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  • El Salvador is ruled by two gangs . MS-13 and 18 street . Murder is an every day occurrence but there is a truce . Or is there ? The truce is a smokescreen because all it means is instead of killings on the street the people are now going missing and being buried and there is only one man in El Salvador who retrieves these bodies and that's Israel Ticas -"The Engineer". This documentary is as draw dropping as they come . El Salvador is an horrendous place . This film shows just how death is just taken for granted. It seems only the parents and grandparents suffer .

    It's probably one of the most graphic films I've ever seen . You are witness to some horrific scenes including dismembered bodies and dead woman and children I want expecting that at all . The Engineer himself is a likeable guy and takes death in is stride and that's probably what is the most shocking . How can these murders be the norm ? As documentary's go it definitely very memorable but not recommended for anyone with a squeamish disposition.