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  • tr9130 September 2013
    I watched all of the Marvel One-Shot short films in one go (it only took about 25-30 minutes for all of them). They are all enjoyable in their own way but this one about Agent Carter is definitely my favourite one.

    I really liked the plot of this short movie and Hayley Atwell delivered a very strong performance. It was only about 10 minutes long but it had everything. The action was very fast paced with some really cool fighting scenes.

    When I was watching it it seemed like I was watching a proper movie, it was that well made. I definitely think the potential is there to make a full feature length movie about Agent Carter. Would highly recommend this (as well as the other short Marvel films).

  • Last year I was really pleased with Item 47. It was funny, smart, had a nice dialog and likable characters. I hoped Agent Carter would be at least that good.

    Well, it was actually much, MUCH better. While Item 47 was generally enjoyable, Agent Carter is really touching. It brings some serious questions without loosing its lighter tone.

    Hayley Atwell is phenomenal as Peggy Carter. Atwell just has it all - the emotional depth, the attractive looks, the cool moves - the whole package. She's playing the character with so much love, it's an absolute pleasure to watch her. Peggy is forced to live in a world of injustice and double standards. Her struggle to keep it together is wonderfully done here.

    This short film feels like a mini-episode of Alias and that's one of the biggest compliments I could ever say about anything.

    My only complain about it is that it's not a full-length feature film. Marvel fans deserve a female-lead full-length feature film. Peggy deserves her own full-length feature film. Atwell deserves full-length feature film. Please, Marvel, make it happen soon.
  • After viewing every Marvel One Shot movie this one I have to say that Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter is my favorite one.

    It features Hayley Atwell reprising her role as Peggy Carter in her first solo film. This is a short movie that comes with the Blu ray edition of Iron Man 3.

    The plot for this film is simple but works of Peggy as we see her grow as far as a character goes

    Now the writing for this one is very good and so fun one-liners.

    The music in the film is really well done it gives you that feel of danger, decision, and surprise for a short film.

    The acting very well done with the best performance going to Hayley who is just right for the role of Agent Carter she just knows how to make the character

    The plot for this short film is smart, clever and goes to show the best man for the job is a woman and there is turns of unexpected you don't see coming.

    The film just knows how to hold your attention which is why I suggest giving this one a try

    I give Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter an 10 out of 10
  • This is the first of Marvel One-shots that I had watched. It just felt like a pilot for Agent Carter. Hayley Atwell was amazing again. She is the Peggy Carter we deserve.

    I just missed Jarvis... I know he appear in the show, but Peggy and Jarvis are a inseparable team for me now. Howard Stark is always hilarious and he isn't different in this one. Dumb Dumb Dugan was a surprise.

    Seriously, Netflix need to pick up Agent Carter for a third season. We need a more of these characters. Bring back these amazing characters to small screen. Just do it Marvel!!!!!!
  • nancyldraper13 March 2019
    I highly recommend these MARVEL ONE SHOTS. Agent Carter getting her long overdo credit is the sweetest kind of revenge. Good performances. Just the right amount of action. It was a nice touch as to her choice of picture in her desk. I give this short film a 7 (good) out of 10. {Marvel Universe Action mini-Adventure}
  • I haven't gotten round to watching the Agent Carter television series yet and truth be told have rather low expectations for it. This Marvel One-Shot has done nothing to change this.

    While the male agents leave her behind to wrap things up Agent Peggy Carter gets a call about a case and decides to break protocol to go it alone.

    Featuring the always excellent Bradley Whitford as her less than bareable boss and Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark this is a distinctly average short and a bit of a weak link in Marvels almost flawless chain.

    Atwell is uninspired, the plot is generic and though it solidly feels like an addition to the incredible marvel universe it brings nothing note worthy to it.

    The Good:

    Bradley Whitford


    The Bad:

    Instantly forgettable stuff

    Things I Learnt From This Short:

    I'm really not going to like Agent Carter am I?
  • This is a great one shot that Marvel made with a beloved character. The writing is solid for the 10ish minutes that it is and the action is spectacular too.

    Atwell portrays Carter with such confidence that it is hard to deny she is a capable agent. It is nice to see Stark too, keeping up with continuity that he was one of the founders of Shield.

    In light of continuity, it is hard to gauge when this one shot takes place or if it is even canon after all. It could take place after season 2 of Agent Carter but it is hard to tell.

    + Atwell + Writing and action + Stark and Shield - Hard to tell where in the timeline this exists, or if it even does

    Final Score: 8.8/10
  • In my opinion it is the best one shot of all that the studio has produced, it shows us a little more about this character that we love and what happens next, I think that maybe if it does not contribute too much to the chronology but in the end it is something about a non-main character so I think it's okay that I don't contribute too much.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is another Marvel One-Shot, actually a pretty long one at 15 minutes, starring Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter. When she is sick of the work at her desk and wants some field action, this is exactly what she gets. Apparently, she gets convincing enough to be employed in Washington to run S.H.I.E.L.D. shortly afterward, very much to the dismay of her boss played by Bradley Whitford. Apart from Atwell, the most prominent cast member is probably Dominic Cooper, who appears, just like her in theatrical releases from the Marvel universe in recent years. Atwell also got her own show this year where she stars as the character she portrays here. The director of these 15 minutes is the executive producer of "The Avengers" and this is not the only Marvel One-Shot he worked on. Same goes for the writer, who came up with scripts for four of these. I personally wasn't too impressed here with this short movie. I enjoy these additions to the big cinema releases at half the running time of this one here. 8 Minutes really should be enough and this one goes considerably longer and thus also lacks in terms of script quality in my opinion. It's all pointless action really and the short scene about bikinis during the ending credits was probably better and more entertaining than everything before. The Captain America references weren't too bad either, but in terms of Carter as a hero on her own, it's a definite nay for me. Not recommended.
  • This corto open a different timeline for the MCU from the Agent Carter TV series. A huge mistake. I am very disappointed because i've just seen the Tv-show,entirely.