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  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you were thinking "hey, this looks like a funny stoner flick!" it's not. It's not funny but it's not quite dramatic either. Neither of the main characters is particularly believable in their role. If you are a smoker, you probably will not identify with any of this. If you're thinking "high maintenance" then yeah, save yourself the time. Again, not a stoner movie and not a comedy. It's kind of a (mediocre) RomComDram I guess? Shallow scripting and lots of emotional music forced at awkward times to try to create a dramatic moment when the situation doesn't call for it. It took me half the movie to realize that it's trying to be serious and not lighthearted/funny. I guess that's my bad for assuming it was going to be a light stoner movie. It has Alexandra Daddario though, so there's that.

    (She was better in that one "Always Sunny" episode)
  • I really wanted to like this movie. I like the pot culture. I enjoy self medicating. Big Head from Silicon Valley is an actor I enjoy seeing in TV and movies. The girl is hot.

    The movie unfortunately lacks depth. There is nothing compelling about any of the main characters. His relationship with the girl didn't draw me in mostly because the writing is very shallow. He likes her because she is really hot. She likes him because he plays a song she likes. It is difficult to say why she continues to like him. There is nothing funny in the movie. I think I would have liked it if it was at least a little funny.

    There is little to like in this movie other than a curious fascination with how he built his weed dealing business on craigslist and some hope that we may see the girls' boobs.

    There are plenty of great examples of how to develop characters and relationships in movies. No excuse for bad writing.
  • coryjayw22 October 2016
    I don't write reviews for movies very often and I am very critical about what I spend my time watching. With so many options available, if a movie doesn't pull me in within the first 5 to 10 minutes then I'm looking for something else. The first 60 seconds of this movie was questionable for me but I was sold before the 3 minute mark and was fully engaged from that point on (I'm not afraid to stop movies mid-stream if they get stupid).

    The story line flowed nicely, the acting talent was grade A, and the chemistry between Brener and Daddario was definitely above average.

    I found it thoroughly entertaining and the type of movie that I'd watch again soon with someone on a movie date (a rarity for me).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An easy movie for anyone to enjoy. Youth, love, and danger - always makes a good mix when done right -- and in this sweet movie it's done very well. The plot is easy to follow and the characters certainly will keep your interest.

    David looses his nice paying job and then meets the girl of his dreams. David isn't particularly attractive. Actually he's appears to be a bit mousy and is rather nerdy looking but Kate thinks he's wonderful and she moves into his apartment with him.

    Kate is still in college, David is unemployed and he needs money! He discovers the quickest way to cash is dealing in pot. A friend introduces him to a supplier and David finds himself mixed in with a type of crowd he is totally unprepared to deal with. As fate would have it the dealing in pot takes all his time away from Kate and she resents it.

    This flick is mostly predictable but still fun to watch and you will actually feel sorry for David.
  • Tactrix15 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    So if the original season of high maintenance made a movie, this would be it. We have David who's basically just a nine to fiver who loses his job and at near the same time he meets Kate. She's amazing and they start to connect and then they both kind of fall into a not having money or income situation, resulting in him becoming or attempting to be a pot dealer. He's just the type of person who's really not cut out for being one which is obvious even before he starts, but once he gets going it's glaringly clear. And from that point it's a combination of how to be the worlds worst pot dealer, how to be a pill junkie, and how to make your life fall apart in 10 steps or less.

