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  • When it first started, the flash was an exciting new addition to the arrowverse, with its first season being exceptional. Viewers immediately fell in love with Grant Gustin's Barry Allen (AKA The Flash). The first season was amazing and enjoyable, and the story was very complex, yet felt smooth and even.

    Well, how the mighty have fallen. Over the seasons, we see a decrease in quality. As the producers churn out more and more episodes, the drop in quality is apparent. This is especially so in Season 4, which is by far the worst season of the flash. The excitement has all but faded, as each episode repeats the same things over and over again, with the plot being extremely predictable.

    It is my hope that the main villain was given more time and that the number of episodes could be decreased, to reduce the number of filler episodes and to end up with a more concise story, that is better told.
  • 1st season was really good , with great story. And slowly started to loose pace in the upcoming season . And the "Iris"character is very annoying , the effects were good, Sometimes the jokes are very silly and are very immature, the series are Good for kids under ten , but very silly and immature for teens and adults.
  • If you had asked me a couple of years ago what the best super hero TV show at the time was, I would have said The Flash.

    The show started excellently well with a gripping pilot and a good story line. It starts with how Barry Allen becomes The Flash starting with how he gets his powers, then learns how to use/control them and then tries to solve the mystery of his mother's death to avenge his father. Overall season 1 was superb! Season 2 was weak when it comes to the story line but the excitement of seeing new metas, cross over episodes and 'team flash' developing some individual abilities of their own makes watching the season worthwhile.

    Season 3 has been average at best and my rating of flash that started from a full 10 has dropped to 7 over two years. Constant time traveling and meddling with things not only gets confusing in my opinion, but also makes you lose interest.

    I would definitely recommend people to give this show a go (especially if you are a DC fan) but the eventual and constant decline of the show is pretty obvious as you go on with the episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I wanted to like this show, I really did. But when the writers consistently try to treat me like I'm a nine-year-old with ADHD, it gets old. Plot holes in this series are ENORMOUS.

    Who pays to keep S.T.A.R. Labs open? Who is feeding the meta-human prisoners and where do they shower? Why can Barry run faster than a bullet but not a flagpole being swung at him? There is obviously no one at the writers' table who is an actual scientist. It is apparent by the plethora of scientific errors. (500 proof alcohol? "Knots per mile?") The dialogue is really, really bad. For example, "Barry. Run." The chemistry between characters is forced. Plots are the same each week, save for a different villain.

    And consistency is a problem. Only when a punch line is needed do Barry's sneakers flame up after running or (to get her to take off her shirt) Felicity's blouse catch on fire.

    All in all, I am really amazed by how bad the writing on this show is and yet how highly regarded it seems to be on IMDb. To say The Flash is written more poorly than The Dukes of Hazzard or Love Boat would be an understatement.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every episode Iris West goes on and on about how "Barry lied to me," "My father lied to me," "my boyfriend lied to me." Talk about a broken record. First she goes from being a waitress to magically getting a job as a top reporter. Then she spends the rest of her screen time accusing people of lying to her, then acting like a 10 year old by giving everyone the silent treatment. Her rants are always about, "I thought you loved me," "I thought you were my best friend." Unfortunately I know I am not the only person who just wants someone to put a bullet in her head and get that annoying character off the show. And why on earth would anyone want to date or live with that shrew? Her character adds nothing to any storyline. Get rid of her. It is otherwise a pretty good, albeit, a kind of childish show.
  • Pushing too much drama into a super hero story and ruining everything. To make it interesting to some stupid people or the director himself, characters start behaving awkwardly in respect to their personality. And, what is up with Iris thing? She became a super smart bad ass from a news reporter now? I wish she was killed by Savitar and there was less drama. Director is pushing drama everywhere, and most of them are not needed. It has become an idiotic series. Now on the 8th episode of season 4, what the hell happened from last episode? Why the hell do you need to bring homosexuality to it in one single episode? No offense on homosexuality but is all these really needed on those scenes? Just injecting these like injecting Barry and Iris marriage plan drama and Joe becoming father drama, and even sometimes Wells singing and dancing drama and everyone is joining? What the hell is this? 1977 family drama series or 2017 super hero one? WAKE UP! I had given it 9 star rating till season 3.. after watching these episodes of season 4 I can give it more than 4. WATCHING THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME !
  • I watched season 1 long back and was disappointed. I loved the science and the speed but the character Iris was irritating as hell. So I stopped watching The Flash. But then justice League happened. I wanted to watch The Flash again and I did. But then adding to Iris there was this teen like kid flash. The episodes keep pissing me off as it goes by. Hope they change the writers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show really makes you wish to be able to go back into the mind of a little child. Unfortunately, if you have an IQ higher than that of a 6 year old or are not a complete idiot, you will witness the absolute murderfest of a character you may have held dear and loved all your life.

