Plot holes

When Amy is trying to have sex with the intern, you can see he locks the bedroom door, before they start fooling around. Yet when his mum busts them she walks through an unlocked door.


Before Amy tries to use the trampoline to dunk a basketball, she has changed her boots from heels to flat boots. After she is on the mat and her boots are back to the high heels again.


After Aaron gives his speech at the award ceremony, he and Amy get into a fight. She tell him to put his award down. He places it on the ground. Later in the scene, when they walk off, the award is not in his hands nor on the ground.

Character error

The characters talk about seeing Billy Joel with Elton John in NY at Shea Stadium. They never played together at Shea. They played together at Giants Stadium, and arenas such as Madison Square Garden in the NY area.


When Amy attempts the running slam dunk, she lands face down with her left arm over her head and her right arm at her side, hand underneath her, not moving, as shown by the overhead camera. When Dr. Conner runs over, both arms are outstretched above her head, even though she hasn't moved.


The time period is 2014 due to LeBron James having re-signed with the Cavs. When they show footage of the Knicks game, there are clearly players on the Knicks who were already traded by the 2014 season (Tyson Chandler, JR Smith)


Aaron stitches the cut over Gordon's left eyebrow. In the next scene with Gordon, his left eyebrow is intact.

Revealing mistakes

When Amy is on the treadmill, she's doing various walks and while she's doing the marionette walk, the screen shows her head tilting, despite her not having any sensors above her neck.


The Knicks opponent is announced as the Nets, but the very first shot of Amar'e Stoudemire, when he is removing his T-shirt and being announced to enter the game, there is a very brief glimpse on the right side of the screen of a Portland Trail Blazers player (as evidenced by the red and black striping on the jersey).

Factual errors

A minor plot point includes the trivia question "What 8 major league team names don't end with an 'S'?"

In fact, 9 major league teams in baseball, basketball, hockey, and football don't end with 'S': Baseball - Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox. Basketball - Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz. Hockey - Colorado Avalanche (mentioned in the movie), Tampa Bay Lightning, Minnesota Wild. Football - all end with 'S'.

The trivia question does not include Major League Soccer, where 14 of 20 teams do not end in 'S': Soccer - Los Angeles Galaxy, DC United, Orlando City FC, Chicago Fire, New England Revolution, Sporting Kansas City, New York FC, Columbus Crew, Philadelphia Union, Dallas FC, Houston Dynamo, Real Salt Lake, Toronto FC, Montreal Impact.


When Aaron and LeBron James are talking during their one-on-one game, Aaron is holding the ball at his side. But, in the next shot he's holding it in front of himself. This happens a couple more times in the space of a few seconds.


When in the restaurant with Aaron, Amy drains her glass of wine. Immediately afterwards, her glass is seen again and is one quarter full.