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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Really funny show if you are into this kind-of humor. not for people who are offended easily or think that cartoon characters should be role models for people in real life. but if you are like me and enjoy watching shows like family guy, south park, kevin spencer and such give it a shot- even if it is just to hear Eva Longoria call someone a 'baboon fluffer'. Bottom line- i think the show is hilarious, but if you are easily offended or cant laugh at yourself for whatever reason then maybe its not for you. i watch shows like this to be entertained, not learn life lessons, parenting skills, etc. i also kind-of wonder if some of the negative feedback i've seen for this show is just because some people do not like Longoria for some reason or other. i started watching this show with no preconceptions of her and am now a huge fan of this show.
  • trixi87901 January 2014
    I liked the show. Its by no means the best animated show I have ever seen but its funny enough. I find the kids likable and while Rudi is a terrible mother I still find her fun to watch. Its not a show you want to take overly seriously but that is just fine with me. Of course I also liked Alan Gregory which most people don't care for. It has jokes that some people might find insensitive or inappropriate but you are going to find that in most adult cartoons. Sometimes you just have to cringe and move on. I wish the schedule were a bit more consistent. Its a bit annoying when I don't know when the next episode will come out. I look forward to more Mother Up in the future whenever the next episode is made available.
  • I thought this show was hilarious. It really stood out in the world of animated comedies. The plot was original, funny, and had just the right balance between being realistic, and completely ridiculous. The characters were unique, quirky, either completely lovable or hate-able (is that a word? and just all around well thought out in my opinion.

    I have watched it several times now and it just never gets old for me, I was so sad to find out it didn't get renewed for season 2.

    Too many of these animated shows depend on dirty jokes, sexual situations, and gross-out humor, it was refreshing to see one that was funny without having to resort to that for the most part. Don't get me wrong, I love my Family guy, Futurama, American Dad, etc. just as much as anyone else, but this one is really different from those, and I liked it.

    It has some things that are easy to relate to, which I thought made it even better, like the struggle of being a single mom, dealing with fake people, etc. But then it also had scenes that were completely absurd, and probably would never happen to a normal person, and they end up being hilarious.

    Also, almost ever episode actually has a lesson to be learned that can be applied to most peoples life, another thing that is different than most animated shows. Usually, the lesson you take away from them is something ridiculous, like "If you're going to steal, be prepared to murder as well," from the Family guy fairy tale episode (lol).
  • This was an enjoyable show. It has a similar premise to "Suburgatory" but more as a straight sitcom rather than a dramedy.

    Rudy is a high flying business woman who must relocate to suburbia for some reason. I liked her: she's a narcissistic and arrogant person but one who ultimately loves her children even if she doesn't enjoy actually spending time with them.

    I was always rooting for her over the snooty other moms and she made a refreshing kind of character.

    The stories were fun enough but I really don't think they could have come up with more after the first season.

    Not too bad.
  • This is an average animated comedy series (meant for adult audiences, not a cartoon for kids). The voice work is fun and the animation is fine. The writing is not the best with some thin stories and bad jokes, you can pretty much tell everything that's going to happen or be said before it is. A decent show to just put on in the background if you're working on your laptop or something. Not bad.