Narrator: [English opening credits narration] Space Dandy: he's a dandy guy in space. He combs the galaxy like his pompadour on the hunt for aliens. Planet after planet he searches, discovering bizarre new creatures both friendly and not. These are the spectacular adventures of Space Dandy and his brave space crew in space.

[Japanese opening song]

Chorus: These days I don't know where I've come from / I've forgotten the ways of love, 'cause it's been a while / Everybody come on! / For us, life is a matter of five minutes' introspection / You're real pushy, but when your jewel is taken away, Your beauty is touched by sadness / Sometimes with a wild sha-lalu-la, we send tears flying / Looking at these shooting stars, it's simple: We're all human / Viva Tears! It's okay for them to flow, baby / They're not wasted / I can't stop, I love you like this/ With tears, tears, that's right! / Those tears, will you leave them to me? / When you fall, get right back up again! / Let's go together! Tell me "This is the best" again / Viva Tears! Tears, so long!

[Japanese closing song]

Chorus: Hey Everett, what am I like in your world? / Let me take a peek / Hey Everett, according to you, there are lots of different worlds / I'm not sure I understand / Nya nya nya nya nya, Hi Dandy / Nya nya nya nya nya, Hello / Nya nya nya nya nya, How are you doing? Nya nya nya nya nya... / Hey Ph.D., the alternate worlds will always be parallel / It's enough to blow my mind / Aaah, once it cools it hardens / When heated, it melts, / This world is so full of rules, it's gonna fall apart / One dimension, two dimensions, three dimensions / A supernova falling west to east / Easy Game, Easy Game, Too Easy Game, / Going is fine, but what about coming home? / Aaah, the dream of a never-ending dream / A melty, milky kiss, / How far will this world expand?