Trivia (37)

The movie was shot in fifteen days.

Quentin Tarantino was offered the role of Guy Lapointe, but turned it down, saying he dug the script and "couldn't wait to watch Michael Parks let loose his internal Kraken". Kevin Smith said in an interview, that Tarantino thought he was getting a different part, and not that of Guy Lapointe, that's why he turned it down, which led to Johnny Depp being cast.

The first film in Kevin Smith's Canada-based trilogy. The second is Yoga Hosers (2016), based on Smodcast episode #288. The final installment will be Moose Jaws.

Smith told his Twitter followers to tweet "#WalrusYes" if they wanted to see their hypothetical turned into a film, or "#WalrusNo" if they didn't. A vast majority of Smith's following agreed that the film should be made.

Justin Long visiting the bathroom, and turning the doll away from him while he pees, is based on a story from Kevin Smith's childhood, that he told on his podcast.

Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp's daughters play clerks. Clerks (1994) launched Kevin Smith's career as a Director and Screenwriter.

Bifrost, meaning "shimmering path", is the rainbow bridge in Norse Mythology that leads to the realms of the gods.

According to Kevin Smith, most of the budget was used to obtain the rights to use the song "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac.

The post on Gumtree (where a homeowner was offering a living situation free of charge, if the lodger agrees to dress as a walrus) was in fact a prank post by noted Brighton poet and prankster Chris Parkinson, a fan of Smith who hoped to get in touch with him. Kevin Smith eventually hired Parkinson as a producer.

During the restaurant scene with Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp), the characters discuss the previous murder of a hockey player, called "Gregory Gumtree". This is a reference to the British Craigslist-type website called "Gumtree", which is where Kevin Smith saw the original prank advertisement, on which he based the script for this movie.

In Teddy and Ally's room, where they miss phone calls from Wallace, a framed picture of Kevin Smith's dog, Shecky, is on the wall.

Wallace's ringtone is from the Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman podcast "Hollywood Babble-On." The song is actually a fan-made song created using Garman's impression of Al Pacino.

Cameo: Jennifer Schwalbach, Kevin Smith's real-life wife, as the diner waitress.

The word "chuffa", used by Michael Parks' character in his dialogue with Justin Long's character, was used by Bruce Willis in reference to what he thinks are unnecessary scenes during the filming of Cop Out (2010). Justin Long and Kevin Smith co-starred with Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard (2007), Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense (1999), and Michael Parks in Planet Terror (2007) and Grindhouse (2007).

The Gimli Slider restaurant's name is based on the Gimli Glider, an Air Canada plane that took off without the full load of fuel it was scheduled to get on July 23, 1983. Its two pilots had to glide it down, without power, for an emergency landing, at Gimli Industrial Park Airport.

Greg Nicotero was the first choice to create the special effects, particularly the walrus suit. Smith states on Smodcast Episode 259, that he knows how much Nicotero loves Jaws (1975), to the point that Nicotero even constructed a real 25 foot replica of the shark "Bruce" in real-life for fun, and would jump at the chance to create something similar. Nicotero turned down the job, due to commitments with The Walking Dead (2010), and recommended his friend, and former partner Robert Kurtzman.

In this film, there is a character called the "Kill Bill Kid." The character Howard Howe is played by Michael Parks, who was also in both of Taratino's "Kill Bill" films.

The name "Gregory Grumtree" is a reference to the original post talked about in Smodcast #259. Gregory was the original name of "Mr. Tusk," and the post was found on a website named "Gumtree".

The woman Wallace leans on in the convenience store is Ashley Greene, a.k.a. Secret Stashley, presenter of the Top 5 Comic Countdown on the SModco YouTube channel.

One of the primary filming locations, The Cramer Mountain Country Club, near Charlotte, North Carolina, was the site where the perpetrators of the 1997 Loomis Fargo Robbery purchased a mansion after the robbery. Much of the movie was filmed at the adjacent golf club.

Ponder Rock, where Howard Howe gets stranded, is a reference to the podcast "Smodcast #224: Ponder Rockin' with Emo-Kev", posted September 16, 2012. Kevin and Scott talked about a cassette tape Kevin found, in which he dictated his banal thoughts when he was nineteen years old.

The inspiration for Teddy and the "Not See Party" podcast comes from Smith's friend, and fellow "Comic Book Men" cast member, Walt Flanagan. Flanagan has stated many times that he will never travel by plane, and rarely leaves New Jersey for any events.

Ralph Garman's line "It puts the BM in the PM's coffee" was included after the audience of the Hollywood Babble On Podcast voted for it.

In Guy LaPointe's first scene, he crushes the burger he's eating into a thin patty. This is a reference to Dic Ann's Hamburgers, a popular chain of restaurants in Montreal known for its exceptionally thin hamburgers eaten with popsicle sticks.

When Howard describes the size of the great white shark over dinner, he uses the exact line that Quint does in Jaws. "25 three tons on him.."

Wallace's exaggerated podcasts is similar to SModcast, Kevin Smith's weekly podcast series.

The name of Ralph Garman's character, Frank Garmin, is a call back to an episode of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast where a listener e-mail referred to Ralph by the wrong name.

Wallace mentions AMC contacting him in regard to his popular podcast. This is the reference to the fact, that another SmodCo podcast "Hollywood Babble-On" co-hosted by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman (Frank Garmin in Tusk), shoot the television show pilot on AMC. "Comic Book Men" reality television series about Kevin Smith's comics book store, is also shown on AMC.

In his tribute to Michael Parks, Kevin Smith mentioned that the fake voice that Howard uses while speaking with Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp) was entirely Parks' idea. Originally as scripted, Parks would have performed a French-Canadian accent but Parks didn't want to use that accent, having already done it on Twin Peaks (1990). According to Smith it was like "watching two wizards do battle and you can't figure out who the bad guy is" and that Parks was ecstatic over being allowed to "chew the scenery" around a major movie star that was "also chewing the scenery."

The "Kill Bill Kid" is based on "Star Wars Kid", a then-teenager (from Quebec) of whose video of him wielding a golf ball retriever like Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) spread online, and became a subject of ridicule. The suicide of the "Kill Bill Kid" is presumably based on Amanda Todd, a Canadian teen who also committed suicide after being bullied at school and online chats.

The role of Howard Howe was written for Michael Parks. Writer and director Kevin Smith has said that if Parks had turned down the role, the film would not have been made, much like their first collaboration Red State (2011).

The main character's name "Wallace" sounds similar to the word "walrus".

Bifrost is also the Rural Municipality (R.M., or County) adjacent to Gimli, which has its own R.M.

The walrus suit is made from foam and polyester, and designed to look like human flesh. In some scenes, faces can be distinguished in the suit.

Half way through the credits, a portion of Kevin Smith's Smodcast is played where he is discussing the third act of the movie.

The flashback foosball scene foreshadows Wallace's demise; a man with a flipper instead of feet.

Body count: one.