    The writers absolutely POOP right on the most basic writing rules. They are write themselves into corners, then just go to cheap tools to erase it, only to write themselves into the next corner.

    So it happens that the Flash is fast enough to vibrate through a gasoline truck, hell, he's even so fast, that he goes back in time! But... wait, there's a guy with some bees, and the Flash is powerless. Oh noes, a guy who has little toys that will follow you: Flash is powerless. A guy with a gun that shoots a ray of ice that travels slower than the water of a waterhose? Flash is powerless. Oh, did I say that the Flash can catch a bullet that is being shot at the back of his head, without turning around? Yeah, that is no problem.

    But everything else is. So he relies on a team of specialists, who work in a high tech underground lab - that any enemy can penetrate, as long as they have a hand to open the door lol.

    The acting: The actors really try as hard as they can to be worse than the writing, and they almost make it. But like when trying to act, they fail here too. Iris and her Dad have the range of glue stuck to glue, and everybody else does a really awful at it too.

    There is NO consistency, no logic, no real drama (who EVER thought for one second, that Barry really is about to die? be honest!). The show is just one big assassination of one of DCs coolest and (normally) funniest characters.

    I wish I could be at the intellectual level of a plant or gum under the table, cause then I could enjoy the series about one of my favorite characters. But anybody with a sliver of intelligent, won't be able to enjoy that trainwreck of a insult to sentient beings.

    And this is the toned down version of my review.
  • bprotonmail12 November 2018
    The show was cool at the beginning Harry Caitlin and Cisco carried the show. meanwhile the relation between Barry and Iris destroyed it. Iris is just selfish stupid girl and Barry felt more of an idiot than a Hero. and Tom Cavanagh - Harry- was great being the maestro. to make Iris lead the flash team was just nail in the coffin. I I literally felt my IQ EQ dropping. I watched the 4th and 5th seasons like flash watched tv shows he missed after coming back from speed force.
  • radiantheta13 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is my first time writing a review, but that's just how irritating this show was for me, one word to describe this show is cliché. First of all the show is so repetitive, the villain makes a first appearance and the flash with all his speed and abilities has to lose to the villain at first and then go prepare himself in star labs then he beats the villain in a rather disappointing showdown, excuse me but İ find it illogical that the flash would stop right before catching a shapeshifter just to tell him "You cant outrun me" resulting in his escape, really ? what a cliché. And yes the inconsistency of the flash's powers why isn't he able to avoid getting punched ? or speed his way out of a group of bees ? or avoid getting hit by a freezing/fire throwing gun ? it's just lazy on the writers' side to not try and find real challenges to his abilities instead of just contradicting the powers he shows in other unnecessary aspects of his life. Show is also full of plot holes, star labs is the place where everything about barry's identity is kept secret yet people just keep barging in on them like iris confirming the flash's identity, also how eddie keeping barry's identity a secret is affecting his relationship with iris is beyond me it's like they're begging for something to fill the episodes with, not to mention the corny dialogue. Also if cisco put his mind to it he can cure cancer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive" - But every other speedster on the show is 100000000 times faster than this piece of poorly written and played character(even the new speedsters who just got their speed). "I hunted down the man who killed my mother" - No duh you did. He didn't even remotely hunt him down, it's actually the opposite way around and in the end it was not even him who defeated the reverse flash. It was because of eddie the reverse flash was defeated. And Gaaaawwwddddd !! The actor is terrible.He always talks as if he's got a tampon size ice cube up his arse. Not to mention the writing of the show is so cringeworthy, the flash heavily depends on other character's advice to use his powers. The flash himself is an intelligent personality who can figure counter measures on his own. Remember with his ability to run faster came the ability to think faster and better.

