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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Prim'n'proper school teacher Miss Meadows (a delightful portrayal by the adorable Katie Holmes) also just happens to be a vigilante who's dedicated to ridding the world of evildoers. Complications ensue after Miss Meadows falls in love with the sheriff (likeable James Badge Dale) of the small town that she's recently moved into.

    Writer/director Karen Leigh Hopkins relates the enjoyably offbeat story at a constant pace, maintains an utterly beguiling quirky tone, nicely evokes a pleasant small town atmosphere, presents a neat array of colorful characters, and spices things up with amusing touches of wickedly funny dark humor along with a few surprisingly poignant moments. With her white gloves and socks, pretty dresses, black tap shoes, impeccable sense of grace and decorum, and persistently perky demeanor, Holmes as Miss Meadows makes for a charmingly kooky anti-heroine. Moreover, there are sturdy supporting contributions from Jean Smart as Miss Meadws' equally well-mannered mother, Mary Kay Place as cheery neighbor Mrs. Davenport, Ava Kolker as sweet little girl Heather, Callan Mulvey as skeezy ex-con Skylar, and Graham Beckel as creepy sexual predator Tony Weaver. Further enhanced by Jeff Cardoni's bouncy score and Barry Markowitz's bright cinematography, this film overall rates as a total idiosyncratic treat.
  • A tap dancing vigilante may seem an impossible idea to turn into a comprehensible script but somehow Karen Leigh Hopkins makes it work. The opening sequence of the film makes it clear that Miss Meadows (Holmes) is no ordinary school teacher cum vigilante, with victim number one clocked very early after the title sequence. Holmes does a great job of making Miss Meadows seem the epitome of eccentricity, with, apparently, carefully created, precisely drawn and meticulously manicured manners, even at the point of the kill.

    Throughout the plot are moments of blissful dialogue intertwined with pauses, telling looks, and, it has to be said, the incongruous, but it does hang together if you stick with it. There are continuity blunders in more than one scene, and occasional poor editing, but these do not stop the film from being surprisingly engrossing. The acting is rather good too, especially from James Badge Dale (the Sheriff) and Ava Kolker (Heather). There are memorable scenes like dancing to an unseen and unheard accordion in a field which make this film a little like an old fashioned fairy tale or a fable, but the message is totally adult in content, and should leave you thoughtful by the end.

    A film like few others which is going to be underrated and under exposed. It is better than it will score on places like 1Mbd.
  • btreakle23 September 2020
    I thought this movie was underrated and I love Katie Holmes and James badge Dale and Jean smart. I thought ahead of next week's lot very cute. This is one you don't wanna let get away I like it.
  • Its 1 of those movies that a lot of people wont get I'd classify it as a quirky dark comedy with a touch of romance thrown in. The performances are excellent by all especially Katie Holmes to us it's her best. It's a film that no one has seen including us glad we caught it in Amazon. Not sure why people say its 2 violent as there isnt that much a few shootings but you dont see much gore jurassic park was a lot more violence and its pg 13 so?? Anyway it has some very funny lines in it an excellent script and great cast. The plot comes together nicely the actors have good chemistry even the kids are great should be in the high 6s for sure but we noticed that if it's a 5.6 to 5.8 we end up LOVING it!! Watch this dark comedy YOU'LL LOVE IT!! To bad Katie didnt make more films like this shes extremely Underrated at them.
  • cekadah31 December 2014
    If you like dark comedy ... this is your movie.

    If you like a surreal plot line ... this is your movie.

    If you just want something 'different' ... this is your movie.

    Katie Holmes as Miss Meadows brings the characters sweetness, vulnerability, and cruelty to life. And the supporting cast is just perfect in their roles.

    Not a film for 'the average' viewer! Art film buffs will be highly entertained.

    9 out of 10 stars for me because --- there was (for me) a bit of a slow part --- but I still greatly enjoyed this flick.
  • Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) is a nice prim substitute grade school teacher on the outside but she is something more underneath the facade. She kills criminals on the side and talks to her mother (Jean Smart) on the phone. She starts dating the local sheriff which conflicts with her extra-curricular activities. The sheriff gets suspicious but asks her to marry him as soon as she tells him that she's pregnant.

