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  • I've always been a fan of the Alien movies and what a better way to further show your support is with a game where you can blow the abominations to bits? This really captures the intensity and atmosphere of the movies along with the rapid fire mechanic of the pulse rifle, though you get grenades and the power-up the universally loved flamethrower. In fact on some occasions I've been able to get some flamethrower ammo to the 3rd boss which can do more damage. Even though the movie this is based on only had one creature, her you get all type of creatures from drone, facehugger, chestbuster, dog, human, plus some robots and rogue humans. At some points there are branching paths which boosts the replayability a bit, but the ending is the same, which I won't reveal here. Other than that quibble this is one I keep coming back to thanks to emulation.