    6/10 it's not an original story by any stretch but it is captivating in it's own bizarre way, kind of like a wreck, you know it's coming but you just can't look away. Also the acting is on point here.
  • jkt20068 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The main male lead was too confusing a character. He insists he must sell weed inspite of this hot gorgeous girlfriend warning him about the Possible fallout . He ignores it all in his pursuit to make money thru weed selling. In real life, one, a nerd won't possibly get an awesome girlfriend like Daddario and then not listening to her when she really likes you and wants to spend time with you? Seriously?? The male character is totally a loser the whole movie flies on like that. My favorite thing about the movie? Alexandra Daddario. Lesson for girls like her: Never be around such a guy! You could be in trouble.
  • The main character is painfully annoying. He doesn't like weed, but enjoys popping random pills like candy. He has an awkward and unfunny sense of humor. I didn't laugh at all watching this movie and I love comedies. The most unrealistic part was him dating a very attractive girl, which would never happen in real life. The guy is so scrawny and whines all the time. He looks like a high school kid, not a grown man. Maybe they couldn't afford a better actor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie Baked in Brooklyn is really a fantastic movie. it is really full of enjoyable element. The most important things in this movie is presents of cute and sweet the pretty girl Alexandra Daddario. He was really very impressive. Her hot look is enough to make a man crazy about her...
  • MaxHaydon199416 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    please be aware this review may contain mild spoilers, but nothing too specific*

    Baked in Brooklyn is the story of David (Josh Brener). Recently fired from his paid intern job, David needs money and he needs it fast. With no immediate prospects David turns to dealing marijuana on the streets of Brooklyn.

    The big bucks soon come rolling in for David but as his new business grows, so to does his anxiety. As small confrontations take their toll on David's confidence, he begins to neglect relationships with the people in his life. Can David pull himself together and make it out of his self inflicted mess, or will the life of a drug dealer swallow him whole?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Movies of this nature are just straight up boring with weak plots and characters. In this case, the characters were not terrible in any sense and the story was well-organized and constructed.

    Baked in Brooklyn stars Josh Brener and Alexandra Deddario and was directed by Rory Rooney.

    It tells the story of a guy, David (Josh Brener) who lost his job and in a bid to earn something fast, he decides to sell weed over the internet. With his two roommates and very hot girlfriend, Kate (Alexandra Deddario) all against him, he continues to venture deeper into the business.

    With time, his customers start to increase as supply decreases. He loses touch with his friends and girlfriend as he was too busy. His neglecting leads to the breakup between him and his girlfriend Kate.

    After a threat on his life by his supplier, he decides to quit the weed business and begins to apply for a writer's job.

    He finds Kate back with her ex which really brought him down to the dumps. He then kisses her in front of her boyfriend and rides away on his bicycle as the boyfriend pursues him. The characters were great. Josh Brener played the character 'David' who was particularly nerdy and was not that attractive. Alexandra Deddario on the other hand was hot (as always😘) and portrayed the character of a college girl who falls for the nerdy guy because he is sort of funny and wonderful. Their chemistry was above average.

    I felt sorry for David though as things started to fall apart for him. After losing his job, losing his girlfriend, almost losing his life, decides to get his girl back but discovers she was with someone already. Come on, it was devastating. I could tell though that it finally ended well for him as the whole movie was a 'true life experience' he narrated to an audience as was shown at the beginning. Also, I am guessing that he got back with Kate, because after kissing her in front of her new boyfriend, she wasn't mad or angry at him. As a matter of fact, she looked kind of happy as a kind of new flame was ignited in her. So seeing David do that was definitely a turn on for her. I bet that she was going to call David later. The movie was entertaining and I am so proud of Josh Brener (speaking as a fan of SILICON VALLEY). See full review on
  • A much better film than I thought. Looks more like a television film, mainly because of the cast, except hottie Daddario. Yeah, I was interested in this because of none other than her, otherwise a skippable film. But the story was good. Not the greatest one, though for this kind of production, it fared well. And I think you should expect similarly to get a better experience out of it.

    This is the story of a geek who has a decent life with a well paid job. It is until a girl enters his life, which changes forever. He discovers the alternate way to cope with what he'd lost recently. And his romantic life going to be doomed even before getting it started with a most beautiful woman he had ever dreamed of. So what comes further explains his future from all the aspects of his life.

    I thought it would be a bakery related theme as I misread the title. Sometimes that's good, because to overtake over expectations. Good performances by all the cast, but like I said Alexandra Daddario could be the reason for many like me to have a peek on this film and it is worth apart from that case. You might see it rated average, but I think it is much better than that if you are honest with your experience of watching it. Surely once watchable film.