    Filmmaker Karen Leigh Hopkins has filled this with a lot of quirkiness but none of it is funny. It doesn't work as a black comedy. All the quirky keeps the movie from going truly dark. There is also a lack of intensity especially considering the killings. This should be either much darker or more surreal. This feels like it's a step away from being a good interesting movie.
  • The lead here is perfect, but so is the beau. I would of given this a 10 but for the movie stretching credibility late in the piece. That was bad writing. There were a hundred ways to make it work if there had been slight alterations. What the hell. It's a movie. A delightfully presented and genuinely moving little indie/black comedy, worthy of several awards.
  • I really enjoyed this little's a departure for Katie Holmes and she is more than up to the challenge.she is utterly convincing in her role of mild mannered teacher/ could really sympathise with her character even if you feel you shouldn't.but she also has a lot to work with.the acting of her co stars is very good here.and I thought the writing was very good especially the dialogue.i also liked the look of the film,the use of colour.i found the film to be unpredictable and I didn't see the end(as subtle as it was) coming at all.when you add it all up,it's a very well done film.i give Miss Meadow an 8/10
  • I read a couple of negative reviews and I can only conclude that this is one of those times when people have simply different expectations (high or just different) and they are overall too surprised to enjoy the movie as it is. Some say Holmes plays too young character for her actual age, some say the film isn't funny enough, when it should be a dark comedy and some complain the story is too predictable.

    Main complaint however is that the storyline fails to develop enough to seem believable, and simply emerges to, quote, off-puttingly bizarre (review on holywoodreporter). I must disagree. This movie would not seem annoyingly odd, if you simply don't watch it with certain expectations, and this actually counts for almost any movie. Forget for a minute you're watching Tom Cruise's ex wife, forget that she's also a co-producer, and just let yourself enjoy the movie. Who says films should be "believable"?! You may treat this movie as a fairy tale and you'll get overwhelmingly fascinated by the tap-dancing, the hairstyle and the costume design in it.

    You also may be surprised you actually like Holmes' acting. She plays a woman living in a fantasy world, who starts slowly meeting the reality - but who says she should meet the reality all the way through? She abandons her fairy-tale world for a while, just to fix the things that are too odd, but what's nicely surprising is she doesn't abandon it completely. I would say she plays some sort of an everyday super hero, because she fearlessly helps and saves people in need, but she's is depicted without the clichés for a superhero character, and the film is weird enough, in a nice way, to make us think of this without putting it too obvious.

    Another reason to watch this movie is Brenda Abbandandolo's costume design. Miss Meadows' clothes, combined with her hairstyles and maybe the makeup, are the things that make this movie so enjoyable. For any fashion lover, this is a reason alone to watch it. Scenography is also nice, but Katie Holmes in a elegant high waist skirt wearing white gloves and tap-dancing shoes, with cute hair strands and big eyes, this is something completely overwhelmingly cute and sure a reason to love at least a little the film. Her well-illustrated character will make you like the rest of the cast's look - Sheriff's intentionally balding hair, bad guy's evil looking face and his character's overall look - the hair and the dog on a leash.

    At last, I suggest if you suspect that you have developed any kind of high expectations for this film, simply skip it. Watch it only without prejudice, and you will enjoy Katie Holmes acting, and Miss Meadows' clothing and hairstyles.
  • If you like unique and quirky you will LOVE this movie. A prim schoolteacher with a past, tap dances her way into the hearts of her young students and everyone around her! Be prepared to enjoy this one if you are quirky yourself.
  • Katie Holmes is absolute perfection and so absorbed in the role she becomes the character. Miss Meadows makes you question how far you would go to protect innocence if you knew you could prevent it from being taken. A character movie that grabs your emotions and convictions satisfying to the last second of film. This is by far her best role in anything and hopefully will get her well deserved recognition as a character actress. Brilliantly directed and executed, Miss Meadows will share it's deserved place in cinema history as a film that stands out on it's own and delivers a message we should never forget. For those of you that love gripping vengeance films this one redefines the rules of engagement. Superior film making.
  • I'm happy for Katie Holmes that she got a role, that might seem one sided or one dimensional on the outside, but is actually pretty meaty on the inside. And she has fun playing that character obviously. Unfortunately the movie or rather the script itself is not so good. It can't keep up with the pace and quality of the character.

    It's a weird movie nonetheless and it's very violent while innocent looking. If you don't mind that split, which actually makes the difference to other movies, you will enjoy this. It's not about being right (though you couldn't argue the values), but about how or if one should act upon those values ... Not that the movie will leave you thinking too much ... It's supposed to be entertainment after all
  • picuco925 April 2014
    I saw this at the Tribeca Film fest and I really liked it. Sure, the plot is clumsy at parts but it is all part of the fun. It's actually hard to describe this film since it has such a unique tone. Think Mary Poppins meets John Waters. It's funny, dark, campy, and it's very out there. I have to say my favorite thing in the film was Katie Holmes. This type of role you just do not expect from her and I hope she continues to do characters outside of her comfort zone because she certainly has the chops to bring them to justice. This is the best performance I've seen from her. the movie got a very generous applaud at the screening I attended at the festival but I don't think this will be a mainstream hit. I think it will eventually find its audience though. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future it joins the list of most respected transgressive cult films.
  • Entertaining little vigilante tale with a quirky twist. The only movie I've seen with Katie Holmes that didn't make me want to stop the flick. A Good Time Waster.
  • i've never reviewed a movie on IMDb before. i review them on my facebook page when i feel the urge, but i'm supremely unqualified to do so. although what the qualifications would be, i don't exactly know.

