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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is not a Yakuza movie, folks. Just a noir film speaking about an investigation after a crime has been committed. One more time - the last one, I hope - I watched this movie without any subtitles nor dubbing. And because it is not an action flick, I am a little lost, compare to other Japanese crime flicks I am used to see. I repeat, that's mainly, if not only, an investigation story with the leading cop searching for the murderer. The story emphasizes on the behaviour of the characters, among whom the killer is. You find here a sort of social depiction of the post war Japan, which may be a little similar to the Italian neo -realism of the same period. The photography is excellent. Excellent atmosphere, some kind jazzy as the US productions also from this period. You also have here an extraordinary long shot, very rare for this era, when the hero faces the murderer. Good climax.