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  • I wasn't sure from the trailer but the 3 episodes that have screened so far are hysterical. Simon Bird and Joe Thomas are brave choosing such an original format to follow the monumental success of Inbetweeners but it works really well for them. The scripts are so original, what on earth inspired them to choose the first world war as a setting, brilliant. Their portrayal as anti-heroes is so appealing I just can't resist. The supporting cast are perfect, Jonny Sweet is great as Bert the three of them mesh so well, clever casting. It's going to be a cult and I'm in at the beginning while the rest of the world catches up, see you soon suckers :-)
  • Arnror_II7 October 2019
    Better than Blackadder, Hale Pace, and a number of other classics. I don't understand humans enymore:-(
  • It's a crime they didn't make more seasons. I watched those 6 episodes at least 10 times in last decade. Most funny, clever and campy little thing. All 3 characters are so well developed, I can't imagine anything better. Only The Office UK and Outnumbered are on the same level. Can't understand how Plebs or FND can make so many seasons and this proved to be dead end. With development of Great war they could develop much more.