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  • "King Star King" is a show that's guaranteed to illicit a strong response of some kind from its viewers. The animation style, the content, and the narrative contained within the episodes are as raunchy, insane, and lewd as anything that's ever been on television/online...and perhaps more so.

    If I had to describe it in one sentence, I would say that it's like a hybrid between Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, and He- Man...but 10x more adult and insane. And it must be said that the animation is absolutely fantastic. Every frame is filled with immense detail and fluidity.

    "King Star King" (much like "Superjail") is for people who enjoy extreme forms of entertainment. Its animation style and wild content is like a psychedelic blast from deep inside some maniac's Id. If you like extreme art that proudly smashes through all boundaries of good taste and human etiquette, then you will love "King Star King."
  • andyrew67012 September 2016
    I'm glad I decided to check out King Star King for a few different reasons.

    For one thing, the character designs are OUT OF THIS WORLD. It's insane, on a creative and artistic level, how well drawn and choreographed the animation and movements are when it comes to the unique characters that inhabit this strange, violent, sex-obsessed dimension.

    Another is the surprisingly well-conceived stories and events that take place within the short run-time of each episode. While most stories seem pretty simple for the most part, it's hard to make such a surreal experience of a show whilst giving the audience a story and something to think about, and this does exactly that.

    It's pure crazy, and not for everyone, but for those with a stomach for gross-out body humor, graphic (near-depraved) animated nudity, and an open mind, it doesn't disappoint.
  • Where the heck do I begin. This isn't THE worst show I've seen, but it's up there. I'll have to start SOMEWHERE, so I'll begin with the animation. As PhantomStrider said, there's no moments where you WON'T feel like puking your guys out.

    The sick truth is, I feel the creator found this bile... sexy. I mean, someone is probably getting off on this show, putting their fetish in it.

    And the plot.... or lack thereof. Writing does not exist here. This is a sexualized, bloody trip for bikers, and I can't tell ANYTHING in this crud. And it's loaded with gross, bloody violence that made me punch my computer at it's insanity.

