Paul: [First Lines] Tomorrow i'm filming a nude scene.

Alina: What nude?

Paul: Yours.

Alina: You're joking?

Paul: No.

Alina: Why don't you film Dinu naked?

Paul: Why should i film Dinu naked?

Alina: Isn't he the main character?

Paul: No, it needs to be beautiful.

Alina: Dinu has a beautiful body.

Paul: No man has a beautiful body.

Alina: For you.

Paul: No, from an aesthetic point of view. You know why?

Alina: No.

Paul: Because of the penis. No matter how well-proportioned is a man's body, its harmony goes to waste because of the penis. It's a mistake from an aesthetic point of view.

Alina: Who's Monica Vitti?

Paul: You don't know who is Monica Vitti?

Alina: No.

Paul: She's an Italian actress. Well known.

Alina: I don't know her...

Paul: Have you seen Antonioni's L'avventura?

Alina: No.

Paul: L'eclisse?

Alina: No.

Paul: But you know who Antonioni is?

Alina: No.

Paul: Haven't you seen Blow-up?

Alina: No.

Paul: You must see them.

Alina: Are they known?

Paul: Yes. They're important for the history of cinema. It's like you talk about theater but don't know who Chekhov is.