    first, let me say that black comedy is a category which seems to impact me and stick to me longer than nearly any other genre. and i'm a sucker for the unreliable narrator as well and they usually go hand-in-hand.

    when i say this movie was brilliant, i have no proof of it, no one single detail which would qualify it, but i do know it held me enthralled from beginning to end. and yes, there were a couple of rough patches where i thought the script sort of wandered off track, but then, i didn't write it, so it might well have been exactly what they intended and that one scene or two or an exchange of dialogue just didn't resonate with me.

    i completely understand this genre is not for everyone and the comedy goes right over the heads of many people--too many things seem to do so these days.

    i apologize for the wandering 'review', but i just think it deserves 2-3 stars more than the IMDb is showing as the average. don't let the slightly low rating keep you from watching it.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) is described as a "Mary Poppins vigilante." She is very polite and precise in her speech. She is a first grade substitute teacher and not mentally stable. As fate would have it, she becomes the girlfriend of the police officer (James Badge Dale) investigating the killings. She drives an immaculate 1956 Nash and has flashbacks to a traumatic childhood experience, of which we get glimpses, until it is explained in the end.

    For those who like quirky dark comedies, welcome Holmes. Remember "permanent is temporary" and "truth is relative." Miss Meadows loves to turn phrases. Sometimes it is not apparent, so watch this production when you can pay attention to the dialogue.

    Guide: Sex scene. No f-bombs or nudity. People who liked this film might also like "Violet and Daisy."
  • I did not really know what to expect on my outing with Miss Meadows. The cover art is probably a bit misleading as it is more of a day in the life of Miss Meadows rather than a woman going out of her way to kill men type film.

    Katie Holmes did a perfect job as Miss Meadows I think the casting was spot on. It was a delight to hear here use of "proper" English which contrasted well with the run down neighborhood in which she occupies. Katie did a great job displaying the playful and innocent Miss Meadows.

    The film touches on many things including - love, optimism, being naive, mental illness, relationships developing despite mental illness.

    Miss Meadows comes along as a delightful character with no-nonsense justice served. A good escapist film. The word play is akin to a Wes Andersen movie (think Grand Budapest Hotel)

    So pick up your top hat, grab a picnic basket and go on a stroll with the delightful Miss Meadows.
  • 8 December 2014. Katie Holme's as executive producer stars as a charming but oddly pert, proper, but with a secret that develops into almost fanciful character, one of the most unique in film history. This truly black comedy resonates with the odd character of Renee Zellweger in Nurse Betty (2000) and the wildly dissonance of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002).

    The enchanting darkness in this movie is even more edgy and emotional intimate than Pierce Brosnan in The Matador (2005) or Wild Targets (2010). It perhaps comes closest to Kevin Costner in 3 Days to Kill (2014). The Twilight Zone of imagination between light and dark is on full display in this creative and meaningfully deliciously conflicted movie.
  • Near Perfect and Consistently and Brilliantly Toned Female Fantasy. A Tragic Childhood Tale of the Storybook Variety. A Modern Day Take with Off-Beat Style that Chooses its Words Cleverly, Succinct, Funny, and to the Point.

    Katie Holmes is a Wonderfully Bent Schizophrenic Vigilante, a Jekyll and Hyde Character with Hyde's Monster Motivated by Justice.

    Never Residing in Real-Life there are not so Subtle Hints that none of this is Happening in what could be Conceived as anything but an Expressionistic, Exaggerated Existence. Surrealism.

    Even when the Titular Character meets Her Love Interest (James Badge Dale) the Local Law Enforcement, They address each other as Miss Meadows and Sheriff til the Very End.

    The Entire Beautifully Rendered Movie is Goofy like that and what makes "Miss Meadows" a Sleeper that is Destined for Cult Status is its Bona Fides with much More Going for it than just a "Girls With Guns" Appeal.

    Writer/Director Karen Leigh Hopkins has Crafted a Decidedly Female Rant with Feminine Machismo Charm.
  • The trailer for Miss Meadows is quite captivating. Why else would we watch a Katie Holmes movie?

    So it was with great pleasure last night, that my husband and I got to see the full film.

    Starting off with a fun little scene that highlights some Disney princess qualities, humored by some twisted dark comedy, we are soon drawn into the secret little world of Miss Meadows, a primary school substitute teacher who moonlights as a small town vigilante happy to clean up the streets and look pretty doing it!

    There is enough decent scenes to keep you watching, although while I felt myself drifting off half way through, my husband was wide eyed and hooked. Personally, I thought it would make an incredible short film.

