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  • Very bad acting, especially the female lead. I felt the two had very little on-screen chemistry. It just wasn't an interesting and believable story. Also, the girl was unattractive to me...just my opinion.
  • One of the worst acting one could imagine and shaky storyline.

    Also, if you want to make us believe some that scened were shot in Nigeria, you might want to cover up the heaters at some scenes. cant fool everyone.
  • This movie was truly awful. The main characters had no chemistry. The acting was horrendous. I have seen better acting from high schoolers. The plot was boring and predictable. I lost interest about 30 minutes in, but kept watching with the hope that it would get better. I was wrong, it got worse. Overall, this was a terrible movie that I wish I never would have watched. I felt like I wasted an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back. Do yourself a favor and skip this movie.
  • g-carruthersfamily8 April 2018
    I'm not quite sure where to begin on this one. Poorly acted, poor storyline and the over the top racism displayed by the main protaganists Josiah's mother and ex-girlfriend was difficult to swallow, particularly as Josiah never seemed to grow a pair and really stand up to them. Their vindictiveness and arrogance was well over the top and made it difficult to be at all sympathetic to the characters and was presented as well beyond a cultural clash into something much blacker. Don't bother with this one.
  • elisafuk-663-3992496 December 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    The film looks great clean and the shots cut well, the idea of pride and prejudice has been done many a times before - in this rendition as the story is coming from black Nollywood we meet the white girlfriend unlike the classic Hollywood Guess who is coming to dinner " with Sidney Portier where the love interest was black in a racist setting. The challenge there was for acceptance into the white normality.

    The challenge here is acceptance into Nigerian normality.(see Trailer)

    I wanted this to work for me it doesn't as I feel that there was no shock factor or breaking the cultural barrier in the story line. I found it to be unrealistic as nowadays a white spouse would be accepted by most Nigerian parents (for stay or green card etc or just to get on in life etc Oyinbo better than black mentality or London Oyinbo wife etc ) and also to annoy the Nigerian love rival.

    From what I have seen its a great shame that this version didn't do the theme of pride and prejudice in another/new way e.g made the white girl a punk/heavy metal/Gothic chick or even non English speaking . The latter ( non English) being common situation now to many Nigerian families where Nigerian men have married Croatians/Germans/Russians etc there the conflict of the cultures /language barriers etc could have come across more.

    You can see the shock horror in an African mothers eyes if the white girlfriend had been a Gothic/punk chick in all her costumes, as Gothic /punk and heavy metal are alien to the Nigerian/African culture - this type of cross cultural shock would have been great on screen and is yet untapped.

    Story idea not enough for me - Great Cinematography and acting though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's somewhat entertaining to watch, but there is no way am I ok with Sam going back to Josiah at the end of the movie. He royally mistreats her throughout their African visit. His parents ask here where she is going to stay, why does not HE answer? The black girl is all over him, why does not HE set a boundary? His mom is abusive to his fiancee, he could not care less.

    Throughout it all he is cute and plays clueless. It does remind me of the Nigerian men I see here in California, marrying white girls and having another wife with kids back at home, or taking out a new white girl every night of the weekend.

    As the film progresses, he does not do anything to redeem himself. He goes to London because his mom tell him to, and then he stalks Sam for the fun of the chaise. I bet he even slept with the cute black girl before leaving for London.

    Seriously, painful to watch.