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  • I am honestly surprised that both CN and Warner Bros didn't make this into a proper full show. When great shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern the animated series and Beware the Batman got cancelled.

    Cartoon Network made junk like Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Girls.

    DC if you really want more females audience make this into a full show.
  • This was Part of DC Shorts (a fill-in between commercials & the following series: Green Lantern & Young Justice. It would have been cool if it was a series, but Cartoon Network is targeting their channel toward has been classified on the internet as stupid little boys to sell action figures. Another words the stupid & cornier the jokes & such will bring in sales for action figures that companies say young boys buy more than girls, which is why good female comic book get large breasts, half a mind & no solo series. Beyond good series like Beware the Batman, Young Justice & Green Lantern & such get cancelled cause not having enough stupid & corny jokes, beyond companies not getting the highest ratings of the time slot, which get the ax. Hell even comic book related TV Series like Birds of Prey (Strong female roles) got the ax cause of such. It's like females in the video gaming industry all over again. Question is will it take as long as it did or longer? Or will there be a change? Females didn't & don't show up in too much of what companies call male dominant categories, but they're wrong. You see them in every aspect of it. It's more the fear of stepping out of the girl must be attitude & companies being sexist with who the audience is.