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  • Edwin Lee is a most untalented pornographer, who almost drove me away entirely (I have later relented) from watching new Penthouse DVDs thanks to his awful all-sex titles for that label. Here he perpetrates what is known as "Reality Porn" for Wicked Pictures, dragging that once-venerated brand name down to the gutter.

    With a companion film titled "My Slutty Weekend" (both feature Lexi Belle in the cast), Lee takes his single camera and big mouth on holiday with a bevy of porn stars, merely recording them having sex on vacation. They laugh a lot and are giddy when not merely moaning and groaning in porno's required fake-ecstasy and watching such for over two hours at a helping is dreary.

    Besides Belle we have a surplus of blondes, headed by busty Christie Stevens who gets the most riding time XXX-style. The studs are Chatsworth standard issue, and making the whole farrago unbearable are Edwin's tedious single-camera (amateur night) shooting style, and his overbearing endless conversation with the cast while they perform -destroying any possibility of eroticism.