    This show gets pretty REPETITIVE. A new villain shows up in an episode -> Flash shows up -> Gets beating -> Runs like a pussy -> Takes advice from his friends -> They come up with some lame and pretty basic advice -> Flash returns to villain with his new "move" and you know how it goes. What is this ? Power rangers ? This series is not even remotely close to the comic version of flash. Just a bunch of immature people getting together to destroy a good comic character. For the people who are watching Flash for the first time- Please do not judge flash's powers based on this series. This is an utter disaster and the Flash is not as dumb or whiny as they depict him in this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I was a lad back in the 60s my favourite super heroes were The Flash and Green Lantern. I'll discuss the horror that was the recent Green Lantern movie in that thread.

    I was really looking forward to the 2014 version of The Flash. While John Wesley Shipp made a great Flash back in 1990, the writers just had to inject the usual cornball humour that ruined the show for me. The 2014 Flash suffers from a different problem. The writers assume that the viewers are morons. Two examples follow:

    In one episode, Flash fights an opponent who can turn to steel. He defeats him with a risky move that requires him to run at supersonic speed, then enter a building and punch the villain. If the theory is wrong The Flash dies. Here's an idea. How about using the same speed to launch something like a brick at him? In either case, though, how does one stop in the length of a high school corridor when one is traveling at supersonic speed?

    But the biggest problem is that the writers continue to ignore the fact that The Flash can run really really fast. That's kind of the whole basis of the series. Check out the episode where he is up against Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The two villains are in the middle of the street and the only way he can defeat them is to get hit by both guns at the same time? We just saw Barry serve coffee to a room full of customers without being detected (because he can run really really fast - get it?). Here's an idea. Run really really fast and take their guns away before they can fire them.

    Then there's the other option. As my son and I watched the show we repeatedly turned to each other and said the single word, "sniper". Somehow all those police just overlooked the fact that they carry guns and neither of the villains was wearing a bullet proof vest. And even if they were. Head shot! Duh!

    So I am tired of being treated like a moron. I think I'll be passing on future episodes. Pity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sry for my English - i am from Germany!

    I'm still watching this sh..t, just because i like the flash and there are some good animations where he moves fast. I don't have anything against the actors -still they upset me sometimes with the artificial drama. The most annoying is the story - the logical things. They try to force so much science into the episodes but they violate the basic laws of physics at the same time.

    For example: Why must flash punch the giant gorilla with his hand??? Pick a f...g steel bar, speed up to mach-8 and punch the gorilla with the steel bar - that would be clever! Punching the gorilla with the hand on mach-8 is just stupid and you risk damage to the hand, nobody would do that - and you can apply this example to every episode!

    Then there is "Mr. Cold" or whatever he is called. He is not even a real enemy to the flash. He cant do sh..t against flash with his canon. And why does flash have to run into the ice-cannon and fire-cannon at the same time to defeat the villains? Again do the same trick with the steel bar (like with the gorilla) and there would never be a problem.

    There is something the writers and directors need to understand: The flash is so fast that it is difficult to find a real enemy for him. Still this is the challenge - to find a villain who beats flash with speed or with his cleverness - the reversed flash was a nice try (with his dead again not being logical).

    No creativity, no logic - just stupid scripts.
  • tdreweb30 October 2018
    Never felt the need to review a show before, but this is infuriating. The Flash, Arrow, Legends...need to stop splicing episodes across franchises. There is nothing more infuriating than not being able to watch the entirety of a story. It is pretty unlikely the platform your watching it off is going to have all your godam franchises. Knock it off already!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been a huge fan of this series and really loved it for first two seasons.But now they are losing there track and I don't know why they are so much focused on Joe's family.He found his wife, got his son, he is dating Cecile and now is going have a baby.Sometimes it feels like the Joe is the main character and all story revolves around him.

    The other character that gets on my nerve is Iris.In this season she irritates me every time she comes on screen.I mean why is getting so much importance and what is she doing in the star labs? A how dare she say "we are the flash" , even Cisco, Caitlin or Harrison Wells hasn't said something like that.I sometimes wish that Savitar should have killed her.

