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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This slice of life anime is set is rural Japan far from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo; life is quiet there. There are only five children at the school and they attend the same class despite being very different ages. The series begins on Hotaru Ichijo's first day at the school; having transferred from Tokyo she finds it all rather different. She soon fits in though and starts to enjoy the different pace of rural life.

    Over the course of the series the Hotaru and her new friends; sisters Natsumi and Komari Koshigaya and first year Renge do various things, frequently involving their teacher Kazuho, who happens to be Renge's sister and young woman who runs the local sweet shop. These aren't madcap adventures just the sort of thing one might expect youngsters to do.

    This series was an utter delight; the humour was very gentle with nothing whatsoever to offend. The characters are for the most part entirely believable. The fact that the humour is so gentle doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments. The animation looks good and the backgrounds are stunning; perfectly capturing the rural setting. Overall I'd recommend this series to any fans of the slice of life genre; it was great.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • I absolutely love this show. There is almost zero conflict, but there is something so comforting about watching it. I loved this show, but if you are mostly into drama or action I wouldn't recommend it. Honestly I got sadness (that I finished it, not that the ending is sad) nearly on the level that I did from ATLA or k-on when I finished it, so that should speak for how much I loved it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know if I'm the only one who thought this didn't need a sequel, but I felt indifferent to it and its characters and thought it was overrated. The story and the characters were clichés of something seen before and the only truly good one who happens to be my favorite is Natsumi, because she's less of a silly-billy than the other ones are.

    The comedy has its hit-or-misses, it's a feel-good anime so there's rarely any drama in it and there's realistic characters but they still have their flaws.

    Now, back to the story, the story is about these kids who move from Tokyo and after living the city life, are experiencing culture shock with their new environment, which is normal for a lot of kids. The characters are the precocious kid, the know-it-all middle-schooler who thinks she's grown, the crybaby, and the childish girl, doing random things.

    This series is aimed at kids but it still doesn't excuse the fact that it is terribly mediocre and has little in the enjoyment factor. There was also a song through out the series that sounded like a baby's music, row row row your boat. Maybe my 13-year-old self will enjoy the series slightly more.

    All in all, an interesting series, suffering from a lot of problems.