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  • kosmasp29 August 2014
    There are things you can forgive. Like all the clichés put in, sub-stories that are thrown in just to fill the movie (running time wise) and other things in that vain. But if you have chemistry that is practically non existent (how could it, even with a montage at the end, that tries to put things together ... no luck with that), the least that should be possible, is the humor.

    Even there it fails mostly. Which is a surprise since Bully (Michael Herbig), the guy making this movie and starring in it, is known for being funny. And he has a certain charisma, even when he's up to no good (no meant literally). He's not enough, since the real lead actors are struggling. The put on "redemption" qualities do not work. The predictable turns and twists are just ridiculous ... We know Mr. Herbig can do better than this generic movie suggests, so let's file this one under "forgettable" and move on (haven't seen the TV show, but am not tempted too after watching the movie)
  • I was taken by surprise by this movie. I planed to do some math test with my daughter, and turned TV on comedy movie channel. I didn't plan to watch this movie, but I was literally sucked into it and it's story. No matter how hard I tried not to watch and help my daughter, my eyes were running to TV screen to see what will happen next.

    And when an unintentional movie occupies all your attention than it is almost like a miracle. And for me this movie is just that. And funny, and romantic, and touching (if you like series "Touch" with Mr. Sutherland, you'll like this movie too). And it is no wonder that some critics don't feel it. You have to love Czech or Middle-European humor to enjoy it. I surely plan to watch it more than once in a future. Great little movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is "Buddy" and the film's description here on IMDb says it all already pretty much: "A movie in which stuff happens and time elapses." This is a film in the German language of course and it runs for slightly over 90 minutes. The writer and director is Michael Bully Herbig and this one here may be his least successful work up to this point. He also plays the title character, who is not really the main character though as the protagonist in here is played by Alexander Fehling and Herbig plays his guardian angel. More familiar faces include Mina Tander, Christian Berkel, Daniel Zillmann and Bully's longtime collaborator Rick Kavanian. Anyway, I will not say a whole lot about the story. There are some okay moments I guess, but overall it felt really unsatisfying in terms of both story-telling and the plot and the directions it takes. What I found maybe the most shocking is how bad Fehling was. I have seen him in other works and he was usually pretty solid, but here he misses completely, especially in terms of the comedic moments, but also in terms of the more dramatic scenes, even if admittedly it would have been almost impossible to make these works. Yet, he manages to be worse than Schweighöfer for example in a film that easily could have been another empty Schweighöfer comedy with a such important and relevant message delivered within all the (unfunny) comedy. But this film also shows that the protagonist is basically interchangeable in all of these, so it doesn't matter if Schweighöfer plays him or a usually more talented actor like Fehling. Bully has some really successful (especially commercially) works under his belt, even if his biggest successes go back quite a bit already now. However, this one here did not work out well at all. The airport scene towards the end was certainly one of the lowest moments of the movie. It had nothing to do with realism what happens most of the time and the cringeworthy and predictable romance part is only bearable because Tander looks surprisingly stunning in here. Overall, obviously a thumbs-down and 4 stars out of 10 is really very much on the generous side still. Do not watch. It's not better than the short sit-com starring Herbig making this film.