When Caesar said he's redecorating his cage (by carving his name into the floor with his fingernail), Beswick mocks him by saying he should try to learn how to spell it first. The camera shot shows Caesar had completed 3 letters so far: CEA.

In the newspaper that Jack Warnock threw to Rachel Heggie, there are six penciled answers on the crossword puzzle: MURDER, REVENGE, PENANCE, RETRIBUTION, BLOOD and DEATH. These are not the correct solutions.

In the room where Rachel was kept as a young girl, there are 5 names scrawled on the wall: Annabelle, Lucy, May, Heather and Rachel.

When entering the police station the bulletin board that shows missing persons show a specific picture of a young man a few times to catch your attention. The reason why that specific man is made obvious as missing is because he is the man that the sergeant has dead in his bedroom.