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  • Yeah, this film lasts for only 3 minutes. It would've been better if it were 7 or 10 minutes long.

    It is really about a family surviving in WW2. It doesn't focus on the war, but just the family doing activities including making buns, putting sand bags in the bomb shelter and having dinner.

    The main character is a girl called Poppy who is autistic. The film doesn't tell us she is autistic, but rather let's the audience find out for themselves.

    There's a scene where she is having a panic attack, like most autistic people do, because one of the buns she's made were eaten by her brother.

    Not a lot happens in this film and the ending is left up to the audience to figure it out for themselves.

    Overall, it's okay. It is a charming short with nice animation and voice acting, but could've been better if it were longer and had more scenes.