    They are like always having a speedster villain and the show is getting way too lighter.It looks like they are not having a speedster villain this season and I hope the show improves.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The spoilers here are very minor and will not affect your experience if you're the average person. Still, better safe than sorry. WRITING (Conflicts, character actions, and dialogue) The writing in this show is less than impressive. There is no such thing as subtlety and half the dialogue is them throwing in the word "fast" for the hell of it. At one point, a character says to some random thug "Freeze! Now, get on the ground or do you wanna find out the hard way that you're not faster than a bullet?" I'm actually quite certain that the line verbatim is worse than that. A lot of plot points make no sense, and this is a huge problem with The Flash in general. The Flash is so fast that few conflicts are actually conflicts for The Flash, but rather than being creative and trying to think up interesting conflicts, they make the characters mentally incompetent to the point that The Flash, who can dodge a bullet, cannot dodge a punch. This actually becomes the main plot point of an entire episode. His inability to dodge attacks at normal speed makes no sense. Also, he has a tendency to block bullets that he doesn't even know are there. In one episode, he reaches behind him and pinches a random spot behind his neck and there just happens to be a bullet there for him to block! What an ESSENTIALLY IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCE! That is the laziest writing ever. "We need our character to get shot at without getting shot. Let's just have him randomly reach back for some reason, I'm sure we'll figure it out in post." There's an episode where he has to catch three motorcyclists. So, he runs to each of them, takes them to a police station and handcuffs them to a pole like he always does. I'm just kidding, he creates roadblocks where he thinks they'll go so that he can make all the motorcyclists go towards each other, and then they won't know how to move past each other, so they'll stop and the police can get them, at which point there will be an utterance of "Checkmate." That last bit is also not a joke. That happened. This is actually something that a producer and a team of writers looked over and said "Nothing wrong here. Onwards to production!" Also, this is My Little Pony with adults watching (so, just My Little Pony...with Rainbow Dash as the main character, I suppose). They like to have Aesops to each episode, and they're very basic moral lessons, or even broken ones, and then they'll do what's essentially a Dear Celestia inner monologue at the end of each episode. "Today, I learned..." Really? There's no subtlety in the character development at all. At certain points, I swear the characters literally look at the camera and go "I've really changed today. I used to think A and now I think B." Here's a bit of dialogue meant to be badass. (Right before Barry's about to leave.) "Barry." (Barry stops to see why his peer decided to stop him during this urgent mission.) "Yes?" "Run." CONSISTENCY There is no consistency with Barry's powers. The effects of running really fast (friction, air compression, etc.) turn on and off randomly. At one point, a woman's shirt burns off despite that making no sense whatsoever, presumably because one of the writers thought that the actress was hot and knew he had the power to get her to reveal a little more. As I mentioned before, he just decides not to dodge punches. Or grab people's weapons to disarm them. He also runs slow enough for The Arrow to see him and aim at him when he's fast enough to see bullets. Bullets are so fast that 500 feet away, all you can do is blink before the bullet reaches you. Otherwise, you're completely still. Everything should be frozen for Barry, but he runs at the speed of a falcon from time to time. TECHNICALITIES Bullets and guns. Don't expect them to make sense. Physics. Chemistry. Science in general. Tensile strength being a huge factor when hitting someone? Hearing a sonic boom from something that hasn't gotten to you yet? A gun that creates the heat of the Big Bang? A needle the heat of the Sun would kill everyone in at least a one thousand mile radius. A warehouse the heat of all the energy in the universe (which, you might notice, doesn't make sense) would evaporate all matter in the entire solar system. But no worries here, just some second degree burns (these were normal humans that got second degree burns, not The Flash, so no superpowers to withstand the energy of the entire universe there). 500 proof alcohol? Iron oxide being uncommon? Turn your brain off or get a hemorrhage. It's nice to see The Flash moving about with live actors (though poor actors), but that's it. That's the only pro. That's all this show gets.
  • Maybe CW has taken it upon itself to ruin a great character from the DC Universe!!! Probably a child who has never been exposed to genres of movies which never make people think would enjoy this. A show full of stupid plot holes and unnecessary nagging in the form of emotions.... Worthless emotions are given importance rather than good character building and meaningful backstories. Literally the viewership would spike if they kill off stupid emotions and IRIS WEST and bring in some meaningful story!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Loved this series till season 3, which is just plain farce.