    With its description you would imagine some great action and violence, almost like the female version of the Equalizer, but instead and quite obviously in the hands of a lady director, we get a toned down version with more dark humor on kills and a very artsy looking film with plenty of drama.

    Miss Meadows is not perfect by any means, but it is a fun film to watch and definitely worth a go...

  • Emma_Marie2917 August 2020
    It was very strange but I enjoyed it. It was exactly what I was in the mood for. If you like the trailer, you'll probably like the movie in an odd way. If you don't like the trailer you might skip this one.
  • Caught this last night and I was pretty surprised. So this is quite the unusual story of a female vigilante. Miss Meadows you see is not all right in the head. She wears pretty dresses and bows in her hair and she teaches school children. She says "toodles". But, she is a straight up, in all other ways, good person. Ultimately we find out why she is this way and it is a suitable reason. What makes this story different is that there is a convincing main romantic relationship (of course with the town sheriff) and the actions they take when everything comes to a head seem realistic. Both performances really lifted this up. When Miss Meadows tells her boyfriend a secret you can see she is afraid to tell him, you feel it. The performances ground the characters so you can root for them. Any woman should watch for just the opening scene where Miss Meadows is harassed just walking down the street. The result is what every woman may want to do... in her head.
  • If you like your films interesting and with some unsettling moment, you will enjoy this film. It has some suprizing plot and character depth, and it is beautifully shot and well acted. A much better film than its rating who have you believe, probably the most interesting film I have seen this year. Katie Holmes is perfect as the eponymous heroine, her acting was very good, and at time very disturbing. The rest of the cast quite excellent too. A pleasant mix of genres, but broadly a black comedy; although there are a number of uncomfortable uneasy scenes. Do take some time to settling in and watch this carefully, not really a popcorn movie for the kids.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Miss Meadows is a well-mannered teacher/vigilante with a .25 & an agenda. It is similar to a dark Mary Poppins replete with conversations with blue jays, insisting on proper grammar, tap dancing, & even a bit of accordion playing. For me that's where the similarities end & Miss Meadows carves her niche in cult films. This movie was produced by & stars Katie Holmes & cost a mere $2 Million to make. It is an absolute goldmine in that regard. Audiences will absolutely love it!

    Katie Holmes stars as Miss Meadows, who seems to bring the 1950's back with saddle shoes, tap dancing, classic cars, classic dress, & classic values. Her past is slowly & deliberately revealed, just as she is methodical & deliberate in her hobbies of knitting, gardening, & being the best dressed vigilante in film history. Her character is extremely well- formed & complex with a mind for deep philosophical thought & extreme literalism in conversation. She is fearless, flawed, & emotionally damaged, yet an absolute delight on screen!

    Surrounded by children & a courting sheriff may not be the ideal circumstances for a vigilante to dispense justice, but it only serves to add to the tension & suspense, as you will no doubt be won over by Miss Meadows & root for her success. Katie Holmes becomes her character & shows she can cry on cue. Her character is in flux with her view of the world as unsafe, yet displays an unrelenting optimism that one must try to do good. Katie Holmes carries the film single-handedly as the drop dead gorgeous heroine who cleans up the neighborhood & manages to win the hearts of adversaries, children, & most importantly, the audience. What a great movie that men & women will enjoy equally! I rate this movie a strong 8/10 stars. The only thing that would have made it even better would have been a strong supporting cast with rounded important characters. But, as is, it is plenty strong enough to stand on it's own.

    Knox D. Alford, III
  • The idea of a saccharine sweet, Mary Poppins-esque school teacher leading a double life as a gun-toting vigilante is a great starting off point for a subversive black comedy.

    Unfortunately, "Miss Manners" never gets very far past this strong basic idea. It's not funny enough to work as a black comedy, not interesting or dynamic enough to work as a straight character study/drama, not weird or brave enough to work as a David Lynchian suburban fable and not exciting, action-packed, or shocking enough to work as a cult/horror/fun/late-night/midnight madness type movie. It seems to be kind of aiming for all of those targets, but ends up hitting none of them. The result, despite the promising premise, is a very bland, vanilla, and ultimately pretty uninteresting movie.

    Katie Holmes is perfectly fine in the leading role and seems to pull off this kind of character very well. The problem isn't her or her character but the fact that they really don't give her very much to do or really any interesting obstacles to face.

    The story unfolds very predictably and we don't get any kind of dynamic examination of this main character beyond the reveal of her very cliché and completely expected back story.

    It all feels very paint-by-numbers, very black and white, and ends up feeling pretty tame. A movie like this needs to have real teeth and attitude behind it and this film really has zero of either. The main character is never put in any interesting moral predicaments or forced to make any tough choices, and that's really an essential element in a story like this one.

    Like I said, I really liked the set up and concept of this movie and even the introduction of the film;s main character--but was ultimately disappointed with the bland and lackluster way they were handled.
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