of modern 'cable' series is similar to the monthly publications of novels in the 1800s. Vince Gilligan and his team are certainly the front runners by far in the modern quality pop culture stakes. And in both BB and BCS, as with those writers, we have an uncompromising background of modern urban life.

    It helps to have watched 'Breaking Bad' - in that series, the suspense was perfect; no-one knew what would happen, and no character apart from Walter White seemed indispensable - Jesse was to have been written out in series 1, after all. In 'Better Call Saul', you again have the teaser at the beginning, where Saul is flipping burgers in a shopping mall eaterie in Nebraska, paranoid about being recognised. If you've seen BB, you might suspect that this is only a partial teaser, Vince Gilligan setting you a trap. If you haven't, BCS looks like a flashback of 'how Jimmy McGill got to middle-aged mall misery', which probably doesn't provide the dramatic suspense that Walter White's cancer diagnosis did. But then, Breaking Bad started with a crazy Winniebago chase as well. Better Call Saul is more in the 'Chinatown' groove than Breaking Bad's surreality - so far.

    That qualification aside, BCS is written, produced and performed to the same excellent standard of Breaking Bad, and Bob Odenkirk has no complaints from me on the acting chops. His is a sad, solitary character, his only foils being his sick brother Chuck, and Jonathan Banks as the parking attendant from Middle Earth, so you don't get the crackling dynamic that Walter and Jesse had.

    But it's early days, I'm on Ep03 and if there's one thing you can count on, it's that Vince Gilligan will play with and exceed your expectations. It's not whether it's 'as good' or 'better' than BB. It's just as good. It's just that the lead character is less sympathetic, and doesn't have as far to go. Or does he?

    °°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°° °°°°°°° °°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°° °°°°°

    And so, a year or so later, we're into season II. I feel sorry for those who have not learned to trust Vince G. and Peter G.'s storytelling, and are therefore bored by the mental work involved in enjoying BCS.

    Don't you see, people? Slippin' Jimmy's 'proper' lawyer brother styles himself as the supremely professional, ethical one, but he stitches up his (caring, earnest) brother with the callousness of a Roman emperor - JUST LIKE REAL PEOPLE DO.

    Jimmy's girlfriend depends on him to make life interesting, but expects him to remain in control of the chaos he creates - JUST LIKE REAL PEOPLE DO.

    Mike the enforcer wants to be a genial grandpa, but gets his beloved granddaughter to help him make a 'stinger' to stop a drug truck that directly results in the death of a good Samaritan, while telling his dead son's wife that it's a soaker for the rhododendrons - JUST LIKE - you get it.

    Oh, the nuances. If you're missing them, you would benefit from an introductory course in scriptwriting. Better Call Saul is streets ahead of anything else and will be savoured and appreciated long into the future. It's so good, it makes the awesome, revolutionary, phenomenal 'Breaking Bad' look like a soap opera.

    The TV equivalent of Shakespeare + Tolstoy + Dostoyevsky at their best. "Your review contains a very long word which is not allowed". I take that as a compliment. Oh, I see, it was the divider.
  • I absolutely loved Breaking Bad. So when I finished binging it about 2 years ago, I started watching Better Call Saul immediately afterwards. Hoping to latch onto it as a way to keep Breaking Bad alive. In some ways, the show succeeds in doing that, but it is very much it's own thing too. Focusing on the story of how Saul Goodman came to be.

    To be honest, spinoffs almost never work well. To give one example, The Walking Dead's spin-off, FTWD, was a decent show, that never lived up to its potential. That changed in season 4, as the reboot breathed new life into it, but the point remains, it started as a relative failure. I was nervous BCS would end up being the same, but was I wrong. Better Call Saul I find to be an actual good spinoff. This is rare. That being said, the show is still not of Breaking Bad quality. That is an unrealistic expectation, however, because spinoffs *never* live up to or exceed the original. Going back to my example of TWD and FTWD, or the Star Wars OT and the Sequel Trilogy, etc. This will even likely be the case for the MCU after Avengers 4. To get back on topic, even though it isn't equal to Breaking Bad, the show is still definitely worthwhile. If you loved Breaking Bad, you should at the very least be able to find something to like about this show.

    The main problem I find with this series is the pacing. This is one of the slowest paced shows that I have ever watched. Slow pace is not always a bad thing, in fact I advocate for it because it gives us more time to connect with the characters, such as when it's used in the parent program, or TWD, etc. Better Call Saul lays it on a little too thick I feel. Sometimes, because of this slow pace, the show might feel a little aimless. If you can get past that, it tells a compelling story about the descent of a man. As well as offering interesting hints as to what happens to Saul after the events of Breaking Bad.

    Bob Odenkirk portrays Jimmy McGill's descent to Saul Goodman spectacularly. It really is a treat to watch. All of the other main actors are great as well. And it's enjoyable to spot Breaking Bad Easter eggs, as well as to see characters from the show brought onto this one. Such as Mike, Gus, Hector, etc.

    Overall, BCS is a good show that can stand on its own. But it is made even better if you watch Breaking Bad first.

    My Rating: 8.0/10
  • Expert cinematography with creative a n d unique camera angles , ones I haven't seen anywhere else. That's not the half of it .Outstanding acting by all the players, you can't say one is better than the other. Suspenseful script writing that also fully explores all the characters flaws and good qualities with twists you'll never see coming. You know a show is really good when you anticipate the next episode and you're never disappointed. Sometimes a series " plays out " but they keep producing another season until the rating drop off, this series is not one of them. This show does not need any awards; those who watch it KNOW how good it is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show is very detailed and really fun to watch if you're a fan of Breaking Bad. We go back to the very beginning To see how Jimmy became Saul Goodman. We see his life go from scum bag , to a good guy and as a Scumbag. Lovable scumbag that is.. I'll spare a long review in just recommend giving the show a watch.
  • BCS isn't as good as Breaking Bad, it's a different show, with a much slower burn, it's "quirk" overpowers what BB used to fill with "tough", and that's not a terrible thing, but it does leave me wanting. Feathering in the BB crew much too slowly for my liking, Chuck was an interesting character but glad he's gone. Want to see a faster paced season this time around, not sure if we're going to get it. Still beats the heck out of most else that's on TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show has been amongst my favourite shows of all time, but while the story has been mainly well written, the way that Lalo gets away from the "best in the business" hit squad was really pathetic, and almost keystone cop like. And for a show like this, it was a big letdown. But looking forward to the sixth, and possibly final, season. Hopefully it's not another 18 month wait.
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