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  • I hold Dana Vespoli in great esteem as one of the most creative directors currently working in Adult Cinema, but Buttman lets her indulge herself in various Evil Angel videos, evidently giving her full autonomy as to content. This third in a meretricious of series of anal-centric DVDs is at times embarrassing.

    It seems that Dana, who handles the camera as well as directing her four female stars, can't keep her itchy fingers out of their posteriors. Showing that is clearly pornographic (penetration = hardcore by definition) but not in the least erotic. So Dana's self-professed visual diary that Buttman accepts for release amounts to self-incrimination rather than entertainment.

    A huge dildo is applied to the posterior of one of the girl, and adding to the show's boredom factor is repeated use of a tiresome format of driving around and schmoozing with a female victim, then humping her in the open air on a beach or other setting near the road.

    Jessie Volt is something of a breath of fresh air, though her comments (spoken with a lilting French accent) about being sympatico with DV as to anal orgasms and use of mechanical dildo machines (a cheap plug for shoots at the outfit) are distressing. One would like to put these talented women on a pedestal, rather than listening to (or watching) their fetishistic behavior.