    Since Barry came back, the first three episodes have been shockingly awful.

    Have the writers run out of ideas and resorted to plain old cheap laughs, no right, it ain't funny! Run out of money maybe?

    I know Flash has always been lighter in theme than the other of the Marvel stable. However, season three, so far has been terribly bad.
  • imado22 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Might contain spoilers yet it is hard to spoil the show that spoiled.

    Badly guided meat puppets randomly spewing out for no apparent reason phrases like "I promise", "It's not gonna happen", "It's my fault", "I promise", "It's not gonna happen, I promise" etc., horribly written by the "writers" who probably learned to write in a clown school, where they teach you how to annoy people off to no end instead of weaving beautiful story lines. And at some point one really starts to hope for mass murder suicide of the whole bunch of main characters and writers. Started by the emotionally unstable namesake of the show with his trembling and cracking voice of the person on the brink of hysteria and mental breakdown. +1 just for beautiful production of the set. PS: I have a bit of OCD concerning shows I started to watch, even awful ones. So this is my outlet for all the pain and suffering brought to me by 3 seasons of this one.
  • When the show first came out it was exciting. Now, it has become so slow and boring that it's almost painful to watch. And what's up with this fake French accented scientist guy? The using the same actor to play different parts? What is that all about? Is there a shortage of actors? It has become more like a soap opera than a superhero show. The writers really need to do better hire new writers. And the love affair between Flash and his wife seems so misplaced. The constant little psychological emotional dilemmas and squabbles is not interesting at all. Flash needs to be Flash. And including Nora as the child from the future makes the whole thing seems so confusing as well as Nora having too many damn problems. Stop killing the show please.
  • The first 2-3 seasons were great but now the show is repeating it's self while trying but failing to inovate. The characters have become completely blank and cliché. The show has become a parody of itself. Really sad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In my opinion, this show started great with a surprising first season, but as the second season came along is like the show- runners and script writers ran out of ideas and started doing random stuff that made no sense whatsoever. The second season had way too many plot holes and continuity errors. Too many things made no sense whatsoever and many other things were left completely unexplained. It was almost as if the both the show- runners and the script writers were changed halfway through the season and they had no idea what was going on with the show. I won't get too much into detail but an example of this was the Zoom almost killing "Jay Garrick" flashback at the beginning of the season. Technically, with what happened later on the show, that NEVER happened since it was all made up by zoom, so why show a flashback to an event that never happened?! A second example was when Zoom killed his Jay Garrick self in front of the team. He arrived with the body at his lair and said "Well, this is a complication" but then like 3 episodes later supposedly it was all part of his plan all along and his Jay Garrick self agreed to being killed. So why, if it was all part of his plan all along and his other self agreed to being killed, why was it a complication? The season already ended and this was never explained. These two things I just mentioned were left completely unexplained and it caused continuity errors with things that happened later that SAME season. They create quite the plot holes as well. But these are just two of perhaps the 10 to 15 things that were left completely unexplained by that season. It is almost as if they just rushed through the script writing without revising it after they were done. They really didn't think things through with this season. Maybe the success of the first season got in their heads and they thought they could just make a bunch of random illogical stuff and people would like it.

    Another thing is that the acting this season felt less natural, like they suddenly forgot how to act sometimes. It bugged me quite a lot, specially with Danielle Panabaker who, in my opinion, had the worst acting this season.This does not applies to Tom Cavanagh because he is actually a great actor.

    So yeah, unfortunately, looking at how the second season played out, if in the third season they don't do something to fix all the errors they made in the second season then this show will get nowhere, and if they continue making more continuity errors and plot holes then this show will completely fail.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been quite happy with the Flash until I saw season 2 Episode 18. The writing in that episode is beyond stupidity. Why?

    • All portals to the other earth were closed. Zoom is fatally sick. In a few years he would die by himself. No real reason to open portal to other earth.

    • Barry is faster than Zoom. Barry captures Zoom but does not knock him out or anything. Instead Barry just talks to Zoom and fails to keep him captured. Also the trap they made for Zoom is stupid. Barry already is faster than Zoom so there was no need for a trap.