    All in all, this is one of THE absolute worst shows ever, and I..... DON'T recommend this Acid trip of blood, gore and sex. Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, you were high when making this, weren't you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    King Star King is weird show from Adult Swim and it is one of worst shows Adult Swim Has Ever Made. This Along with "Mr. Pickles" are Awful gory Adult Swim Cartoons. Only King Star King is worst because it is so ugly and is an Acid Trip. This show is really bad and I only watched one episode of this garbage. I don't even know what this show is about. It supposed to be about King Star King trying to battle an evil Easter Bunny and things but I don't Know. This show doesn't make any sense. Anyway I think the Creators were high when they made this AWFUL show. Mr. enter recently reviewed this GOD-AWFUL Show and said this cartoon feel like a teenage thinking as adult would like this Garbage. BOTTOM LINE THIS SHOW IS AWFUL I rate it 0 out of 10 stars. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE along with "Mr. Pickles" Watch Rick & Morty Instead. Anyway I'm GravityFalls2 and See You Later. BYE
  • gallardologan1 October 2020
    If you like to get high or you just like a gross artistic cartoon then this is it. The plot of the show and episodes are sloppy but its very artsy and fun which makes it one of my favorite raunchy shows on adult swim
  • I like JJ Villard. His work on Trap Universe and JJ Villard's Fairy Tales are pretty solid and acceptable to me, he even created a short for Uncle Grandpa called "Uncle Grandpa vs. Mr. Gus" which was also solid and acceptable. But there is only one cartoon he made that did not impressed me and that's King Star King. I have to give this show some credit. JJ Villard and his crew made the world of King Star King very interesting and creative, hell I love a world involved creativity and yes the animation looks incredibly ugly but it's honestly good on a technical level despite the animation looking horribly grotesque as hell. The voice acting is not very good at all, King Star King's voice sound like he shouts alot in every sentence, Hank Waffle's voice is high and sort of bad for me to listen to, and Pooza's voice is way worse than Hank Waffle's voice. Also yes, the world of King Star King is creative but there is just too much in it. There is too many topless, sexy women with slime surrounding them, this show is too insanly sexy, Mike Lazzo who was one of the people who are in charge of Adult Swim (who later retired) said that King Star King can't be seen on TV due to massive sexy topless women so he have the show become a web series for the Adult Swim website and the Adult Swim app. And for those who don't know...Adult Swim accidentally aired King Star King on their programming block, Toonami which angered a lot of Toonami fans due to daylight savings. I didn't find King Star King a good show, it's not horribly awful but I would easily call this one a meh in my book. King Star King is a crazy, ugly, disturbing, ear percing cartoon that could've been better what it actually needs to be, if you like JJ Villard and if you don't care for King Star King, stick to Trap Universe, JJ Villard's Fairy Tales and Uncle Grandpa vs. Mr. Gus, those were major improvements over this one. I give King Star King a 5.8/10
  • ThingALing22 February 2019
    Note the semi-literacy about people complaining about lack of plot. Kind of funny -- they can't even plot a sentence, but claim to appreciate plot. They are sort of right : The show does not have a cohesive or easy to understand plot. It's visual insanity. Also, check how divisive this show is. It's like it divides the boring people who want things to be normal and conventional, from the people who love something that is far out and strange. I really recommend it very highly. It is like a visual trip on mushrooms. I don't know what is wrong a safe experience of artistic insanity from a distance or the comfort of your bedroom.
  • King star king is just a show that contains nonstop graphic violence, sexual content, and drug use. It's like watching a show that keeps going on with violence. First of all, it's not even funny at all. Second, the violence is just flat out gruesome, random, disgusting and sick. The plot is not so bad but how the story goes and how the main character acts is just extremely awful. 1/10 do not watch this. This is awarded the most random show I have ever seen. Don't let your kids watch this either. There's plenty of sexual content such as big breasts jiggling around constantly. It's not funny, it's random with the sexual content and the horrible violence. It even shows animals getting killer randomly, Don't WATCH THIS!
  • I love King Star King. It is a psychedelia experience with a cool and fluid touch. The animation is amazing, with hues of every color and motions that flow together. Not a type of cartoon that you see everyday. In fact there are maybe a handful of cartoons that I consider to be very well put together and on point with the visual graphics. It is also hard to find a mature cartoon that is not complete trash nowadays. This series is epic, featuring a dramatic array of eye candy to evoke emotions and feelings. I am very sad indeed that it only ran for one season. Also I would like to note that it is shown on Adult Swim for a reason, IT'S FOR ADULTS. If you can not handle violence, graphic images, or cartoon nudity I would suggest the cooking channel.
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but... they did it! Adult Swim MADE A SHOW WORSE THAN SUPERJAIL!!! THE 2010S MADE A SHOW WORSE THAN GROJBAND!!! ANIMATION MADE A SHOW WORSE THAN REN & STIMPY: "ADULT PARTY CARTOON"!!!! I thought Ballmastrz: 9009 was gonna be worse than Superjail!, but I was wrong! Ballmastrz: 9009 LOOKS LIKE THE MODIFYERS COMPARED TO KING STAR KING!!!! King Star King is, hands down, THE WORST animated show of ALL time!!! The animation is horrible! The story is horrible! the characters are horrible! The surprisingly best character in this series was Hank Waffles for some reason. The only good thing about Adult Party Cartoon was the one scene in Fire Dogs 2 that involves the flute dance. THIS SHOW is NOT Adult Swim!!! Total Drama fits perfect on Adult Swim compared to this!!! Even the voice acting is abysmal!! At least Rick and Morty and Korgoth used gore for the hardcore action. In King Star King, Mr. Pickles, and Superjail!?? Their gore is taken WAY too far!! J.J. Villard proved to be worse than Christy Karacas!! It's like if Superjail! was animated by DiC!!! My advice: STAY AWAY FROM KING STAR KING!!!
  • I'm not a fan of Superjail but I would watch it on repeat before I ever put this show back on my t.v. There is absolutely nothing redeeming in this show. Animation is bad. Story line is bad. Character are empty. Just an awful show.