Despite the show's title none of the main trio are actually cowards. Cecil was dismissed from active service on medical grounds, George is a conscientious objector and Bert is a philandering spiv.

Jonny Sweet, Joe Thomas and Simon Bird were all in the Cambridge Footlights.

Chickens (2011) started life as a pilot shown on Channel Four in 2011 as part of the channel's Comedy Showcase (2007) season of comedy pilots, but it was never picked up by the channel to be commissioned into a series. The pilot instead caught the attention of Sky who signed up Chickens and commissioned the series in 2013 for their channel.

The theme tune for the program "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" was originally written and performed by Alex Kramer. The song was written in 1946, however the program Chickens is set during the 1914-18 War.