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  • This crummy series for the Lethal label is its version of an unfortunate stand-by in porn: casting random sorts of mother-daughter teams to satisfy simultaneously both pedophiles and MILF fans in the same package. This one plays fast and loose with incest but manages to stay under the radar of bluenoses out there monitoring video land.

    The very dumb gimmick, as Lethal doesn't bother with story lines or fictional characters, has a mature porn star introducing to the cameraman/interviewer a performer purported to be her daughter, breaking into the business (porn that is). For example, '80s favorite cutie Nikki Charm is back almost 30 years later claiming dissimilar petite Sicily Grim (what a rotten stage name!) as her kid, in need of sexual tutoring before the camera and saddled with a very big dick (belonging to the late Billy Glide). Similarly the great Roxanne Hall is stuck fooling around with "Brooklyn Joleigh" (non-starter among would-be starlets) late in her previously illustrious career.

    Saving vignette stars the incomparable Eva Notty, her huge natural breasts filling the wide screen. This segment illustrates an ongoing truism in porn: disparity turns on the fans. So we have Eva bringing her daughter, Sydnee Taylor, but when asked having to confess the kid is actually a step-daughter. That's obvious, as Taylor's Asian ancestry shows and she's truly tiny compared to Eva who must weigh in at twice the poundage and has such a radically different body type. Also, the big dick in the cast dwarfs the little girl trying (successfully) to engulf it.