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  • My Father is a huge fan of comic books, his favorite being the 'Play Boy' comic books that he for some reasons hides under his mattress so for our Dirty Film Friday this seemed like the ideal choice.

    The film begins with some great action music composed by Gareth Gates, although I think that the CD skips in the film as he often repeats himself in short bursts (Unprofessional to leave tape skipping music in a film in my opinion). Anyways, it's the dark onset where we're introduced to Wolverine one of the members of the 'Sex-Men'.

    He meets a nice looking young woman named Rogue, who seems to be quite upset about something (I think it must be that time of the month hehe) while this started out to be something quite exciting he obviously didn't think too much about the er... fist limitations, a delightful romance scene quickly turned into something that should've been in Jaws, because I'm a hemophobe I just started violently puking everywhere much to the amusement of my Father turning our living room into something similar to the set of 2 girls 1 cup.

    Spiderman later comes into the fray and shoots his creamy wrist load into Wolverines mouth, I found this to be quite unpleasant as it reminded me of when this guy I met on Holiday did something similar to me because I didn't have enough money to pay for the plane ticket home.

    I've got to say that the music puts a huge dampener on what's going on, as I said the stuttering tracks and random stops made it very hard to get immersed, but the acting wasn't that bad. Allie Haze who plays Rogue was very convincing and had extremely good acting skills, the only thing that I would say against her is that she her vaginal area had a similar appearance to my old pet hamster which unfortunately passed away last year, this caused me quite a large amount of distress and tears flooded back. (R.I.P. Little Perry the Hamster)

    The excitement and drama that occurred towards the end of the film when it was discovered that Lady Deathstrike (played by Maya Hills) was quite intense, I was eating Marmite and sweet corn sandwiches at the time and unfortunately Spiderman unleashed excrement on Lady Deathstrikes chest which put me off what I was eating as they looked very similar in appearance.

    All in all? Okay acting, although some of the actors weren't so great and weren't very convincing. The music score wasn't bad, but next time please make sure that the tape doesn't jam... The storyline was quite easy to follow although the sudden change from a charming romance film to a gore horror film was EXTREMELY unsettling although the ending was quite sad, I highly recommend watching this film with a box of Kleenex by hand!

    My Rating - 5/10 - The mood changed too drastically, it never really seemed to stick to script.

    My Fathers Rating - 5/10 It was a good film, but I much prefer the adventures of Play Boy.