• rbrb14 April 2014
    Laughable excuse for a thriller!
    What a stupid movie.

    A prosecuting attorney in a serial killer case needs to become the defense attorney when her close relative-a former judge- with whom she lives, is accused of being the killer.

    And if you think that is far fetched wait for all the other ludicrous plot twists and turns.

    The picture looks like it was made on a shoe string budget, and the only reason I give a vote one above the lowest mark is i) I saw the film to the end ii) there was a half decent song at the conclusion, and iii) the actor playing the former judge- given the atrocious story and script-did not do so bad compared to all the other hams.

    What a load of tripe!

  • steve-simon2812 May 2014
    Pretty decent Lifetime Thriller
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not a bad flick for a Lifetime movie. I'm only writing this review because it was better than the typical Lifetime "made for TV" thrillers and has a darker edge to it. I was really surprised with the twist at the end.

    Generally speaking the performances were good, although it's totally obvious Michael Nouri is guilty the first time you see him. Amanda Schull was really good, loved her chemistry with Freddie the private investigator.

    R.I.P to James Avery, kind of sad to see him end his career with a lesser role, but he did play a good judge.

    Plot/Logic issues aside, good low budget thriller.
  • Dave Swanson13 September 2013
    Fun Thriller
    Warning: Spoilers
    Saw this movie the other night with my wife. An underrated thriller for a TV movie. Strong acting and script. Lots of twists and turns that keep you guessing. Surprising scope in this one. Film was also shot and edited quite nicely.

    Amanda Schull and Michael Nouri we're stand outs. Ann Ramsey was really good too. The court room scenes were also well put together.

    **SPOILER - The best scene of the movie has to be Gina Gershon getting impaled with the California State Flag in the first 5 minutes. Classic!

    I was surprised I was glued to my seat till the twist at the end. Good movie to watch on a Saturday night. Highly recommend.
  • dandick-817-42134927 March 2015
    It makes Daedalus seem like a killer rather than a wing maker
    I felt the movie had entertainment value, and the plot had some quirky turns keeping it interesting. Most of your Lifetime or Hallmark movies seem to be nice, relaxing, enjoyable, but not intensely great. Most of the time they are clean so you don't feel you have to plug your years or take a shower after watching them. And this movie was no exception.

    The story led you to believe it was about a tall, highly intelligent, but older mass murderer whose M.O. was to kill someone while framing someone else. Somebody would be accused, found guilty, and exonerated, and the movie left you puzzling over who the killer really was, as any mystery would do.

    The funny thing is that the movie gave you a dark and horrible image of the name, Daedalus and a circular labyrinth. Watching it, you might feel you were hearing about the Zodiac killer and, say, a pentagram. But in Greek mythology, Daedalus was the father of Icarus, and both were locked away in a tower until Daedalus collected the feathers that the birds would leave behind and fashioned large wings for him and his son, and the two flew away from the tower. However, Icarus flew too close to the sun and the wax on his wings melted sending him down to the sea where he drowned.

    Naming a mass murderer after Daedalus seems a little goofy. But the actors seemed to work with the story line well. It is a nice movie to watch, better than many, cleaner than most, and a relatively engaging plot. If you need a relaxing evening and want to kick back and watch a movie, I'd recommend it. It should intrigue you without insulting or offending you with foul language and nudity. Though the murder at the start of the movie can be unsettling.
  • sleandre243 August 2013
    Great freaking movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie has a great twist it throws you off, but from the very beginning you have small suspicions of it. Great movie however, i really enjoyed it. Parts like that in the court room where all the evidence piles up, and it shows all the three guys; then a picture of the three together it immediately draws the idea who took the picture. Then some characters are just very obviously suspicious from the get go such as .... lol not gonna deliberately give away the story but it is great. One thing i will say someone very close to Shelby tends to take up on the ways of the "labyrinth killer." In the end the light is shone on said person, clearly a sequel coming. CAN'T WAIT personally. GREAT MOVIE!!! :)
  • Jennifer Harlen27 April 2015
    Underrated Thriller
    Saw this one on LMN this week. All-in-all not a bad thriller to watch on a Sunday evening. Acting is better than expected and Amanda Schull stands out particularly. The movie starts out sort of like SCREAM where a famous actress (you can probably guess which one) gets whacked within the first 5 minutes. From there, lots of exposition in the first 25 minutes, with references to places and people we never see. So a DVR is a must while watching.

    The plot starts to pick up after the first commercial break and then we're off to the races. The pace quickens and the tension builds up pretty well up until the end. Now, there is a twist at the end of the movie (pretty shocking actually) so make sure you watch all the way through. How you feel how about the twist will undoubtedly effect your thoughts on the movie as a whole. Did you buy it or not? That is the question.