    • When Zoom handed over Wally to the Flash team, why didn't Barry just break the deal and kill him or at least knock him out and capture him?. Instead Barry makes the most retarded decision he has ever made. He gives his powers to the serial killer Zoom, who could kill everyone in the earth especially when there is no one to stop him (the Flash is the only one who could stop him).

    So Barry risks both earths for no good reason. Was he afraid to fight Zoom? Who knows. I hope they don't make this kind of writing mistakes in the future or the Flash is over for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've only seen the first season so far so I'll comment on it. I'm a fanboy that loves superhero stuff. This series is everything I could want because it captures the spirit of heroism that's so important to any superhero endeavor. If anything Barry is a little too heroic, even apologizing for things that aren't his fault, but that's the kind of spirit the good guys should be about. Though I think he would have been a perfect Peter Parker/Spider-Man, I think Grant Gustin kills it as the Flash. He perfectly captures what it is to be a hero, selflessness (even when it's very painful), compassion and the willingness to risk his life to protect the innocent. That's what heroes are all about and something we've lost in an age where we choose to believe in nothing. Superheroes are all about Utopian ideals; what could we accomplish if we were truly good inside and were motivated by good intentions? We need heroes in our movies and TV and The Flash perfectly captures that.

    I think Gustin is a terrific young actor because he can express the pain of Barry Allen expertly and that's what's needed for the heroes journey, the choice to serve others at expense of your own goals and dreams. The supporting cast is a bit uneven. Jesse L Martin is excellent and Carlos Valdez gets to be so endearing that certain plot points later on make you upset when things don't go his way. One thing about these CW shows is that the actresses never seen to come off well, just flighty and silly. Danielle Panabaker is fine in her role but Candice Patton's Iris West is a real bubble head. She's the only one the entire first season that can't see the obvious in front or her face. They probably overworked to make her situation with both Barry and Flash as separate entities like Margot Kidder's Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve's Superman. The parallels are virtually identical. Still, if you have to borrow, borrow from something good. Tom Cavanagh is the strongest actor in the series. He handles his complicated part perfectly. The villains are mostly fine though not exactly noteworthy. The exceptions are Reverse Flash (our main villain) and the wonderful Wentworth Miller as old school villain Captain Cold. The special effects are incredible (as they needed to be.)

    I read a few comments about the show not building a story right away and that's complete nonsense. Barry's creation and evolution as the Flash are juxtaposed with his greatest enemy in his midst without his knowledge (or even knowing he's his enemy yet.) The show builds Harrison Wells as the main villain in Episode 2 so that's pretty much having a direction for the show from early on. And, yes, it's a young Flash so it's going to appeal to younger viewers and that's fine by me. One of the things I loved about the wonderful Batman Begins is that it showed the heroes journey by a young Bruce Wayne into Batman. Heroism comes from the inside and by choice. It's not having superpowers alone. It's what you do with them and The Flash gets that.

    Hey, I'm a mark for anything superhero but I'm also a mark for good movies and TV. The Flash is a show with millennials in mind and that's fine by me. As an older viewer, I can appreciate it because it captures the timeless beauty of good vs. evil, concepts we should all ponder when we make our choices in life. Loved the first season. Will soon see the second season on DVD and will possibly make another review.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nothing in this show makes any sense.. This proves to me that American television is getting dumber and less creative by the month!

    The kid wakes up after nine months of being in a coma and just walks out straight away, with a tan and perfect hair.

    No one seems that impressed that he can run at the speed of light..

    The lab which blew up the whole city is still operating and although they claim to have lost everything, they can still afford to run this highly technical facility.. Oh yeah.. and its run by a bunch of kids. It seems kids are doing everything in this show.. where are the adults? Are we supposed to believe these 20 year olds are running advanced scientific laboratories?

    Actors look so dumb and out of place it makes me want to grab a cheese grater and slowly rub it over my face, causing me as much pain as humanly possible, only to distract myself from the fact that I just watched this show.

    If you cannot see how cheesy and bad this is, you have become immune to the American junk that is all around us, I urge you to watch real television. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE TORTURE!
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